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  1. Ninja'd. I was on the site while it updated, as I am frequent visitor to those forums over there. Those people are crazy, but you know what, they got the job done. Can't wait.
  2. Where's the MegaMan 10 remix? Also, I'm getting a wonderful Dick Dale/Beach Boys vibe from this remix.
  3. It's a sin that there aren't any more comments than this. I'm certainly diggin' it. Could always use more great Sonic 2 mixes. I am going to have to disagree with the comments regarding the end, because I find it appropriate enough for it fizzle out like it did. Fit with the overall theme of the mix imo.
  4. Just to confirm; is this indeed going to be released as an official OCremix Album? I just noticed the site was down today as well, but I did see K-Wix's most recent post. So I'm glad that it has gotten this far.
  5. One of the first remixes I heard from this site, and quite possibly the greatest reason why I keep coming back for more. At the time, I had just recently beat the game a year beforehand, and I was surprised, and still am, that a remix came from one of my most revered games. Turok hasn't been the same since, but Seeds of Evil is up there as one of my favorite games, as is this track here. The aging is apparent, but the source tune brings back so many fond memories. A great piece from Acclaim's and OCR's past. Love it.
  6. That, and I've had my fair share of experience on Macs. I prefer the organization of Windows based PC over the overly simplistic layout that Apple calls their OS. However, this is not the forum to be discussing the semantics of operating systems.
  7. My girlfriend has already completed it. . .in Japanese and everything. The R4 unit is a wondrous device.
  8. Well. . . I lol'd I kinda prefer this chick over any of the other designs anyways: I strongly doubt his absence will delay MegaMan Legends 3 in any way, because he was just producing it. Capcom will most likely continue development without him. Unfortunately, it's sad to see him go, but fortunately, he isn't dead. So we'll see more original IP's from him. It's not like his name is Gunpei Yokoi or anything.
  9. Yeah, I figured he might've moved over here as well. I saw Jake too. Course, it helped that he posted a mix of a soundtrack he created. Also. Mac keyboards are wonky as well. Never really liked Apple's way of doing things anyways. And that's coming from a graphic/web designer. So when people ask me why I don't use a Mac for my designing, I just give them this retort, "well I don't suppose Microsoft has their designers using the competitor's machines. . ."
  10. I don't think this is the appropriate place to ask that question (but I could be wrong). However, probably the best solution is to download the torrent, to get them all back. Or right-click the download link to the song and hit "Save Target As" (or "Save Link As") from the sub menu that pops up. If you don't have a right mouse button, first, get a mouse that has two buttons. The old Mac mice are inferior, and should all be thrown away. I believe the 'cmd' key should work for bringing up those menus. Believe it or not, the mac can use third party USB mice.
  11. I've actually been with the video game remixing community for awhile now. More as a listener, than a remixer. I've been frequenting this site for the past six years, however most of my community participation was with the recently departed (yet with a chance of rejuvenation) VGmix. I was there from 2 through till X, and watched it slowly wither and die as members and post counts dwindled to a trickle. I come here as a refugee, however, I'm glad that I have a place to go to review tracks and dawdle in forums. Shout outs go to Dennis Mott, Gwilym Wogan, Arthur Pope, Chad Seiter, Nick Hagman (Na
  12. I hope there's something new since February. . . Are you guys beyond 62% now?
  13. I guess it took a virt remix for me to finally post something worth notating. With the sudden demise of VGmix, I've been out of the community for awhile. I'm not a composer, I'm a listener, and I've always been a fan of Jake's stuff, regardless of whether I recognize the source or not. He's a got a creative spark all his own, that always seems to inspire multiple listens in a row. I can't describe how awesome it is to hear something new. Lest I drown my keyboard in a mess of drool, I shall conclude with this. I missed you virt. Loved the new mix. Peace.
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