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  1. Very fun track from two very talented chiptune artists. The source is one of my favorite VG tunes, and hearing it like this was awesome. The arrangement was nice, production was top-notch, and overall just a very nice track.
  2. Ok, great way to kick of 2012, with an awesome mix by Nutritious! I really liked the intro, ya know classic Nutritious stuff. Then once the track hit a synth-heavy club kinda song, I was like "What? I didn't know Nutritious did this? It's quite amazing!" Ok, maybe not just like that, but it was awesome especially once the vocals kicked in with what I believe is some vocoder something or other. Pretty cool stuff from Nutritious, I'd give it an 8/10. It'd be better if the orchestra stuff was more prevalent. Nice job Nutritious!
  3. I think this album can be summed up in two words: KICK-ASS! This is literally one of the greatest OCR albums ever. It had so much rock, which is nice because not many OCR albums are like that. I absolutely love this kinda genre, with the bass and the drums and freaking awesome stuff and the what-have-you. Some tracks did get repetitive and I didn't particularly care for the screamo, but those are only minor gripes. I'm not gonna lie, I was unfamiliar with a lot of the source material, but the epic arrangements and production and face-melting RAWK made up for it. This album places in my top 5 OCR albums. I'll do a track by track review once I soak in its epicness some more.
  4. Lol ok. Waiting for the epicness to come
  5. Yeah, I figured I'd ask just be on the safe side, I figured it'd be ok, I just wanted to be sure.
  6. Nice chiptune mix, liked it alot. I am unfamiliar with the source though, but that did not prevent me from enjoying this, somewhat peaceful sorta mix. One thing I didn't like was the transitions. They were pretty abrupt, and the flow from one melody to the next was uncomfortable. Production is iffy at times but overall pretty well done. Nice mix, I'd say 7/10.
  7. Definitely can't wait untill this album comes out. It's gonna be... ya know... badass. lol
  8. Ok, that's what I figured I just wanted to make sure, thanks for the input! Oh and lol at that second comment.
  9. I was wondering if it was ok to use a Remix on a video for a school project. Is it cool or are there like copyright issues?
  10. Just wanted to say that everyone has done a great job on the mixes thus far, and the rest of this competition should be freakin sweet!
  11. Lol that was very cool, I loved how he used the guitar to make the sound effects and how he changed songs just like someone was playing the game haha.
  12. Yes, another great round, loved all of the mixes, voting was definitely hard, but I think I made my decisions wisely. Good luck to all of the contenders this round, and good job on the mixes, you all deserve it
  13. Ok, just listened to this album and it was very cool, to say the least. The overall tone was mystifying and mellow, which I liked, and the guitar parts were always a treat. The tempo changes were interesting, a little random it seemed, but I guess that's just part of the theme of the album. The instruments sounded cool, and the transitions between songs were very fluid. An easy album to relax to, great job WillRock! Loved it!
  14. Sweet! Any estimates to when it generally may be out? Sorry if I'm pestering, but I'm so excited for this lol
  15. Hey, any news on this? The website is down, just curious what the status is. Excited for this
  16. entering the contest, liked all three even though it's not required. hope i win!
  17. Ok thank you. That's what I thought, I just wanted to be sure
  18. Hello all, I present yet another newbie question. I was wondering what exactly the russian remix roulette is. If anyone could explain it, it'd be awesome. It seems like a random list of remixes, but I don't know. Anyone?
  19. Awesome, another final fantasy album. This is gonna be great
  20. Hello all. I present you with a humble request. I would LOVE to hear a remix of Goldenrod City from pokemon GSC remixed as a power ballad-esque guitar song. I know that this song was remixed on the recently released missingno tracks album, but the style that mix was done in... I don't know, but I do know that a power ballad style remix of this track would be awesome. I would do it, but I don't have a guitar Anyone who could do this in their free time would be absolutely AMAZING. Hope someone takes this up and good luck to anyone who does
  21. Ok, that's what I thought haha. Well, I was wondering about FFV The Fabled Warriors 2, Water, and a few other albums I can't think of right now. EDIT: Also wondering about the Mega Man 9 album that was supposed to come out by now.
  22. Go K.K. Rider! from Animal Crossing I love this song. The violin part is beautiful, and I loved going to K.K. Slider in the game and listening to it. In my Animal Crossing house, I had a jukebox that would play this song haha. Favorite song from Animal Crossing, besides maybe the menu theme.
  23. Hey, I'm a newb to the ocremix forums (obviously), and I was wondering if there was any way I could find out the album queue. If it's private or something, I totally understand, but if it's public, how could I find it?
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