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  1. This track has stayed with me so much that when I get WWE 13 it will be my created characters entrance music. Just an awesome track & hope to hear more.
  2. Am a little new to the processes. When a track or album is submitted to the judges is there a timeframe after that for an answer? It does not matter to me regardless. I hope that it makes it as the first EP release by OC. I have not seen an EP on the site before. Now to finish listening to the afore mention EP...
  3. I think its all important. To make it easy since Wily stage 4 is so short it could be an intro to the Wily Machine [combining the two tracks together].

  4. It's not just Concrete Man thats MIA, also missing are Wily stage 4 & Wily Machine Battle also. Turns out Endless Stage was already covered [sorry DarkeSword for me thinking it was not]
  5. It's good so far. Keep at it. Its coming along nicely
  6. Nice mix. You should do the whole OST in this style.
  7. Interesting so far. Can't wait to see what the drums turn this track into.
  8. Pretty good. Needs better drums & deeper soundscape to maximize its potential but you are on your way to it. Keep going, really am interested in final product.
  9. It's pretty good. I think adding some keyboard strings [or the real strings] would help. Of course it wouldn't sound like punk, but I digress
  10. Like the Initiative you are showing for MM9 - Back in Blue for Concrete Man but also needed are Wily Machine Sattle & Endless Stage as they also as were left out. I think trance would be a good way to go with Concrete Man, Endless stage should be maybe a rock/fusion jazz & for Wily...nothing but Metal. What do you think?

  11. First heard this track when it came out originally. It still stands the test of time. djpretzel should do the entire OST w/collaborators. This track would make it hands down.
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