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  1. What do you mean by a Genesis cover? Using soundfonts extracted from the Sega Genesis and using them in Chrono Trigger songs?
  2. Wow, this is a great foundation! At first I wasn't sure about the vocals, but by the end, I was amazed at how much the vocals make the song what it is. I second the pizzicato standing bass and saxophone. It definitely needs more instrumentation to flesh out the soundscape. Great saxophone samples can be hard to come by; maybe you could ask around on here for a saxophonist to collaborate with? XPRTNovice is great! Maybe he would be interested?
  3. This is a very faithful orchestral remix. With your choice of source, your biggest challenge is making your orchestral remix sound realistic. The Super Mario Galaxy music was performed by a real orchestra so an orchestral remix of any of its songs should be as realistic as possible. The piano sounds okay, but the strings don't sound realistic at all. I agree with AngelCityOutlaw on the volume of the french horn: it's way too loud. It sounds great, but it's too loud. I feel like the trumpet volume is too high as well. What samples are you using by the way? Also, just so I'm clear, realism is achieved by how you program the MIDI information. Low quality samples can still result in a great-sounding remix if the arrangement was programmed well. You could have the Vienna Symphonic Library, but if you don't know how to use the instruments effectively, it doesn't matter. A good example of the low quality samples with great programming yielding an awesome remix is here: http://pisanifamily.info/will/music/Zelda Medley.mp3. I don't know who the author is, but they did an amazing job with it. This is definitely a good first remix! Changing the dynamics would improve this remix a lot. I'm looking forward to hearing your future works.
  4. Your remix sounds pretty good! I'm not hearing the modulation that Vidilian did, but I was listening on a 2.1 speaker system, not headphones. The only part I didn't care for was the ending (like the last 20 seconds or so). Everything else is great, though!
  5. Your cover sounds good! I really like the clean guitar sound.
  6. I don't think I've ever heard this theme arranged like this. It works really well! I do have to agree with Rozovian, the kick drum sounds off a bit. Everything else sounds great, though. Your remix may seem conservative, but it has enough added material to make it fresh. Great job! I can't wait to hear the finished mix.
  7. Great choice of song! There's a lot of remixing potential with this one. At first I was a bit put off by the female vocal, but on repeated listens it works. You could definitely expand this by adding in various solos (sax, trumpet, even the xylophone at the end). As a former sax player, I'd love to hear an extended saxophone solo. The female vocal sounds like the focus of the piece as it is now, but I think pulling it back and having it serve as support for a jazzy brass/sax section would help liven it up. And then you could bring it back to the front of the focus. You have a solid foundation here! I can't wait to hear what you do with this in the future.
  8. A beautiful arrangement! The piano/flute combo works quite well. Do you and Katie have any more arrangements in the pipeline?
  9. This is pretty good! I've never played FF9, but it sounds like I would never be annoyed with hearing the battle music so much, especially if it was your rendition playing. Great job!
  10. Your medieval-style arrangement of the Halo theme sounds great! This style is definitely worthy of being an OCReMix track. I've been listening to OCReMix for about seven years now and I've heard many other styles more "out there" than medieval. As far as length goes, anything between 2 and 7 minutes is good (from the submission page: http://ocremix.org/info/Submission_Standards_and_Instructions). I don't think you need any padding, but if you want to make it longer, go for it! More medieval-style Halo music can only be a good thing.
  11. I've listened to it a few times now and I can't find anything that hasn't been addressed already. A great track! I'm looking forward to seeing this posted on the front page some day.
  12. Great choice of music! This is really interesting. I like the textures you have going on. My only suggestion would be to phase the hi-hat sounding instrument in and out throughout the whole song. The element I'm talking about comes in at 1:28 and from that point on, some version of them is always present. Having the same part unchanged for a long time can cause listener fatigue. Maybe swap them out with something else partway through the song and then bring them back later? Overall, I really like what you did here. I think this same approach would work really well for the Metroid Fusion soundtrack.
  13. Wow, this is great! "Digging into Memories" really fits the song, too. This'll be an easy "yes" for the judges, I think. Looking forward to seeing it on the front page!
  14. Sounds pretty good! I'm looking forward to the final version.
  15. This sounds pretty good! Well, 3:28 seconds is a decent track length, so I'm not sure you need to do anything else. Maybe someone more familiar with jazz composition/arrangement could comment on arrangement ideas? As for a saxophonist, I think XPRTnovice plays the saxophone and he's quite good at it, too. Maybe he would be willing to help out?
  16. Congratulations on 7k plays! May you get many, many more. It's interesting how you phase out the bass in the beginning and then phase it back in. It sounds kind of spacey which fits in with Rainbow Road. Maybe you could do the opposite and phase out the high parts while the bass has the melody and phase it back in? Overall, your remix sounds pretty good (and is much better than the original).
  17. I agree with Albert that it sounds a little low frequency-heavy throughout the whole song. Either reducing the low frequencies a bit or boosting the high frequencies would balance things out. It's a great cover overall, though. Metal and Castlevania music goes quite well together.
  18. Hey Panfex, welcome to OCRemix! I don't think I've ever heard this theme remixed before. It's an interesting melody. As for your remix, for me, it becomes stale very quickly. If you changed up the instrumentation every so often, that would help a ton. For example, you have the same synth playing the melody the whole time. Switch it up! Change the melody to a different sounding synth every so often. Your mixing/soundscape sounds good to me on my speakers.
  19. It's in limbo right now, but I'd like to get it going again.
  20. I'm looking for a co-director who can help get things moving, because I clearly can't do it myself. Anyone interested?
  21. Sounds pretty good! I've never heard this theme before, but when I listened to it, I was very strongly reminded of the music from Iron Man 3. I wonder if Brian Tyler ever played Baldur's Gate? Anyways, back to your remix. I feel like the drums could be brought out a little more. That's all I can think of for now. Maybe someone with more knowledge of metal music can weigh in? I'd love to hear more remixes from you in the future! Just so you know for the future, it's common courtesy to include a link to the source so that we don't have to hunt for it. I know it's easy to search "Baldur's Gate Main Menu Theme" in Google, but it makes it easier on us.
  22. This is pretty interesting! Musically, your lyrics are integrated really well. For most of it though, I feel like your vocals' volume could be boosted a bit. Also, the mix sounds too close to the middle for my ears. Moving your additions out left and right via panning would help with that feeling.
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