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  1. Well, if it's real woohoo! But it's fake it's only one song. I'm totally in. Worst thing that'll happen is nothing and that's exactly what's currently happening in my musical career right now. Expect my song to be classical/techno. My "techno" in the song will probably be closer to a drums and bass feel. Or at least that's kinda what I'm thinking. We'll see I suppose. *EDIT* I hope all of you remain cynical and negative and nobody enters so that I win by super default! Yeah, that sounds good to me!
  2. I also feel like this thread is a good example of another reason sony is floundering. Blu-ray!! No HDDVD!! NOOOO BLURAY!!!! Those things are all well and good, but in the end it's neither. It's games. It's fun. Ironically, on all three platforms they market old games and people actually buy these games. Why? Because they are FUN! Contra is a long, hard, annoying, frustrating, crappy looking game. AND EVERYONE HAS PLAYED IT!! Why...because it's FUN! And that's why Nintendo has been around forever, and will continue to be around. That's why the PSP hasn't come close to the success of the Gameboy and probably never will. That's why, even with less third party support and crappy graphics, people pick up the Wii. Because it's fun! The Gameboy is fun! Can it play movies? No. Can it play music? No. It plays games. And other companies don't understand that people will pay money for something that just plays games. It was the same in the eighties. Computers did everything. Nintendo said, "my computer just plays games...no word processing...no graphic design capabilities...just games." And EVERYONE said, "It's a novelty to be sure, but it'll never last." AND EVERYONE BOUGHT ONE!!! Because the truth was the NES did games better than the computer, because games were the only thing it cared about. Fast forward almost thirty years and it's the same story. "Next Gen" systems do everything. Nintendo says "my next gen system will play games...no blu-ray dvd capabilities...no real hard drive function for storing your music and videos and crap...just games." And EVERYONE said, "It's a novelty to be sure, but it'll never stand up to the PS3!" AND EVERYONE BOUGHT ONE!!! Because the truth is that nintendo does games better than sony. Nintendo games are fun. Sony games are cool. And at the end of the day, in the still of the night, behind locked doors where no one can see, people, alone with themselves, actually care about more about fun than being cool. You're cool if you bought a PS3. And then you sit with a frown in front of it while it takes a half an hour to install Devil May Cry to the hard drive. INSTALL!? What the hell!? I thought this was a gaming console! Oh wait, Sony said it themselves. It's not a console...it's a computer. SHIT!! I already have a computer! I already have a machine that CAN play games, but is INEFFICIENT at meeting my gaming needs. I wanted something that STREAMLINED the processes. That was DESIGNED to play games, to ENSURE my gaming experience was OPTIMIZED. Extras are cool but I want to play my game!! I bought a wii. And when a fun game comes out, I buy it. I play it. I invite friends and we have a BLAST!!! How simple and easy and fun is that!? At the end of the day, that's what's important. That's why in the video game world the ONLY constant is Nintendo. They started as a company that just sold playing card games, nothing else. They are doing the same thing. They just upgrade the cards. And everyone else does something else besides games. Everyone else comes from somewhere else besides games. So they really don't get games. They really don't understand what makes games fun. I've never picked up a mario game was wasn't fun and the controls weren't intuitive. They flow. They're easy to play even when the difficulty is high. And Sony and Microsoft don't get that. They have third parties that get that. Companies like Konami and Level 5 and Ubisoft. So Sony and Microsoft will sell games because they have third parties that get the idea. But Sony and Microsoft will continue to argue and struggle with and focus on all the extras that really aren't the point. And that has and will continue to hurt they're systems success. The best games in the world can't save you from a stupid marketing campaign and an inaccessible system. Sega proved that.
  3. I agree. The switch is inevitable. Now, I will also say that part of sony's problem is the cost of the system. I know others have said that, but you have to think of it this way. A couple years ago everyone had VCRs and to buy a DVD player that WOULD ONLY PLAY DVDS was $300-400 dollars...for a cheap system. Enter the PS2! "Hey parents! Make your kids happy and also get to the dvd player you've been wanting! Oh, and by the way its the same price OR CHEAPER than a boring dvd player. Our dvd player play original playstation games, new AWESOME playstation 2 games, AND dvds!! For the same price OR CHEAPER!!" That was a complete no brainer. And once there was a PS2 in one outta' five homes, dvds took off like a rocket. I didn't have one but my friend did and I would buy dvds because I could go to his house and we'd hang out and watch them. This is the real cause of the speed of the format crossover. Accessible hardware + no noticable increase in costs to the consumer = rapid switch. The PS3 is different. At launch time and even now, the PS3 might be the same price but usually more EXPENSIVE than a plain blu-ray player. I've seen them as cheap as $150! Let me think, pay $150 or pay $600...hmmmm. Yeah, that was a big mistake. There was no "bargain" factor, no "Woohoo, even though I'm shellin' out a couple hundred bucks, I feel like I'm getting the best end of this deal!" It was more like "I'm paying for something that I think is worth it and I'm paying for every cent that it's worth." Which, from a sales perspective, is not what you want consumers thinking, especially during a depressed economic time period. Gas is four dollars a gallon...everyone is looking for the bargain and the discount. When the PS3 moves down in price to consumers feel like they're getting a good deal is when any kind of rapid transfer will take place. A lot of big businesses forget this fact but perception is reality.
  4. Ya know, I would love to say that I intentionally misspelled allowed for pun purposes, but it was an honest mistype...a "flagrant error" for all you Strong Bad fans out there. I think I'm gonna' give this a shot, though.
  5. This might be a silly question, but is singing aloud?
  6. Excellent point! How to get that across in a video is beyond me. I guess if we had youtube videos that we randomly posted in the unmod section of similar minded forums with some text stating the above point and a link to a PRC myspace account and compo thasauce and ocr. And then on the myspace account we find all buding musicians who claim they're "dj's" or remixers or specifically game remixers and then actual ocr remixers and add them to our friends list so that we can send out bulletins about what the next song is and when the voting period starts and all that. Sending five to seven bulletins like "new contest starts today!" and "only two more days til the contest ends" and "vote now" will help keep it in everyone's face and that should drum up more competition! Ok...wow...I think I'm putting to much thought into this crackpot idea!
  7. I suppose I'll just leave it alone. I'll feel better about that way I think. Speaking of feeling better, I'm not sure I like it when there's only a shot a first or last place. When there five-seven mixes you can get fourth or third and it still sounds like you did alright. We should go a myspace, youtube PRC awarness and promotion campaign!! To ensure this doesn't happen again!
  8. This might be a silly question, but can I utilize the next couple of hours to update mine? Part of me feels like this would be cheating since I technically missed the deadline, and I'm lucky I have the chance to submit at all.
  9. Entry submitted. Thanks for the extension! Come on Chickenwarlord. It's not a competition if there's...well...no competition! Edit: I would have submitted on time...but I passed out at 4 o'clock
  10. I'm in the final stages guys. Sorry for the close to the deadline submissions but I work from 3:30 til midnight and then I work out for an hour, so yeah. Three hours to put on some spackle and sparkle is plenty! See everyone at the deadline.
  11. Well, this is sad news! I, for one, happen to like Sir_NutS' musical stylin's!
  12. I guess I'll be the first to commit. I've already got a good idea of what I want to do with this. Good source 64!
  13. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, good song and congrats.... NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! *sigh* In all honesty, I actually was afraid that there wasn't going to be any remixes for this song (including mine!) So hurray for us and hurray for a great turn out!! See everyone in the next round!
  14. I've never played Ragnorok Online, but I love this song. (and all his other ones for that matter) Joshua has a new diehard fan.
  15. Cliff Notes version of my music background: Vocals - 14 yrs mostly self taught Piano - 8 yrs mostly self taught Percussion - 11 yrs mostly self taught Flute - 9 yrs (2 yrs of class) Euphonium - 9 yrs Tuba - 6 yrs Composition- 4 yrs Wow, to talk about my music background is to almost tell my life story! But here goes (apologizes for the length in advance). My great aunt (who I've had to live with) was an opera singer and a music teacher, so I've been dabbling in singing of and on for as long as I can remember. I had three years of chorus (2nd,3rd,and 4th grade), then only sung as a hobby since I picked up the flute in 5th grade. Also was taught how to play bongos in fifth grade. Played flute for 2 years until 7th grade and picked up the Baritone horn (also known as the Euphonium, or mini-tuba). I've been playing the Baritone up until 3 years ago when I dropped out of college and went on a journey of self discovery. In summer of seventh grade, I won the SoCal Philharmonic Scholarship to attend band camp in the San Bernando Mts. There I saw an amazing piano player which inspired me to learn piano in eigth grade. Mostly self taught with the guidence of my grandma, who was living with me at the time and was a professional piano player. Been playing piano ever since up until 3 yrs ago. In 11th grade, my teacher need a Souzaphone player for marching band (I was on Euphonium) and also a tuba player for the regular band (I was in the high level ensemble class with all the other people who got private lessons). So, I learned tuba, which is different from Euphonium (fingerings are the same, but all the breathing and mouth positions and tongue techniques are different). I've been playing the tuba ever since up until 3 yrs ago. For junior and senior year in high school probably a third of my classes were band and that's not including the marching band (tuba), the pep band (tuba and baritone), and the jazz ensemble (baritone), and all the other little music things I did on the side. I first started to experiment with music composition my junior year in high school and studied it up until my 3 year sabbatical. Went to MWC (now UMW) to double major in music and business. Was five classes from a bachelor in music when I ran out of money and dropped out. In that time, I did have a band class for both the tuba and the euphonium and took skill and development classes which was primarily a vocal class with some piano. I've only had true private lessons on the Baritone horn and those started my sophmore year in college (and ended in my junior). Starting this year I've renew my focus on making music a part of my life again, so I'm rusty all around.
  16. I have to agree that this song is decepitively hard. But I think that I can still get mine done before the deadline. Did anybody else have a hard time figuring out exactly how to remix this song?
  17. 3rd place is much like a double bubble bubble gum. At first it's hard to chew, then it tastes real good for five seconds then it's hard, nasty and leaves a terrible aftertaste. Not to mention your teeth hurt. In other words, I'm so in this competition!
  18. That was the best you are a pirate video EVAR! And I knew that about Sporticus. The most Athletic man in Iceland or something like that. Crazy man! Unfortunetly for me, I get out of bed more like Robby Rotten. I also dance about as well as him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=012rzncbBPo&NR=1 Maybe I'll look good in purple, too...hmm...
  19. For what it's worth, I'm gonna' agree with Showroom in that the user has much more to do with the quality of the piece than the program. I too use Fruity Loops and most of my stuff sounds like...well...loop spelled backwards with a silent l. (That's right, I admit it!) I've noticed a slow but noticible improvement in what I create the longer I've used the program. And I think that has a lot to do with it too. Getting to know the ins and outs and functions of a program, that only comes with time and use. And your piece did sound good, so your energy and time might be better spent playing around with more of functions of Cubase than learning an entirely new system. *DISCLAIMER* munchi does not make awesome music and any opinions on how to make awesome music are pure speculation
  20. My brother just turned me on to this show. Has anyone else seen it? And who else wants to be Sporticus when they grow up?
  21. Wow, good thinking Sir Nuts. And thank you everyone for the helpful hints. Oy! So much to learn still. I guess it never stops huh?
  22. Ok, I managed to get my song onto thaSauce. I used FL Studio to produce the mp3 and did NOT encode the id tags. Does anyone have a clue why that happened for my future referece? I prefer Sonar to create my mp3s (i think it produces better quality and has more tweaks you can do), so I wouldn't like this to be an ongoing issue.
  23. Oh, ok! I didn't know remix: thaSauce took submissions as well. Maybe I should explore the site a little more fully, instead of lurking...(a hard habit to break)
  24. After thought, can we try to submit our mixes to be listed on OCR proper if they're that good?
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