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  1. Hey guys. I've been just doing Zelda after Zelda remixes lately, and I thought I might show this one to you guys. I've been working on it for some time now, and I'm really liking it, personally. As the title says, this is a ReMix of the Princess Zelda theme. Some would say "dubstep!" but honestly I don't think it's exactly dubstep. I just think it's some source of hardcore techno music. I called it ZeldaStep, as you can see (hahaha!) I am thinking about possibly turning up the bass in the song a little, though I'm not sure about that. I say it's finished, but I never know when I may go back and tweak it a little. So yeah. What do you guys think? Link: http://soundcloud.com/gwilliamson/zeldastep-princess-zeldas
  2. I mean, overall, the ReMix is great, but again, the mix is a little weird. Just my advice, though. Everyone has a different ear, honestly. So to some people the mix may be good. It may be the EQ. Again, I really don't know.
  3. The mix feels a little off. I don't know. More reverb maybe? On the piano and strings and all? Maybe a stronger compressor on the strings and piano? Do you have a limiter on the master track? Overall the ReMix itself is nice, though.
  4. I'm not totally sure. Can you check? I'm rather busy right now and only had the time to quickly type this lol (sounds like a dumb excuse but it's true).
  5. In no way does writing music scare me. I do it all the time. I have a record out for sale on the internet and some people actually have me write music for them. Writing music is one of my favorite things when it comes to my musical abilities.
  6. Ok, this is pretty good. But my issue isn't the drum track being repetitive or the panning of a synth. That's all fine. The bass line seems a little out of place, or maybe it needs to be turned down and the low end of the EQ on the bass needs to be turned up. I don't know. Have you mixed this track? I know it says work-in-progress, but I thought I'd ask.
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/?nr63sowjtakccd5 I have a feeling I broke a lot of rules in this remix... I did a lot of sampling (was going for a more old school sound; that's the type of Hip-Hop I'm into anyway), but I guess I kept the sampling of the Carnival Night Zone original track to a pretty small amount. I'm not sure how obvious it is that this is a Carnival Night Zone remix. There will be quite a bit of rap and I'll probably mess with the beats coming in and out a bit more when I get all the vocals in there. I'll probably have some vocals in there, but sort of silly and ugly sounding, yet in that cool type of tone... you know what I mean? So yeah. Remix so far. Not highest quality. I just exported it at 192kbps which stinks compared to the high quality 24-bit sound quality I'm working with in Logic, but oh well. It still is high enough quality to get the point across.
  8. Like I said before, I can sing, unless you want a female vocalist which can often be a good idea in Hip-Hop.
  9. Sweet! Will start working on it when I can. By the way, do you guys want a rap on the song? Also, one other question. How much of an original sample can I use?
  10. If Carnival Night is still an option, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. Meteor Herd would be a ton load of fun, if that option is still open. I can do whatever on the track. Rap, remix, sing, whatever. Or I can do all of it!
  11. Well thank you! Is there a specific game song open that I could work on? I guess I forgot to mention I also sing. Haha!
  12. If you've read the Submission Standards, then you would understand that this type of fan music doesn't count. Prove me wrong and tell me the Submission Standards don't say that (I'm too tired and lazy to re-read it and make sure I'm right), but I'm pretty sure it said only official content.
  13. Well, as I said before, I can rap and I can remix, for sure. An example of my rapping would be in one of my original songs here: http://soundcloud.com/gwilliamson/set-me-on-fire Skip to 1:40 to hear the rap. If you think it sucks then I can still totally remix.
  14. I can remix and do rapping, though I'm so new here (I joined 2 years ago but haven't done anything on here 'til now haha) I have no clue if you guys trust me with anything haha. I haven't been staying updated (other than the first post), so I have no clue if you guys already have everyone you need. Do you want me to give you guys something; like an audition sample or something of mine? Again, no clue if I'm needed anymore; haven't been staying updated.
  15. Very different in contrast to my remix! Very nice. Very unique, for sure. I like it. Though Elder Kirby is right. It is rather long and might not be accepted by the judges.
  16. I sound rather interested. I love Sonic and lots of the songs in Sonic CD are favorites for me.
  17. NEW UPDATED VERSION HERE: https://soundcloud.com/gwilliamson/the-goddess-gets-groovy-v-4 Hey guys. Did this remix and wanted to know if you guys thought it was any good. I want to submit it to the site and hope it gets evaluated, but I want to see what you guys think about it before trying to submit it. It is sort of influenced by "Chamber of the Goddess" remix by Disasterpiece, found in the 25YearLegend ocremix Legend of Zelda album, though I gave it a harder and more funky feel to it, and less acid jazz. I guess to put it simple, it's a lot harder, especially on the drums. Although it is inspired by that remix, I believe personally that it is heavily different. So yeah, what do you guys think? Link to remix: http://soundcloud.com/gwilliamson/goddesses-and-fairies-remix
  18. I don't think most of these are necessary, because the majority of them have already appeared in previous games. The versions in Sonic Generations are actually remixes of the original versions anyway. The only one really worth remixing is Time Eater, because that's the only original one. But I don't know how "remixable" that song is...
  19. Sorry to say, but I am not diggin' the arrangement. The mallets or whatever at the beginning are actually pretty neat though, and I love the bass arrangement. The mallets actually almost sound sorta creepy but not creepy in a way. It is quite strange but unique. But I don't really like the way it was mixed, and I do not like that keyboard saxophone. Sorry. Just not diggin' it.
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