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  1. While I agree with you to an extent, keep in mind that the original "final wav" due date was over 2 years ago. I busted my ass to get my first song done before that due date and I had a LOT going on at the time. People shouldn't claim tracks that can't do, it's that simple.
  2. So OCR is looking at July 1st for the release of FFVI: Balance In Ruin. Anybody know how far back in the que this album is?
  3. I saw most of the judges commented on the ending, and how it would benefit from more source, so I figured I'd go into detail on how I used the source during those parts. The original bit at the end (starting @ 2:50) is actually a variation of the original source "riff", being {ONE - and - a - TWO - and - a - THREE - and - FOUR - and} and replaced the {and -a}'s with triplets and the single {and}'s with doubles (this part is also played during the "solo" section starting @1:11). Everything is still in 5/8 except the china, which is acting as a precursor to the part that starts at 3:31. The 3:31 part is a polyrhythm of the main 5/8 source rhythm (but with triplets and doubles) played on guitars/bass/kick drum, and the snare is keeping it 4/4. The last 2 parts are actually still using the 5/8 source as a base. Aside from the key change, the triples and doubles (the {and} and the {and-a}) from the source are the ONLY thing being played by the rhythm section, the ONE, TWO, etc, are being played by another guitar, faintly. So yes, it's sort of an original part, but it is basically just a variation of the original source rhythm. I hope that made sense!
  4. As long as it's released before the FFVI album...
  5. Zidane's Theme passed the panel. Pretty stoked about being 2 for 2 on this album! (Assault of the White Dragons is a Direct Post) Now LETS FINISH THIS DAMN THING...I hurried my ass off to get Assault done before the original deadline... which was over a year ago now.
  6. Are we still waiting on tracks to be handed in? Or has it been subbed yet?
  7. Wow, this is one hell of a mix! 2 of Uematsu's best works mixed into one truly awesome arrangement. I'm loving every minute of this.. Parts of this track remind me of a track I made for the upcoming FF9 project. Very, very good mix. I don't even want to imagine how long this took. Also, congrats on winning the EBP contest!
  8. Both are great, but I think # 1 is the way to go for the album..
  9. aww thanks bros Brandon's right, I IS NEWCOMER.
  10. I've always loved the MGS4 OST, and the Laughing Octopus track has been one of my favorite tracks since I first heard it. I'm really glad that this track was on the Badass cd. Great work dudes! WE NEED MORE METAL GEAR REMIXES!
  11. I never said anything was wrong with it, I just wasn't crazy about it the production. It's solid, for sure...some of the tones just aren't what I would have went with. Aside from the cymbals that have been pointed out, I just think the overall clarity is somewhat lacking IMO. But really, we all have different tastes in production in terms of what "sounds good". Hell, I know my stuff isn't perfect either. Regardless, the track is killer.
  12. Not crazy about the production, but I REALLY dig the arrangement of this, man. Very nice work. 9/10
  13. Nice work Archangel! I can't wait to hear it. I was told that my mix of "Assault of the White Dragons" is going to be a direct post, and I couldn't be happier. I hope everyone is as excited about this album as I am!
  14. DOOOEEEEEET They have Clash of the Big Bridge in the setlist now too for DW Between that and Dancing Mad, that's worth the ticket price alone.
  15. Thanks for the praise (and criticism)! I really appreciate everyone who took time out to comment on the track. If anyone is concerned about dynamics and melody in my tracks, just wait until the FF9 project is released
  16. My Assault of the White Dragons remix is now 100% DONE and handed in. I can't wait for everyone to hear this thing, it's quite a monster!
  17. tee hee <blushes> nah but thanks dudes, im suuuuper happy with of the way it came out!
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