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  1. While I agree with you to an extent, keep in mind that the original "final wav" due date was over 2 years ago. I busted my ass to get my first song done before that due date and I had a LOT going on at the time. People shouldn't claim tracks that can't do, it's that simple.
  2. So OCR is looking at July 1st for the release of FFVI: Balance In Ruin. Anybody know how far back in the que this album is?
  3. I saw most of the judges commented on the ending, and how it would benefit from more source, so I figured I'd go into detail on how I used the source during those parts. The original bit at the end (starting @ 2:50) is actually a variation of the original source "riff", being {ONE - and - a - TWO - and - a - THREE - and - FOUR - and} and replaced the {and -a}'s with triplets and the single {and}'s with doubles (this part is also played during the "solo" section starting @1:11). Everything is still in 5/8 except the china, which is acting as a precursor to the part that starts at 3:31. The 3:
  4. As long as it's released before the FFVI album...
  5. Zidane's Theme passed the panel. Pretty stoked about being 2 for 2 on this album! (Assault of the White Dragons is a Direct Post) Now LETS FINISH THIS DAMN THING...I hurried my ass off to get Assault done before the original deadline... which was over a year ago now.
  6. Are we still waiting on tracks to be handed in? Or has it been subbed yet?
  7. Wow, this is one hell of a mix! 2 of Uematsu's best works mixed into one truly awesome arrangement. I'm loving every minute of this.. Parts of this track remind me of a track I made for the upcoming FF9 project. Very, very good mix. I don't even want to imagine how long this took. Also, congrats on winning the EBP contest!
  8. Both are great, but I think # 1 is the way to go for the album..
  9. aww thanks bros Brandon's right, I IS NEWCOMER.
  10. I've always loved the MGS4 OST, and the Laughing Octopus track has been one of my favorite tracks since I first heard it. I'm really glad that this track was on the Badass cd. Great work dudes! WE NEED MORE METAL GEAR REMIXES!
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