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  1. I've tried to submit my remix and it says "ID3 tags could not be updated. Did you upload an MP3?" Now I did create it using Sonar 7 and that LAME encoder of theirs. Should I try not encoding the id tags? In the mean time, here's my entry via myspace: http://www.myspace.com/munchioo3 *Edit* My thoughts behind this piece: The source material seems like a lone melody with very little harmonic elements, so I elongated and syncopated the rhythm and then spent the rest of my time fleshing out a complimenting latin groove to back the melody. In the end, one of the melodic segments I chose to keep it close to it's original format to make it more recognizable. The entire melodic line is a transposed, elongated, syncopated magic house. Overall, I was trying to go for an 80's latin jazz sound with the spanish words looping in the background and the deep reverb toms. Something like David Bleimier meets Carlos Santana. I used a flanger on both the voice samples and tweaked the fine a little to give them a more 80's quality (not being exactly on pitch at exactly the right time) and yes all voices in this piece is me. PS: the underlying chorus is saying "venido a la casa de la magia" which is spanish for "come to the magic house."
  2. "Nihilism" Wow! I had to Wikipedia that one! But you're are absolutely right sir! Kefka WAS a Nihilist. That's what made that game so often. How many games lead you up to a big climatic battle to save the world and you LOSE! Awesome!
  3. I'm all over this piece like Halle Berry in monsters ball!
  4. Good job showroom! Guess you should who's the real dummy!
  5. Entry submitted! YEAH!!! It's been a while since I've mixed anything and I'm horribly rusty. But I'm back to stay this time, so prepare to be amazed!! Ok...just kidding.
  6. I FELL ASLEEP!! NO!! oh, well...Not that anyone can vote on it but here's the link to my unfinished song if you want to listen to what I was doing. It's only 45 seconds...OF COOLNESS! http://www.myspace.com/munchioo3
  7. A PRC isn't a PRC without at least three contestants! I haven't even listened to the source....but I'm in by golly!
  8. Ok, I sent my submission to submission@doulifee.com. (Sorry, I don't know where to go for audio hosting)
  9. Wow...it's been forever since I've been able to participate, but I think I shall try me hand at this.
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