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  1. Sorry I missed the show tonight, Larry! Although thank you for playing my track. Uh. (Dodges a few rocks and/or kitchen appliances.)
  2. Um, you people are all obnoxious and embarrassing. I was really sorry and ashamed I even tried to call in. So, thanks. [/drama]
  3. Teh bump. By the way, I hope you remember I'm going to call in this week, Larry. So, like... no sitting on the other without saying anything this time.
  4. You. Are. AWESOME! I've begged DJP to take my ReMix down several times, but for whatever reason, he hasn't. It really is very poor quality, and poorly arranged. Poor everything. Since the new message board's debut, nobody has left honest, negative feedback on how atrocious this thing really is, and I wondered where people's sense went. But here it finally is. A blunt, truthful, sensible piece of feedback. And for that, Thorndraco, I thank you. Do a Dragonseeds ReMix, man! I'd like to hear what you've got. And this thread seems to have become a ReQuest herd anyway. The peoples are callin' you!
  5. I'll see what I can do as far as bumpers go! Let us know how many you get, too. Sounds interesting. (We couldn't force Larry to pimp his own thread after one reply, could we?)
  6. SWEET MOTHER OF HEAVENLY BLISS!! This song made my heart race. It is so WONDERFUL. In fact, that was one of the tracks I recently listened to on the OST and thought, "Oh man, this would sound so great with a 'real' orchestra". Ahh! Fantastic job, Mr. Jeremy! Allow me now to swoon all over you! I am so full of orchestral joy, I think I will die. ... (That is the sound of me dying.)
  7. I had to bring this thread back to the top. This piece just rules. It's delightfully arranged, in every way possible, and performed with flair. When I want to show people the pure joy of OC Remix, I play this for them... a remix in every sense, and it definitely deserves way more praise than these two little posts! Everybody now! Go get it! (Whoever this "friend of M.S. Mehawich" is, you need to send more, dammit.)
  8. I agree that its overall "sound" is very nice, and it is moving, although this piece doesn't seem like a remix. It's more like an add-on or beefer-upper. T'was good, but I would have liked to hear more!
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