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  1. Yes. DLC is the gaming equivalent of communism. It looks really good on paper. Don't trust the people, they're stupid. Bleck. DLC theory is fantastic and I'm sure that they'll be several companies that use it to wonderful effect (just like sometimes autotune can be useful...sometimes) Unfortunately, companies due what works, and using DLC as a means to increase the quantity of games a company can put out AND increase the amount of money a company gets for each game...well, that vampiric method will continue. IMO, the gaming community at large needs to create some kind of counter measure to help diminish the effectiveness of DLC vampirism. Once it's less profitable to do it the wrong way, companies will start to do it the right way. Much like China and they're newfangled commu-capitalist hybrid economy they got over there (aka socialist)
  2. I like it! Nice improvements. I think this would be the perfect anime opening song. My critic would be the drums could use a little more crash at the end after the "breakdown" part. But overall awesome. In fact, you've inspired me to clean up my piece...which needs a lot more touch up than yours did.
  3. For the first time, I'm off work in time to participate...bring it on!
  4. Not one 1st place victory in 6 years...I feel like chick hicks. "Who's ready for the thunder!? Cha-chiga! Cha-chiga!"
  5. submitted, yeah! I actually got to participate again!! Hopefully, I'll be able to keep participating for more than 3 rounds before I go on a 30 round hiatus!
  6. Well, let me be the first to say that I'm joining the competition! And it's been a ridiculously long time since I last was in a competition, so I'm excited.
  7. It's good to know I'm not the only one! What is it called when you're having trouble remixing anyway? Remixers Block?
  8. It's been a while, but I've got some time to kill. I think I'll dust of the old yamaha and give it a go.
  9. Voted! And regardless of who wins and what song is chosen, I'm in for the 5th anniversary! I even took a couple of days off to insure that my life won't get in the way of me participating!(which has been the case for the last month, oi!) See everyone at the start!
  10. Not our bodies. I don't want any microchips to get in the way of my body massage.
  11. munchi


    OCR is my home page. Whenever I pull up IE, the first thing I see is OCR. And, of course, the ads on OCR. So, today there was an add for Mabinogi, which is made by the same people who made Maplestory. I was wondering if anyone here has tried Mabinogi? And if so, how is it? Should I give it a whirl? Feel free to say what's on your mind and maybe you people can even use this thread to meetup in game.
  12. I see! N-Gin...Well, scrap and restart for me! I'll have something by late thursday night (ie friday morning)
  13. By the way, what does the "N" stand for? No Gin!? Nothinbut Gin?!? Nakashi Gin!?!?
  14. Locked N' loaded, Loaded for battle, N' Battle Ready. GAME ON!...or REMIX ON!!
  15. Hopfully, Rexy, you already know that I love you and your abilities...so forgive me if I skip all the gushing and congratulations and just get to the part where I scream "NO!" really loud. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, now that that's out of my system, GOOD JOB EVERYONE!! I'm also surprised at the number of votes! PRC 124 and 120 had 9 votes and both of those had more entries! To have double the votes vs number of entries, I don't know if that's happened in a long time! So hurrah to us for attracting people!...or something. Ok, I think I just crossed into rambling territory so SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW!!
  16. I forgot to mention the name of my song is Jazz Band Isle.
  17. I just saw the Dark Knight and it was awesome! Quite possibly the best movie ever in it's genre(s). Now to pseudo-add to the discussion at hand, I think that both Batman's have a "no kill" policy. In Burton's Batman, twice the Joker's life is almost saved by Batman (the vat and the tower) The difference between Nolan's Batman and Burton's Batman is how good Batman is. Burton's Batman is a little less cunning, more "normal" if you will, and because of this he doesn't save everyone and goes thru less mental anguish when some dies. Nolan's Batman is highly trained and super intelligent and goes thru great emotional turmoil when someone gets injuried let alone killed, even if it wasn't "his fault" per se. I personal feel that Nolan's Batman is truer to the source than Burton's. That's why when Azel was Batman after Bruce's back was broken by Bane, Bruce got so mad. Because Azel did not have a "no kill" rule. He had a "whatever the fuck it takes" rule. That's also why there is such a large roster of villians in Arkam, because as superpowered, demented, elusive and downright evil they all are, Batman can't kill them. If he kills them, they win in a very sick way. Which is a point Nolan highlights in this movie, and a point Burton and every other director shy away from in the other Batman movies...which has always been something I didn't like about 'em...and a reason I love The Dark Knight!
  18. Hello. I really don't know what to put here. My song is was made in less than 48hrs for the PRC, the best competition run on this site! And I really like the way it turned out and I want to clean it up some more and get it on the site. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated! I put my song on myspace and here's the url: myspace.com/munchioo3
  19. Seven minutes after the dead I finish a couple of tweaks to my song, such as an extended intro, extended beat drop, better balancing, and a slightly revised flute part. I put it on here: myspace.com/munchioo3 and we can consider this a bonus track. And also a WIP 'cause I think I'm going to try to get this onto the main site. EDIT: turned the URL into a hyperlink.
  20. it must be in mp3 format and I believe you can have up to 5 Megs ie 5000kb. And it's ok. There are two people in this world, noobs that feel noobish and noobs that feel confident. And it takes a while to build up your confidence and then one bad song and strip it all away so don't feel bad...this was supposed to be uplifting advice but I stayed up all night watching Fruits Baskets with my sister and then Idiosyncrisy and then I started to work on my song so I'm a little fried.
  21. If Rexy's trying to stimulate people, then I'm gonna' participate. 24 hr cram jam coming up!
  22. I am a huge blind fan and this is terrible news. He will be in my prayers and please keeps us in the community posted with his current condition!
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