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  1. Overall, much better; I'm really digging this. The only thing I can think of that would make it better is adding a solo at 2:20 until the melody comes back in at 2:39. Keep up the good work!
  2. Your remix as it stands now is good, though a bit short and slightly repetitive. Here are a few suggestions: Instead of having your remixed melody come in at 0:45, use the original melody first then transition into your melody. The synth you're using for the melody sounds okay, but I think it would suit the part better if you used a synth that had more bite to it. Incorporate more of the source. Right now it sounds like you're only using the first 1:15. Extend the choir part at 1:23 and do more with it. The male choir sounds really cool and Metroid-esque. Crossfade the choir at 2:36 with the first three seconds of the intro so you have a little buildup before the fade out.
  3. Here's the finished song: http://soundcloud.com/willpisani/minecraft-sweden-2 Any and all feedback is much appreciated!
  4. Here's a link to the track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=EqORLlPg-84. I'd like to see (hear, rather) this song remixed in a trance style. Thank you!
  5. Here is my arrangement:http://soundcloud.com/willpisani/minecraft-sweden-1 Here is the source: I have a couple ideas left with regard to arrangement, but I'd like to get some general feedback before I continue. [uPDATE] This is the song formerly known as "Sweden Reorchestrated". [uPDATE 4-21-2012] Here's a link to the final version:http://soundcloud.com/willpisani/minecraft-calming-dawn-4-21.
  6. I've been using EWQLSO Gold (Play version) since June and I've noticed that changing the velocity and timing of each note a little bit makes the samples sound a lot more realistic. I'm not familiar with Pro Tools (I'm a Reaper guy), but there should be a "humanize" tool that will change the velocity and timing for you (instead of changing each individual note by hand, which is quite tedious). Like dannthr said, dynamics help a TON in making the samples sound realistic.
  7. This is fantastic! I love your epic transition! Samples are perfect. I only have one problem with it: it's too short. I want to hear more!
  8. Yeah. To listen online, click on the button in the top-right hand corner of the website (it will say "Listen Online Streaming"). A .pls file will be downloaded to your computer and you can open it with iTunes, VLC player, Winamp, MediaMonkey, or foobar2000.
  9. Hi guys! I am doing a radio show this semester (Saturdays, 10pm to 12am Eastern time) for my school's radio station and I'm playing remixes from OCReMix. My first radio show was last night and it went quite well. I don't know how many people tuned in, but I got a lot of positive feedback from friends and family. I just wanted to let you guys know that your music is being appreciated by (potentially) hundreds of people who may not have heard of OCReMix before.
  10. Perhaps "cover" is the wrong term; it's an orchestral arrangement of the source, but it isn't a remix. If you're familiar with Zelda Reorchestrated's music, that's the style I'm going for. This piece isn't intended for submission to OCReMix, at least not right now. It's part of a project I'm working on, Metroid Reorchestrated. I'm just looking to get feedback; thank you to those who have replied so far.
  11. Here is the updated song: http://www.box.net/shared/qy11p1u7fgxybklyc9mf. I've reworked the chords to better suit the melody and replaced the string harmony with a choir, but the arrangement is largely the same. What are your thoughts? Please keep in mind that this piece is meant to be an orchestral cover, not a remix.
  12. I've been using Reaper since February and I love it.
  13. Here is my arrangement: http://www.box.net/shared/kbeoefis2s1r9vr0c0kd. Here is the source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmiLXNmJYuQ&feature=related. I'm not quite sure how to improve this. Any suggestions? The samples used are from Play's EWQLSO Gold.
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