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  1. Hum I wonder if its because of the server reset. Ill fix it tonight Edit: Yeah the rule disappeared when the server reset, i'll see if i can make it permanent. Until then: Fixed!
  2. Oops, forgot that step. I restarted it now, should be able to join. Sorry!
  3. Epiccenter and ObliviousOne (if thats the right MC name), have been added to the whitelist
  4. Whats the MC name ObliviousOne? or is that it?
  5. Thats the idea, OCR server is for members of OCR, so to avoid griefers we have a whitelist and "has to be vouched" system.
  6. Kyle Cyril and Chili have been added There are some tweaks i need to do but so far everythings working /help is kinda broken so i disabled it commands for regular: /me - action /afk - set yourself afk /spawn - warp to spawn /sethome - set your home /home - warp to your home /compass - real compass! /list - list players online /warp - warp to warps donators: /tp - teleport to a player /god - turn off damage More to come maybe homes and warps are reset for now, i'll see if i can restore them later
  7. Anybody interested in this? http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-mcmmo-v0-8-21-rpg-addiction-redefined-permissions-support-531.3505/
  8. I think I forgot to reload the server when I added the whitelist, try now
  9. Trying to install bukkit again, server will be unavailable for abit Edit: Supper time, switching back to hMod for a few moments. So far: Got CraftIRC up and running, this will be so much better than hMod once its up I just need to find something to protect creepers and set up groups/permissions etc. Will work on it later tonight Edit: done eating, will finish this up now Edit: Nether support works, kinda, but issues found: 1) Created a portal at spawn for some reason, destroyed spawns compass. Im fixing it, but im disabling portals/nether for now 2) I imagine that if someone walks 1000 blocks in Nether and makes a portal 8000 feet in the real world, it would become a problem for our map renders 3) portals spawn anywhere in the real world, which means someone could accidnetly spawn one in someone elses buildings. If these all 3 aren't big issues to everybody and you'd like nehter support let me know I'm going to disable for now though and fix up everything else Edit: Okay bukkit is installed, creepers nerfed, minecart mania is updated, IRC bot working, whitelist updated: Homes have been reset Warps have not been redone (will do tom if i can't just copy and paste) Donators do not have special permissions yet, will work on tomorrow Have fun
  10. I am currently configuring bukkit, server is whitelisted only for me until i get all permissions set correctly and tested. Edit: having some internet issues, problems with CraftIRC loading, and have to be somewhere in a bit, will switch back to hmod and full white list again until we get back
  11. MaelieJade <- if thats the MC name too, added
  12. Aba is correct, all mods are server side. I'm not aware of any mods for client AND multiplayer, most are only for single player or like map/graphics mods for clients. Hope you enjoyed your time on the server Beatdrop! Also a tip for new guys: feel free to wander to an empty spot and/or undiscovered spot, but please do not walk in a single direction for a very long time, it causes problems for the map renders we do growing super huge and having ugly "arms". Thanks!
  13. MPUK is offering Bukkit for testing. I think its a good idea to jump ship from the dead hMod to Bukkit, but we thought we'd ask first. Everybody OK with testing Bukkit? Also, Zell & Beatdrop have been added to the whitelist. Please dont be turned off to our server if we have turbulence with Bukkit testing
  14. I added you to the whitelist long time ago Nase lol
  15. Kinda strange to have an OCR server and OCAD server Any particular reasoning? Not like the OCR server is crowded
  16. How is slapping a bunch of stuff you didn't do together, with very little editing, a parody exactly? Also, you mentioned the MM/RM parodies of Haruhi /Lucky star weren't yours, but didn't bother to credit the original authors.
  17. Mr. Bottle Rocket: See, the its mindwashing you into believing its good. I wont have that
  18. I still get a lot of people PM'ing me instead of posting in the thread for some reason. Do you mind specifying what people need to do in the first post Gollgagh?
  19. Hmmm Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System version) - October 25, 1991 Janet Jackson's Together Again - December 2, 1997 so like Brandon's post, its the opposite of the thread title, pop borrowing from VGM though in this case unlike Brandon's post, im sure its just coincidence
  20. Maybe here in a month or so we may need to do it again. hMod 1.3 installed, IRC bot has been updated and installed, waiting for something to ward off creepers, until then mobs/health are off enjoy! Edit: Minecart Mania redwire seems to be broken :/ Got CreeperNerf to disable creeper explotions, so turned back on health/mobs
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