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  1. T-t-triple post! Come on, people, give this a chance! Fixed some of the clipping issues.
  2. Ambinate nails this on the the head, with a hammer the size of a planet. That's just how right the answer is. If you think you can fly it by the judges, go for it! As for hardstyle itself, I'm not that much of a fan(prefer Hard Trance myself), but it's all personal tastes, right?
  3. Parroting Neblix with the percussion, it's kinda bland. The actual drum samples are okay, the kick is too weak, I really like the whole ambient atmosphere, but the main synth you have kinda just drones on. You add a new thing about a minute in a half in that starts undermixed and later completely overpowers the rest of the mix(especially the percussion). This would count as a "Post Your Originals" because this is a game remix, by the way.
  4. ...what feedback? I clicked the link and it said I need to download something to view. I'm not downloading something to view, and I'm sure there are many people with similar mindsets.
  5. Looks like legitimate improvement over the original in terms of features, the design looks pretty(and a little reminiscent of Massive) and overall it seems like it's Z3TA+ improved. I use Z3TA+ a lot myself, so I'm looking forward to this! I will echo the "not that exciting", Z3TA+ already is a very full featured synth, so this seems more like a refinement upgrade than an innovative upgrade. Still, that's never too bad.
  6. ...why upload on ocrwip for finished versions? Ocrwip autodeletes stuff, you know! Aside from that, this is pretty gr8! Lots of resonance. Tons.
  7. Bakesale! Definitely my favourite! It is Vivi's theme! I like it because it has a sense of adventure to it!!!!!
  8. http://www.truimagz.com/host/eilios/ganstagary/Orig.mp3 Still a WIP, but what do you think? It really picks up l8r on, BTW.
  9. Mirror's Edge: OCR edition
  10. Have y'all tried wine? I'm a linux user and I use FL Studio perfectly fine without a dual boot.
  11. It seems possible, but I don't know if Chrono Trigger would be the right game to tackle. This is probably the most universally beloved RPG ever made, and one of the most common contenders for almost every top 5 "favourite" games. If they mess up a single thing, they will have so much backlash it won't even be funny.
  12. (>^_^)> \(^o^)/ /emoticons/default_happy.png" alt="^_^" srcset="/emoticons/happy@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20">

  13. This is tremendously better, but still mixed far too quietly. The percussion sounds early on are really cool, and the light panning effects you have are nice. The filtered drumkits play well into the melody. You don't need to have quiet-everything to have powerful drums, though! The snare is way too thin, but the kick drum is perfect. I like the hits you have in on this. Next version, up everything except the drums in volume.
  14. Lep, youtube! Try hosting on non-youtube sites, like Tindeck. Starts off too quietly, the synth stuff is kinda cool, but hard to hear. Why is this so quiet?! I can't hear enough to give a fair critique, I'm sorry.
  15. I was going for the "Monstrous Turtles!" angle because it's the same source at parts.
  16. I understand what that's like, it is a daunting system, but when you get used to it, it isn't really that bad. You make music, you get critique on it, you work on it, then you submit it, work on a new remix, a few months later you'll get an email telling you what's up with your new remix. It's not as hostile as you may think, just... long. As for not being interpretative enough, OCR standards basically want people to put their own spin on the remixes. For example, if you look at "Monstrous Turtles!" by Zircon, you'll hear tons of variations, solos, and original parts, as well as some structure changes. Medleys for medleys sake are also not considered kosher by OCR standards if you just put some sort of transition into the source but don't alter anything. Regardless, I do think this is a really nice song.
  17. Cool use of snare slicin'. The direct source use is still there, but it's not as blatantly in-your-face. 1:00 is super awesome! The *step part doesn't really blend in that well to everything, and just comes out of left field. The filtered buildup to the fidget drop is amazing, but the dubstep part is just . It feels like it could use heavy improvement or just plain skippin'. The end is great(especially with how you play with the releases of the notes), but I feel like it could use a little bit more variation near the end, or some sort of closure to the track. Solid work, regardless, though!
  18. This should be in workshop. If you mean to submit this to OCR, I don't think this is interpretative enough.
  19. Welp, I died in hell. It sucks, I know. As it turns out, though, if you die in hell you go to a totally random place. Instead of warping out like the logical thing to do would be, I accepted a challenge to dig my way out of hell. With a mushroom. It was an arduous task, I had to cut through so much hell-rock, all the while under fire by ghasts and suspended over a sea of lava. Halfway through, I was helped by AngryItch who fended off the ghasts, and 75% of the way through, he lended me a pickaxe which I used to break through. I managed to get from a random place in hell about 40-50 blocks up back to the portal, crossed a sea of lava, and finally made it through. I am convinced with minor changes, this could make an awesome inspirational movie.
  20. Check this link out. See if any of the ones posted there are what you're looking for.
  21. The pad is weird(not bad, just weird), your kicks need boosting, there's too much left balance, your organ synth is okay sounding! The drums are repetitive, the bassline is rad, the drums are overbearing, the melody is really hard to pin down, everything is kinda muddy. The detuned synth is pretty cool! Your snare is kinda weird, and you need to work on drum programming(not making the sounds, I mean sequencing!) The arrangement is flat, and this is a bad thing. Add lots of breakdowns, and make it super tasty! Speaking of arrangements, it drags on and on duller, but never gets fuller, the pace makes me lull... er, my advice? Make it 20% cooler! (yay!) Good start, keep it up!
  22. Comment stream, in no particular order. Left panned snare is a bit annoying. It sounds like there be some clipping in this awesome intro! The electro-house melody is cool, and I like the piano you got going on there. The actual melody is a bakesale, too. The bowser "rawawrawrawr" touches are nice. The UNCE TSCHE is a beat I have used too many times, but it's a little bit too apparent here. The arpeggios are nice, but 2step doesn't really seem like an all out party here. The second half of the song doesn't really seem to have that much connection to the first half. Nice use of gating! Way too short.
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