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  1. Hey all,

    I've decided to quit the project. It's not a decision I made lightly, but unfortunately over the past few weeks the whole thing has started to become more like a burden than anything else. We've had another person quit, which is essentially what made my mind up for me. Since the whole Jeremy Soule revelation there's been a feeling like the whole thing is tainted, and that's become more apparent as people have distanced themselves from it. No artist that I've contacted to do the cover art wants to touch this thing; some of them have specifically stated it's because of the Soule connection. It's becoming depressing.

    I'm going to offer up to the project to anyone who wants to take it on. If you're interested drop me a DM and we'll discuss.

    I'm sorry to drop this out of the blue, but I feel it's best for my own mental wellbeing to do this.

  2. Heya @brink-of-time. Well to be honest, nothing's been happening. I've been shopping around for artists to do some cover art but no-one's interested.

    At this point, I'm seriously considering just cancelling the whole project and suggesting that everyone who's completed their track to submit it to the site independently. There's been a few more people pull out of the project and there's a few people still in limbo, so the album has effectively stalled.

    My taste for this project was soured when we had all the drama earlier this year, but I thought we could power on through. However interest has died off pretty much completely, and I don't want to force something through the door that doesn't want to go. 

    I'll speak to those still working, but if they're not interested in moving forward then I'll formally close this thing down.

  3. Well, they're not, really. We've lost a few more people from the project (no shade being thrown here, I made the announcement so people could make their own choices) which brings us down to about 10 tracks. 4 of those are finished, 1 completely done (shout out to @theconsoloist for being the first 100% completed track!) 2 pending sign-off by their respective producers and the other (yours, @brink-of-time) with @Chimpazilla for mastering. I'm expecting a few others to be finished this month as well. 

    Currently looking for an artist to do the album art, if anyone's interested in taking that up or if anyone has any suggestions who I could reach out to. 


  4. So I guess it's time for an update, huh?

    The majority of people have gotten back to me regarding my statement and the majority of those people have decided to stay on, so the project will continue as is. I won't be actively recruiting anyone else, but will accept anyone who wishes to join. As such this album will likely be a single 'disc' affair rather than a double, but at this point I'm just looking to get it finished and out the door, so to speak.

    A few people asked that I make it abundantly, 100% clear that anyone who is participating in this project does not support or condone the actions of Jeremy Soule, alleged or otherwise, and that the content is a celebration of the Secret of Evermore soundtrack as an art-form and nothing else.

    In happier news, we've got our first finished track! @about:blank has finished his Fire Eyes remix which has now been passed over to @Chimpazilla for mastering. Massive thanks for getting that finished so quickly, Chris :)

    So, in closing, things are little bit sombre here at PLT HQ (which is just me now...) but we're going to soldier on regardless. Thank you to everyone who has agreed to stay on, and thank you to everyone who is taking the time to read this message.

    *EDIT* Well, I should probably read all my messages before making a forum post because we do in fact have TWO finished tracks! @Manji has finished his Elephant Graveyard remix as well! Big thank you to you as well, Chris (two Chris', what are the odds?!).


  5. 30 minutes ago, Meteo Xavier said:

    Are there new allegations against Soule? If not, I'm not sure how it's only now come to your attention. The news about Nathalie Lawhead* was back in 2019.

    * - As far as I know, I'm not related to Nathalie Lawhead. I did email her to ask if she knew any family relationship between us and never got a response.

    Simply a case of not being in my news sphere, I guess. 


    It has recently been brought to our attention that certain accusations have been made against Jeremy Soule, the composer for Secret of Evermore. The accusations came to light long before we decided to tackle Secret or Evermore, however for whatever reason neither Dai nor myself were aware of it at the time.

    Since we were made aware of this information there's been a lot conversation between Dai and myself, with some input also being sought from @djpretzel. djp pointed me towards his statement attached to THIS POST he made back in April and has confirmed that OCR will be happy to release and promote the album.

    My outlook on the situation is similar to that expressed in the post linked above. I do not condone the actions of anyone seeking to abuse another in any setting. That should go without saying, but sadly in this day and age it probably should be spelled out. In the case of this album I am celebrating the music of the game, not necessarily the composer himself. Separating the art from the artist is always a dicey subject to tackle, but I am personally OK with carrying on with the project.

    Unfortunately, PLT creator and my assistant-director for this album @Drawn by Dai has decided to step down from the project in light of this information. He asked that I include the following statement in this post:


    With great regret I can no longer in good conscience affix myself to this project. Even though the grander premise of this album is to draw light on the game Secret of Evermore, we’re effectively and almost exclusively honouring Jeremy Soule’s work in our approach.

    This isn’t a decision I take lightly. I’ve been objective, argued, justified and cajoled myself over every aspect and side of the issue, and sadly I can’t keep on. Quite besides the fact it’s tainted a lot of my childhood experiences, I must stick by principle, and I can’t conveniently ignore the accusations. I won’t be happy with myself doing the project, and possibly not afterwards, having done it. It’s up to all of us to make our own decisions. This, with respect, is just mine.

    I completely understand and respect his decision in this and it leads me to my next point of action. It's entirely possible that there other people now involved with this project who are also unaware of the controversy regarding the games composer. As such I will be contacting everyone individually asking them if they wish to continue on the album. If anyone wishes to leave them I will completely understand.

  7. Hot off his solo debut on the Golden Sun album, @guitarSVD has claimed the Storekeepers source and officially joined the project! 

    I apologise for the lack of updates, I have no other excuse other than I'm rubbish at providing updates.

    However I'm happy to say that album is moving along nicely. We've got 15 claimed tracks now, which will be more than enough for a single disc release if we don't manage to entice anyone else onboard.

    I'm feeling the loss of the signatures quite keenly at the moment, as they were a great method of non-direct advertisement for the project. A few quick forum posts in different sections of the site and you've suddenly brought the album to the attention of people who otherwise wouldn't be aware of it. Ah well, got to move with the times I guess.

    A huge thank you to everyone who's gotten involved with the project so far, you guys rock! Without wanting to sound too cringeworthy; if you could perhaps mention this project to any remixer friends you might have to try and get those sources claimed I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Stay safe, everyone!

  8. 19 minutes ago, TSori said:

    Upon further thought.  Id like to claim 

    Ivor Tower-Side Chambers


    Im thinking a Noir jazz trio between harmon muted trumpet, upright bass, and piano.  It should lend itself well to atmospheric effects, and give me an opportu ity to finally record sonething with my harmon mute.  

    Amazing! Welcome aboard, buddy! I'll DM you with check-in dates and whatnot.

  9. 6 hours ago, TSori said:

    I'm happy to offer trumpet performance skills to anyone who needs them!


    I may also consider claiming a track, but I need to get some other stuff done first.

    Hey thanks TSori! Much appreciated! We'd love to have you as part of the album, so here's hoping you're able to clear your workload in the near future :)

  10. I chose the source for that PRC round! I dearly love Psycho Pinball (though I had it on the Mega-Drive rather than DOS) and wanted to shine a light on the awesome soundtrack for others to hear. If I recall it even prompted Eino to play the game while he was crafting his remix, which pleased me greatly. I've considered it for a Paths Less Travelled volume at some point, though due to there only being about 6 tracks on the soundtrack it would be more of an EP than an album.

    As for the track itself; I totally dig it. The source tune is your run-of-the-mill Big Top circus tune, and Eino's upbeat EDM take on it really gives it a new lease of life while retaining the circus feel of the original. Thanks for bringing some representation to this piece of my childhood, buddy!


  11. That there's not a single comment on this is a crying shame, so to remedy that here's my two pence:

    This track is awesome. In fact; the song structure reminds me a little of a Meat Loaf song (not any song in particular, but generally anything written by Jim Steinman and performed by The Loaf). A slow build-up, likely with some crooning about a love lost, then kicking it up into high gear with energetic promises of what will be done to win the lost love back, then back to slow for the outro; possibly with words of acceptance that the love will always be lost, but that it's OK to move on. 

    Am I reading to much into it? Maybe! But what does it matter, it's all fun and music at the end of the day. And this track really is awesome.


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