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  1. Also, some music programs sound better out-of-the-box because the samples are designed specifically to be mixed well. While this can be good for newbs because they already have pre-mixed samples, it can be limiting as well because you're stuck with what they think something should sound like.
  2. It's important that however you pan anything(there's really no particular rule for anything besides orchestras and kick drums being centre, as people have said) you make sure to find a balance. If your left channel is 3x as loud as your right one there's a serious problem.
  3. No doubt. I actually rather enjoyed Halo 3's ending. IN MY EYES, HALO STARTED A TRILOGY AND WILL STAY A TRILOGY. [/fanboy] But seriously, though, I don't think expanding a series past it's end for the cash is ever a good thing. It just ends up being ridiculous. If you didn't like the story before, it's going to be like 20x sillier when all of a sudden the Forerunners come back with the Flood X or whatever stupid this they come up with. EDIT for non-halo-players who don't get what I'm talking about:
  4. http://heathmorrismusic.com/discography/ <-- 2 albums http://hollidayrain.protagonistrecords.net/album/gimbal http://flexstyle.bandcamp.com/ <-- 4 albums http://solesignal.protagonistrecords.net/album/one-day-millennium http://prototyperaptor.bandcamp.com/album/penultimate have a PARTY
  5. Turn it off from the mixer by clicking the little green dot to the right of it. Or just get rid of it altogether by clicking the arrow to the left of the name of the mixer in the master channel and selecting replace and then (none). I recommend you leave a limiter on in some way to protect your ears in-case you mess up and some really loud high pitched squeal escapes some how.
  6. It's really cover sounding, even the synths are very similar. There are some variations found within, but they're more of the "epic rocking" variety, and the song structure is very similar. That kick could use a little more volume boost, because the overall muddiness of this makes it ridiculous to discern it(no need to go all out and like apply 566546084 effects to make it so loud that if you play it on lowest volume it breaks your ears, but make it audible). Finally, the arrangement ends just as it begins. It's just too slow! Overall, though, this is not really OCR material, but that doesn't make it bad. With more work on changing it up and making it super dooper wooper, you might get somewhere with this mix, and if you keep at it with others, you'll definitely get somewhere! EDIT: Also, don't use youtube for music. You'll end up changing stuff so much and it will just be a pain. Tindeck is a good music site, as is soundcloud(the 2 hour max limit for free users might put you off, though), and ocrwip... there are a lot of options, all superior to youtube.
  7. Teehee, and I was worried this was too conservative! 0:34 has a variation of the main melody that keeps going until the bass drop(you can hear it really pronounced at 1:00). The bassline @ 1:09 is found within the original(which is why I was worried about it being too conservative.). It continues until 2:18 where it gives a variation of the main melody again to transition into the source's melody @ 3:10(which fully comes in with the drop at 3:27).
  8. It's the Traverse Town theme! EDIT: I have a tendency to overplay otherwise meaningless sections because they sound nice to me and develop the remix around that part, like in JOTN a good 1/6th of the song is devoted to a transition. In this case, I took the bassline and some chords and developed the entire song around them, putting in little hints to the melody throughout. Not the most recognisable part of the song, no doubt, but still a remix nonetheless!
  9. Ambient Tech House Chillout Electronic Spor-you know what, let's just call it music! Ta-daa! Tindeck version 0.01! Bakesale!
  10. First - what's your web host? If you don't know, you can't accomplish anything. This is actually not that hard to do with MySQL and PHP, or Rails, or whatever you want to do. The blog itself would be a bit harder, but still manageable. The archive database would be a bit harder, though. Account processing would be considerably easier than the latter, which kinda messed up the pattern and made me sad. But knowing that this all can be done is irrelevant if we don't know what kind of web host you have. Many simply will not allow you to upload 100MB files as a whim.
  11. Open the audio in Edison and cut out unwanted things. For example, silence that is causing out-of-sync issues.
  12. Heh, don't worry. I know all about accidentally making too-bass heavy mixes . As for cool expensive mastering software - you don't need it! Audacity would be fully capable of mastering something like this, and with free VST plugins it could be done easily. And relating to the repetitive theme, I've definitely been there. Just keep at it, and keep diversifying and growing into your own style! When you asked if the judges will accept this or not, I'm leaning towards the latter, but don't be distraught - instead, listen to what they told you to fix. My two denied submissions taught me a lot, and eventually, I'll hammer out every imperfection through patience and fighting spirit until I make my way through!
  13. Those crash cymbals are a little overbearing on the mix, and the guitars could be a bit louder. Feels a little right-heavy panning wise, too. Needs more oomph to it compositionally, as well as the fact that it's a little bit repetitive. I'm not the ultimate metal expert on the planet, though, so take this with a pinch of salt.
  14. Loved in in HVV, still love it, and it's a mainstay on practically every playlist I have.
  15. So, what you're saying is because you're not in the target demographic, you don't apply to the same rules, and therefore have no obligation to abide the laws and support companies who spend thousands of dollars to make a product that you appreciate.
  16. This and this. DRM should be about stopping piracy, not hindering users. The sad thing is that no matter how hard developers try to stop scurvy buccaneers, the rascals will find a way to get past DRM anyway, forcing developers to make more asinine DRM which the pirates get past regardless. It's an endless cycle that only ends up hurting everyone. On a lighter side, TLs Pocket Limiter is amazing and I put it on everything.
  17. If you'd be willing to hire a composer/musician who is decent at best, I'd be interested in it, supposing you have a team capable of actually creating a game(and a little bit of proof).
  18. Synth1 VST is an absolutely fantastic synth, and I find myself using it at least as much as I use, say, Z3TA+(yes, I bought that!). It's also freeware. You can get by without spending a thousand dollars a month on software and still have a degree of skill (admittedly, I'm probably not the best example, but hey!).
  19. Interesting. I believe I shall participate in this endeavour.
  20. QFT times infinity. Sound design and mixing skills come from the user 85%, and the software 15%. Having the best programs won't magically improve your skills, so there's really no point in getting high end super-expensive programs until you've pretty much hit the limit with what you have. As soon as you know what needs to be done to make your music sound better, that's when you should do it. If you're thinking "this sounds like crap, it should sound better" you probably need to get the skills to understand why it does. If you can fix the problem with what you have, then do so, if you can get around it, do so, but if you absolutely can't do either of those, that's when you should probably think about getting the best tools. Not when you have no idea what you'd do with any of them.
  21. Make a new pattern, put the step sequencer stuff in there, go into the playlist, select your pattern from the top of the playlist menu, and click where applicable.
  22. I buy everything music related, including music itself. I can't say I don't pirate games, because sometimes I fall victim to abandonware once I realise I can't find something anywhere. In general, though, I support people who make things I like. Maybe it all goes down to morals, I don't know, but I believe in paying for things because I think it's the right thing to do.
  23. This is way too slow(while I do like slowed down mixes sometimes, this is a bit too far!) and the synths at the beginning are weaksauce. The string patches are okay, but everything is really quiet and reverb'd to hell and back. The drums are really really repetitive, and I have like the most repetitive drum programming ever, so the fact that this is readily apparent to me is a problem! The arrangement feels too sluggish, and attempts to rectify this situation aren't really working because all of the instruments feel way too weak. Some hi-hats would be nice, too.
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