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  1. I love how my childhood (Video Games and it's related music) is being integrated so beautifully in our current pop culture! I noticed this 2 days ago when this mixtape dropped. Yes, i listen to rap too-- how could you not listen to something like this: Never Been part 2 Never Been I love how they use the music/ I hate how they don't credit the original composer or source, but that's how rap is. I wonder how much more VG related themes i can find in pop culture music. I know Wiz Khalifa also has a song with the Green Zone theme from Sonic 1 on repeat in the background. Anyway, just thought I should share.
  2. I really like this mix, the only qualm i really have about it is that the rocky theme doesn't really transition itself in and out enough. It sorta feels like it's just tacted on to the beginning and the end. Perhaps the break and the "it's not over yet folks" kills the sense of rhythm. I'd love to stick this on my ipod to train to, but the little break really disrupts the flow. Perhaps instead of it breaking down all the way down to silence ust prior to the final transition, you can take the bit of overdrive and kick your Rocky finale through a high pitched slide synth slide or guitar slide. Please keep working on this! I'm impressed!
  3. First let me say that the sax and the guitar combination is brilliant for this arrangement. I love the intro to this song, it's slow and old school metal. The acoustic sounding arrangement for the guitar here is perfect, reminded me of a few of the old black sabbath intro's, until the sax comes in. But because of that, i feel a buildup near the transition with the sound of an open guitar's volume and gain getting turned to 11, but then it just muddles after the first chord. The rhythm guitar is too simple. To me, it sounds like it should be loping more, as in galloping, the easy rhythm part. It doesn't have be made faster or anything; just for the sake of being fast, but it would break up a little of the monotony of a rhythm line that doesnt change. I can hear a small gallop in there, but dammit if i dont want to hear it loping with aggression at one part, particularly where the solo is at the very least. It would do wonders for adding a bit of oomph to the piece, because sometimes you loose the rhythm guitar totally to the harmonics of the first lead and the 3rd guitar. Other than that, it's just my favorite gerudo valley mix of all time. Love it.
  4. OMG my childhood is coming back to me!!! I remember Valis was one of the first games i played on the SEGA CHANNEL back in the good ol Genesis days! I never got to play part 2 though! I like the arrangement, kind of modernizes the old 80's anime feel with squeeling guitar solo's and some good synths. The levels on the rhythm guitar might need to come up, if this is supposed to be more geared towards metal... It also sounds very mechanical, i dont know if that's supposed to be on purpose, but it could do with some loosening up of the playing. Sounds rigid to me. Other than that it sounds awesome! Please make more Valis tracks!
  5. Okay so i put my headphones on and immediately think the piano is MUCH more tolerable. It was just so... in your face in the other few, i like the level it's at now much more. The snares are much clearer too, for sure. I heard "keep it going" at 1:18 and immediately wanted to hear the Tekken guy say FIGHT! at 0:28. I'll be sure to have to sync it up there for online play later! The solo makes me want a little more, because I can 'kinda' hear what direction your going, and i think i know what your saying, but im not sure. Hope you get it the way you want! Cant wait to hear more from Tekken's side too!
  6. The new snare is definitely more punchy! It really does help give it a much more Tekken feel. I love the transition into spinning bird, it whirls! haha. When it fades out, at the end there's a climax on the high note where i feel like i want to hear it scream into the solo from spinning bird or into ken's solo from Light Guardian. Nice.
  7. yes please! and maybe Hokuto/Kairi's theme as well? Spinning Bird was awesome, so was rising dragon in the ex series. too bad the game was so floaty.
  8. I dig it. I'm a street fighter, and never really got into Tekken very much sadly. But with Street Fighter X Tekken , our universes collide! I hope more music like this is the result. I like the change in sakura's main line theme, but the transition between the 0:28 and 0:31 needs something. It's anti-climactic, like the rest of the song is just a bed for another instrument you haven't put in yet? I'm hearing a squealing guitar, Also around 0:40, the long ending note could be used to fade out with those trance effects, not just fade in a few moments later with freestyle. Sounds good to me so far, cant wait to see what other songs you can add. As for another song, how about Moonlit Wilderness with Akuma's MvC3 theme? I'm sorry to say it'll probably be more awesome with Akuma and not Ryu's. This is a new version of Moonlit Wilderness for TTT2. Maybe that'll sit in better.
  9. Big fan of Xenogears and this track. Not as much as The One Who Is Torn Apart, but One Who Bares Fangs at God was in the top 5. This mix sounds slower than the original, and much more industrial somehow. The samples used especially in the beginning give this remix remind me of a big dirty gear climbing up out of a junkyard at midnight or a bunch of broken machines making music in perfect accidental unison. I like how you build onto the main rhythm at 00:36 by keeping the main line at the forefront without overpowering any of your earlier work, which i think makes this mix work. By far my favorite part of this track is from 1:17 on to about 1:58. It just totally turns the mix on it's head and effectively makes this mix even creepier. Like something waltzing backwards madly. Little things like the piano line in the back that's just barely audible are the icing on the cake for me when they are done well and this one is. Does it pick up a little tempo here? It sounds like it does to me! The end brings us back around to the industrial samples we started with and that's just fine, but i would have liked to hear some-kind of merging or cross contamination of 1:17 on-top of this instead of the sudden 'death' of all the machines and the echo out. Still, it's a remix I'd recommend for anyone. Not just xenogears fans. Good job!
  10. Excuse me, I'm a fan. I just wanted to know how the work on your One Who is Torn Apart Remix is going? I'm just excited for it is all? did you decide to continue working on it, or did you decide against it?

  11. I like it! The beginning on the xylophone, kind of reminds me of the Stalfos in the first dungeon, just kinda meandering around... I wonder if this is what they play while they're waiting for link? It brought back some nostalgia, as this is how I remember the theme, kinda quiet and ambient. The symphonic sound definitely adds to the creepy factor. My only complaint is that I wish there was more!
  12. I love this song. It's my favorite from the entire OST, that being said I'm digging what your doing so far... The thing is, being so mellow... It feels like there's some kind of power laying being held back... I can hear bass in the background, but it's not very prominent,. I would like to hear more of that booming bass coming to life gradually throughout the song, it can be more dominate without overpowering the snare and the main line. Also it's fairly close to the original source material, and in dubstep that kind of misses the point? I love the atmospherics, but it feels like it needs to go somewhere, like it's trying to get up to speed and never fully 'drops'. You know? The beat needs to be torn down and rebuilt again immediately after the drop, but I'm assuming you're more on it than i think, since this is just your first day's work! Nullification by Prototype Raptor is amazing, what it does for LoZ is nothing short of breathtaking. The One Whose Torn Apart is just begging for a remix like that, and even a mellow dubstep could take a lesson or two from the various breakdowns and basslines. To be honest, it sounds great for a day one build. I can't wait to hear more!
  13. Order of Ecclesia was my favorite Castlevania game! Not just for it's ridiculous difficulty but it had some of the best castlevania tunes in a while! The metal solo halfway in made it worth the listen, I'd recommend it to friends even though it is rather close to the source. (nothing wrong with that IMO) If you get around to doing another metal mix, would you kindly remix: Colored Virginal or Tower of Dolls? That would totally make my day to have some metal oomph into either one of these songs. Thanks for the mix!
  14. Big fan of your work on FFVII and Xenogears, in particular The Omen of Jenova, Mechanical God: Create/Corrupt/Consume and especially The Planet is Dead. All of which work great for therapy (marvel vs capcom 2, turbo 2). Cant wait for more.

  15. I really enjoyed this Album, moreso than most of the album-work on OCremix itself including the FFVII tribute album. A few of these tracks really pop though to me, Mako Reactor, Crys of the Planet, and Absolute take some of my favorite songs and really mix up the samples nicely into something I can bump anytime. In the gym, on the run, in my car, whatever! One or two of these songs really kick the nostalgia factor into highgear. Tifa's theme literally brought me back to the very instant I walked into the sector seven for the first time, a feeling i never thought i'd have again. I'm sure I'm not the only one who could recall event's unfolding as they listened to Aerith's theme, even if the transition left something to be desired. To be perfectly honest, MegaRan, you made One Winged Angel listen-able again. After so many remixes I thought I'd never hear something that would refresh the source material without altering it so much it was unrecognizable. The only qualm was the ending wasn't as dynamic as I would have liked, it goes straight into the ending narrative and just doesn't let the song echo out totally. Kinda feels like it was rushed ontop. Appreciate the extra track at the end though! Recommended the album to a few friends. I'd like to see what you do with Xenogears, or at least The One Who Is Torn Apart. Cant wait for the next one.
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