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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I finally got around to finishing a complete, rough draft (includes intro). It's definitely not perfect. Any suggestions? Complete Draft: https://soundcloud.com/willpisani/super-metroid-ending-v-10
  2. I really enjoyed your remix! Thanks for the download link! Too bad there aren't mods for 3DS games because I'd love to substitute your remix for the original and play through again. Your video is quite impressive! How did you make that visualizer?
  3. Hi there! I would love feedback on my cover of the ending theme from Super Metroid. The 17 second or so intro in the source is on my to-do list. Any and all suggestions are welcome. How realistic does it sound? Anything I can do to improve the realism? Thanks! Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2GyQDfpWyc Cover: https://soundcloud.com/willpisani/super-metroid-ending-v-08 Complete Version: https://soundcloud.com/willpisani/super-metroid-ending-v-10
  4. This is awesome!! I had chills when the KotOR theme came in at 1:43. Which sound libraries did you use for this song? I can't believe no one else has commented on this, yet. I really enjoy how seamlessly the "Duel of the Fates" theme transitions into the KotOR battle theme.
  5. I put you both down for your requested songs. I'd like to have progress updates at least once every two weeks (starting mid to late August) in which you send me your pieces for critiquing (feel free to use the WiP board or each other as well). Since this is a volunteer-based project, please don't feel like you MUST have made progress between updates. That is, if you have other things going on in your life that keep you from working on your music, that's fine.
  6. Here's the new version: https://soundcloud.com/willpisani/secret-of-the-forest-chrono-trigger-v-07 I've swapped out the pizzicato violin for vibes and the original double bass for a solo double bass as per your suggestion. Arrangement advice other than comments like "it's too conservative" etc. is welcome. I've added more backing instruments (choir) and tweaked the volume, velocity, and panning on multiple tracks. How's the soundscape this time? After the five drum hits there is a slide whistle which is intended to be the "waahhh" sound in the original, what do you think? Thank you very much for the feedback!!
  7. The tracklist is up! Please let me know which track(s) you want via PM or reply to this thread.
  8. I'll have a tracklist up soon. From what I've heard on your SoundCloud, your samples are good enough and you know how to use them. In general, you could have the best samples in the world, but if you don't know how to use them, your songs probably won't turn out well. The opposite is also true: if you have low quality samples, but know how to use them extremely well, your songs will likely turn out well. Like this gem I found on the Zelda Reorchestrated forums years ago, http://pisanifamily.info/will/music/Zelda%20Medley.mp3.
  9. The timeline is definitely not set in stone; I should have said "Tentative Timeline". A more realistic timeline would likely be a new song every other month or every three months.
  10. Hi! I'm the lead reorchestrator of Metroid Reorchestrated (MREO) and I'm recruiting for a reboot/revival of MREO. This reboot will be called Metroid: Orchestral Fusion (MOF) and will be a fusion of orchestral and electronic elements. We're moving beyond just orchestral because a lot of Metroid music incorporates electronic elements that are incredibly difficult or impossible to replicate with orchestral instruments. The overall goal of this project is to arrange/remix every Metroid song from every game. If I can find enough talented, passionate individuals (6-7 people besides myself) we will start with Metroid Fusion. The goal of the album would be to arrange/remix every song as if Fusion had released in 2015 on the 3DS. So essentially a high-definition audio upgrade with some original music/embellishments. Tracklist: Please let me know via PM or reply which track(s) you want to do. Title - DarkDjinn Sector 1 Environmental Sound (Silence 1) Environmental Sound (Tension) Environmental Sound (Shock) Facing a Huge Reaction - Light_of_Aether Tension Before a Confrontation Vs. Arachnus - DarkDjinn X Invasion Detection Navigation Room Vs Fake Chozo Statue Environmental Sound (Disquieting) Sector 2 - Chernabogue Vs. Cyclops Environmental Sound (Silence 2) Sector 4 Aquatic Level Control Zone Vs. Serris - DJ Galvanization Sector 3 Vs. B.O.X. Sector 6 SA-X Appears Sector 5 Low Temp Area Sector 3 Emergency Situation Sector 3 Restart the Cooling Unit Timer Mission Environmental Sound (Intrigue) Vs. Mother Plant Vs. Nightmare - Chernabogue Sector 4 Underwater Area Vs. Ridley - DJ Galvanization The Final Command - Coaltergeist Vs. SA-X Station Escape Timer Mission Epilogue (Part 1 and 2) Ending/Credits Appearance Jingle Get Item Jingle SA-X Chase Timeline: Get team together and begin working by mid-August - Still taking team members! Have 4-5 tracks ready as a teaser for release on December 25, 2016 Release full album on November 17, 2017 for Metroid Fusion's 15th anniversary This project will be entirely volunteer-based. I'm looking for talented, passionate individuals who periodically spend some of their free time on making music. The capacity of your involvement would be arranging music, critiquing music, and making new electronic elements. Don't worry about deadlines. I'm working on my Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and my research/coursework comes before any of my hobbies. It would be quite unreasonable of me to expect anyone else to meet hard, specific deadlines when I wouldn't meet them, either. If you would like to join, please either comment in this thread or send me a PM. If you have comments, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to comment or PM me. Thanks!
  11. Wow! I really like this! I agree with evktalo. The ending as it stands now would work excellently with a rock band arrangement.
  12. I'm currently looking for remixers/arrangers to work on the next Metroid Reochestrated project.

  13. Hi! I would love some feedback on my cover of "Secret of the Forest" from Chrono Trigger. Specifically, I'm looking for feedback on EQ, soundscape, production, etc. Basically anything other than the arrangement. Arrangement feedback is welcome, but I'm unlikely to do a major rewrite at this point. I know I'm missing the original percussion parts and I'll work those into the next version. Percussion has been added. I've added a combination of forest sounds to fill out the soundscape. Thanks! Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r1iesThvYg V 0.5 - http://soundcloud.com/willpisani/secret-of-the-forest-chrono-trigger-v-05 V 0.7 - https://soundcloud.com/willpisani/secret-of-the-forest-chrono-trigger-v-07 "Final" Version: https://soundcloud.com/willpisani/chrono-trigger-secret-of-the-forest
  14. Great to see another Mass Effect cover/remix!! All in all, I really like your cover. I have one problem with your cover: when all of the guitars are together, the lead is buried. Bringing the lead out more would really help.
  15. Ooh! A Mass Effect remix! Mass Effect definitely needs more love on OCReMix. The SoundCloud version (https://soundcloud.com/kaiyoti/saving-earth-mass-effect) of your song sounds much better than the Youtube version. I really like how you've channeled the three composers' styles. I love how you did the Reaper sound! My only complaint is that it's pretty short, but aside from that it's awesome! Your song sounds so good it could be mistaken for a song on the ME3 OST. Any chance you'd be willing to post a download link to a wav/flac version of your song?
  16. Yep! I love hearing from fans. I've been meaning to work on some stuff for MREO, but grad school has been keeping me pretty busy.

  17. Nice! I really like this! Metroid music lends itself extremely well to rock/metal. I'm going to play this on my next radio show.
  18. I also want to play the game after watching your video. I don't have any constructive advice; I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the combination of music and video. Keep up the great work!
  19. You've got yourself a new subscriber here as well. I would say reduce the reverb on your voice; sometimes the reverb becomes very noticeable and gets in the way of everything else.
  20. Sam, definitely make your album at least $1 per song. You're worth it!! I'll purchase a copy day one. We still get a small amount of traffic on Metroid Reorchestrated so I'll make sure to plug your album once you release it.
  21. Wow! I wish I had composers like you at Metroid Reorchestrated! The runtime is fine with me. I wouldn't remove any instrumentation or change pretty much anything. The only thing I would work on is the panning, making sure that the field is balanced.
  22. This is awesome!! I really like how the song picked up at 2:13. Any chance of a download link?
  23. I don't mean to be rude, but after 148 views of this thread and 27 listens of my reorchestration (and six days), I would think that someone would have commented. If you view this thread and click through to the song, please comment either here or on SoundCloud on what you did or didn't like. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.
  24. I don't mean to be rude, but after 167 views of this thread and 22 listens of my reorchestration (and six days), I would think that someone would have commented. If you view this thread and click through to the song, please comment either here or on SoundCloud on what you did or didn't like. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.
  25. Hey guys and gals! I'm looking for feedback on my reorchestration of the "Condemned Tower" theme from Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. In particular, I'm looking for production issues (panning, EQ, humanization, etc.). Thanks! The original: My version: https://soundcloud.com/willpisani/condemned-tower-castlevania-1
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