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Status Updates posted by Damashii!!

  1. aaaight brotha, I know I've been gone a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time climbing up and down the gates of Mordor and all dat Space jam shit, but I've been listening to your WIP. you'll be getting my final guitar parts soon and I'll talk with the project directors to apologize for goin ghost so hard this year.

    thanks again... you've really made this idea something else from what I originally had in mind. :)

  2. aayy, in all seriousness, going to be catching up in a bit(Commando, FF, and whatever it is you need help with).

    we still doin this, mane.

  3. weeelp, guess visitors to our profile pages will have fun with that inviting, cordial gif. XDDDD

  4. oooh shiii---

    was too hyped about voting before it closes, dunno why I'd miss that one. :D

    No BPanther this time =(?

  5. FUKK YOU, MATE! I wuZ gunn@ jam out to some BUTT H!LL but you done tapped out like a lil' NOOO0000ob!

  6. who the HECK is Ryan Jobson and what have you done with Syllix


    if you've got NI Action Strings that means some next level gangsta shit is about to go down. Can't wait to hear some more beast-mode music from ya!


  8. next year....up to my neck in bs right now.

    and I certainly don't mean Brandon Strader or Bacon Souffle.

    take pics and vids, man!

  9. good night for now...

    tomorrow... we shall conker the ENTIRE universe.


    THE ENTIRE FABRIC OF REALITY AND THOUGHT!!!!!hsaduifkhuiof4h3ir343

    ha ha ha, glad ya liked it, boss.

  10. my bad... late to the party.

    Happy Belated Birthday, boss man! 28 tiger stripes up in da building, yeeeah boi!


  11. false alarm boss, ignore the links I sent you. working on quickfixes, plus I'll have the lyrics and source breakdown and track comments to you altogether by this weekend anyways.

  12. either way... I know for a fact I can't enter into that compo for a buuuunch of reasons, but I don't mind lending any funky services if needed (horns, guitar, vocals, etc.)...

    and I told ya I'd do something st00pid silly for 3D Pinball. >:D

    for the Commando thing, basically just arranging the Commando source, or mixing in with another source as well? And is it alright if I get you something by mid January? I've got two albums I'm working on right now that have most of my focus until December.

  13. 1. Never reeeeaally got back to you yet about 'Poop.' or any of your other 100+ submissions on the site within the past few months. XD

    overall I love it a lot, and after a tough past few months it hit the spot.

    Also, congrats on the Commando album. groovy as fuck. ha ha haa, djent djent djent djeeeent.

    2. oh man... if you really name it 'Liberation' I will be honored as muhfugga.

    3. buuuut you of all people should know that I hardly know anything about FF so it'd be weird for me to join that compo. XD

    plus I promised myself I'd get other things outta the way first (my own music, I promised HoBo stuff for his compo, the MM album, etc...)

  14. oh gaaawd.... I love it how I keep thinking "now I'll finally be a free man... I'll have all these OCR stuff wiped off my plate!"

    and then some big dummy like you slams an intriguing offer in my face. >:D


  15. "FadAss"

    +1, like, favorite, subscribed. I like dis right here. :nicework:

  16. ha ha haa, yo, in a year or so you might have three BadAsses underneath your handle (BA3,2,1 co-director).

    that's dope. :)

  17. You've gotta gotta gotta gotta let me know what you think about TWTTTop wip. it's really rough and sloppy, but I just wanna know if there are any light bulbs flickering on in your head or if you're at least scratching your beard and thinkin "yeeeaaah. I like dis."

  18. the man....

    the myth....

    the legend.....

    THE KING.....




    happy birthday to that guy... do you know that guy I'm talkin about?

  19. ascension, escalator, rising up, the way to the top, toilet paper, aqaufina...

    it's all the same thing, really. =)

    but yeah, gonna be tomorrow... at my aunt's place right now and it's looking like I'll get home far too late to be able to finish a legit wip (not going to be as full as all the Victory stuff at all because I'd like us to work on this together, but I still want to get some solid ideas down so you can hear what I'm thinking)...

  20. wip for the mountain climbing song collab thingymajig is coming your way either tonight or tomorrerrr

    you gun like it, methinks

  21. *gimme a sec.. just got back home earlier today, typing a bunch of epic novel emails for some peeps, then I'll give you my ideas on that comp and ze PE OLR thingy....

    uunnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhgggg yeeeeeeaaaah right in the fish gills.

  22. your sig.... makes me feel...


    in my soul.

  23. oooohhh HHHEEEELLLLSS yeeeah. we're going to melt so many faces and swoon so many women (and men).

    Thanks so much, can't wait to get started. I'll have an idea over to you in a bit.

  24. OOOHHH SNAP! Look at dat! The man's upgraded to 'Temporal Duality Director' boss status.


  25. dude... trust me, you probably don't want it.... I think this is kind of how it is with everybody who plays or has played a live instrument (or at least with me... for example since I'm used to the live inflections of a trumpet, I'm just not used to trumpet sample libraries because it sounds.... too perfect). Then again I'm not good at programming some things to sound 'live.'

    Here's what I used for moksha (and the intro of my BK track):



    (the acoustic bass was bundled with X1 and/or X2, I have both so I don't remember).

    nowadays I just droptune (in the DAW, not in real life) and formant shift my dad's nylon acoustic guitar because I personally think it has a better, 'indie' kind of quality to it...

    hope this helps! =)

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