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  1. lmao at the troll face dancing. This should be a gif! incorrect guesses: 448...I don't know why I kept playing
  2. the music + the ridiculousness = an unusual addiction
  3. So, I used to participate in the PRC...like WAY back in the day. Now I just do the OHC. Partly because of the insta feedback/awesome fun times via the listening party that's held on IRC chat at the end of the compo. I'm wondering if the PRC had a listening party, would this increase participation? Also, I'm kinda thinking of micro-sponsoring the compo, like some cheezy t-shirt as a prize or something. Does anyone think either of those ideas would work? I only fretting cuz the PRC is a great way for new mixers to cut their teeth and old mixers to get in some practice and I'd hate to see it die off sad and lonely. thoughts?
  4. Yeah, I like the beat, you should write new lyrics to go with it.
  5. So I'm supposed to write a funny rap about "clean yo' nuts, you gotta clean yo' nuts" The best I could do is change it to "clean my nuts, girl, you gotta clean my nuts" I'm not sure if it sounds to serious to be funny. Feedback would be most appreciated. Clean my nuts
  6. this is exactly what I'm afraid of! I've tweaked this song like 4 times, but it still ends up sounding completely different from the source. I think it's because the main melody of my remix is actually a latinized version of the second part of the song.
  7. I think this one is ready, but I'm putting it up here to see what you guys think. I kinda doubled the length of every note and then created a latin groove out of it. It was unrecognizable so I think retuned the first melody to fit inside the groove and had that melody come in an out of focus, kinda like a spell's been put on you and then slowly the magic wears off. Original My Remix
  8. Woot! Love this one!

  9. yeah, I'm a big Halo fan but there's no reason for this remake. I'd rather they start making Halo knock off's than rehashing shit I just played thru last year. (literally, I played thru the entire Halo series when ODST came out) Where's "Halo Chess" or Dr. Cortana or Master Chief's Tennis? I'd rather pick up those games than watch so company try to emulate Halo 1's success and call it their own. Bah.
  10. Thanks for the sig man! I appreciate it!

  11. I can't believe nobody's really done anything about the lack of MegaMan 7 love! Shocking!
  12. I'm thinking most remixers feel halo's music is just so epic it would be like trying to redo the sistine chapel...maddness!
  13. I love competition, so I'm totally gonna race you Salluz!
  14. I was up at 1 in the morning after the OHC and made this in two hours. It turned into like a space game feel. Tell me what you think of it so I can get better. 2 bullets
  15. Couldn't agree more. If there is an afterlife of sorts, I hope she gets to learn she is now a quasi-internet celebrity now.
  16. Hell, yes! But seriously, it's such a parallel universe when Sega tweets a challenge/call out to OCR! That...or sega has fallen on some really really hard times.
  17. look i didnt use any punctuation go me ?
  18. I wouldn't be surprised. DarkeSword's had to listen to all my bad PRC entries, read my horrible posts, trim my terrible threads, and watch my uninspired internet hijinx for over 8 years. If it were me, I'd be hella frustrated. Bravo to DarkeSword for not banning me for the sheer fact that I tend to act like an idiot online! Monoral is the band who sings at the intro to , but they've got quite a . I didn't want to post to or ...umm... .
  19. Good points! I appreciate the input. So I'll shorten up the intro build up, create 2 or 3 new latin drum loops to use sporadically, and get a nice steel drum solo in there or may some back and forth with the flute. Any other suggestions? Cuz this really helps!
  20. So, I did a remix of Band Land for the PRC a long time ago. I touched it up and I think it's ready for submission but I figured I'd get some feed back before I send it in. http://soundcloud.com/vabrew/jazz-band-isle
  21. Hey thanks! I appreciate the heads up. But I know I'm looking like an idiot out there. I've been observing since 2002 and I haven't learned a thing so I'm trying the try fail learn method. In no time at all I'll get the hang of it.

  22. Yeah, I did the same thing...except I never deleted them So, the correct term for "midirip?" It's midirip. As far as I understand it, a midirip is when a wannabe remixer takes (or rips) the midi data of a song, modifies the instrumentation, changes the the tempo and puts a drumbeat over it. So it ends up sounding much like the MGSWSWS that it came from. The fact that this term is accurate is probably one of the reason a lot of people think "It sounds like MIDI" is accurate. Watch the progession: *someone listens to a bad remix* "Hmm, it sounds like you just ripped the midi data and put a drum beat over it" *this is accurate...but wordy* "Hmm, it sounds like you just ripped the midi and put a drum beat over it" *this is less accurate...and still wordy* "hmm, it sounds like you ripped the midi" *this is less wordy...but more susceptible to grammatical errors* "it sounds like you ripped a midi" * changing the "the" to an "a"...such a harmless grammatical error...this is where it starts to go way wrong* "it sounds like a midirip" *this is...nerd slang...so it's grammatically incorrect but the definition is accurate...so it's allowed...big mistake* "it sounds like a midi" *yup, we're so lazy we drop the rip, and now this statement is totally wrong* "sounds like midi" *we've completely downgraded to gibberish that once meant something; the nerd community starts a revolt and all internet hell breaks loose* that's the way I see it.
  23. Yeah, this is not going to be good. My only fear is if square decides to keep making PSP kingdom hearts games. Cuz I'm never buying one.
  24. Two great bands that people totally sleep on! WTF people!
  25. Oh good God, it's true. That doesn't look remotely close to fair! XO
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