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  1. Sorry about your short attention span I guess?? The reason why it hasn't been so intense is stated in the series to be because Marika's in high-school and they can't afford to have her out on huge pirate jobs for the moment, FYI. Anyway, stuff is really heating up now.
  2. I was so creeped out by the first episode of Nisemonogatari that I left. For all intents and purposes, Bakemonogatari was a 1 season wonder and never had any sequels. If you're looking for a great anime this season check out Moretsu Space Pirates. Also yeah, Cromartie Highschool is fantastic.
  3. I refuse to make an anime list because it would be excessively large. Just know that I am an Anime Wizard and if you want to get into the Dark Arts you can ask me for help.
  4. This is actually my theory as well. E: as for timelines, I believe it goes TV up to about the weird crap, then EoE begins, human instrumentality happens and when everyone gets absorbed that's when the weird as hell last two episodes happen - they're not part of the series proper, but rather a view of instrumentality itself. Then the end of EoE happens, some stuff goes down(??) and somehow everything gets reset. Then the movies happen. This is backed up by some of Kaworu's statements. DOUBLE E: i wish i could forget everything about evangelion 3xE: please do not follow down my path of misery and do not watch this show!! do not get caught up with it!!
  5. Think you meant to link to this one! My only real complaints are that it drags on and on too repetitively, and less credibly that I don't like it. That I don't like it is not anything that can be said about the piece itself, but something that can be said about me, so don't take this too harshly!!!
  6. Just want to add that this is fantastic, so good that I won't even complain about how ridiculously stupid the term complextro is. Check it out everybody!!!
  7. http://soundcloud.com/eilios/patience Electro House thing I made, because I realized nobody here has really heard anything from me in a few months.
  8. You sure like reverb, don't you? I feel like there's too much going on in this remix.
  9. I've been listening to this nonstop lately, you might like it. http://soundcloud.com/melee/chrome-canyon-we-are-computers Also, check out MoombahtonMusic's channel on youtube. You might find some of the stuff there pretty fun, I know I did!
  10. Please don't buy those~ these are far cheaper and superior. E: especially for producing!!!
  11. This has been on my playlist since you showed it to me on IRC. Just sayin'.
  12. That's a good start, but you should add some drum loops to spice it up!!!
  13. Very carefully. I use MIDIs frequently when I do remix(haven't been doing that recently, I should do so soon) but liberally, often changing up quite a bit when it comes to actually writing things. Really, for me, it's about finding parts that I liked, and then seeing if I can do anything with them. There's no point in remixing something that I don't like, and there's no point in remixing something that I can't do anything with(for example, I like a lot, but since it is really close to my own style anyway I wouldn't end up changing enough).
  14. Will keep this in mind, thanks! I liked the intro a bit more than you did, but I'll look into this. Again, will look into it. I was going for rain with that, I was also going to put more atmospheric elements in it(in the breakdown before the main melody at 1:00 I was going to put some electrical things in it) E: to explain, I don't really have a fully featured setup. Everything in this track is done in either Zebralette, Synth1VST, or 3xOsc. Thanks! I love the in-depth commentary here!
  15. This is an Electro House remix of " " from Super Mario RPG for the SNES. Some of you may remember that the first thing I ever remixed was this very track... it wasn't a very good remix. I decided to go back now with some of the skills I've learned to see if I could improve on the(admittedly lackluster) version I did, in a whole different genre. Version 1(Arrangement finished!) Comments would be highly appreciated, even if they're just saying "good job" or "bad job" or whatever it is, the more detail the better!
  16. http://ryanenzed.com/store/index.php/40-item-electronic-music-megapack.html Ryan Enzed's 40 item set is on sale for over 50% off. If you're like me, you can't get enough percussion samples, so pick this up before the sale ends!
  17. http://soundcloud.com/eilios/dark-castle for larger, better file or: http://tindeck.com/listen/yftu for standard 9MB mp3. Upon getting back on FL, I decided I would try to make an original track. This is the end result! It's dubstep, but I tried to put my own style into it instead of trying to sound like most of the mainstream dubstep producers. I hope you liked it as much as I did, and if you liked it, please tell me! This is pretty out of my comfort zone, so knowing that this is a good style to work with will tell me to keep going with it.
  18. Haha, I remember this! It was great back then, now with all imperfections removed it is truly amazing! Good job!
  19. Sounds like your CPU can't handle it! I have the paid version of SFZ personally(or, I would, if my computer was operational right now ) so I can just load up a bunch of stuff into 1 plugin, so I don't have that problem. Actually, I have similar problems(not using SFZ that much, by the by) in some of my more complex songs(esp. ones that use a lot of dblue glitch!). What are your specs?
  20. I'd take Synleth over Vanguard, too. Go with Zebra2. If you're going to get Massive I'd recommend saving up and just full on getting Komplete anyway, but that seems out of your price range, so Zebra2 is the better option here.
  21. Dumpin' some Arty stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3iZey9_SY8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV9gXo1DBLI Also, have you checked out Siamey/Heath Morris's stuff? I have both his album and a bit of his remixes, they're all good stuff. You can find a lot of his music at his youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/DJSiamey
  22. I wanted to go for dissonant in this one to emphasise the darkness in Traverse Town! I always thought of it as a place where even in the most calming and peaceful of environments you still get the sense that it's under constant heartless attack. I decided to stylistically represent that with dissonance and a conflict between peaceful synths/effects and an aggressive bassline.
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