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  1. We do indeed bud. I've been so out of it that I haven't been logged into OCR much recently. Happy belated birthday and thank you for the birthday well-wishing

  2. Yeah, I'm glad to see the tracklist getting claims :) At the moment, I'm sadly not going to be able to commit. Things are just a bit all over the place atm so for the time-being I'm gonna have to just sit back. I will, however, be keeping a close eye on the project and as soon as I'm able will get a claim in.

  3. Thanks for sharing my video bud. Really appreciate it. Was a really nice suprise!

  4. Hey bud, haven't forgotten about doing ze guitar parts for you! Just been busy with bits and bobs. They are on my priority list :)

  5. No probs bud, I'm glad that it was of help. I hope you kick some butt with your entry :D

  6. Dude! Talk about an epic matchup. That was really enjoyable. Congrats and definitely a deserved win. Until we battle again ;)

  7. Fair play! And there I was, thinkin' my brain was playing tricks on me :lol:

  8. The samples used in the mix are using East West Quantum Leap Orchestra Gold. Its just used like a vst within FL as it comes with its own sampler. If you're wanting to get hold of it, it'd be best to wait for another one of their 50% deals that come round every so many months.

  9. I just realised.......You're not in the Sonic competition..........vat ze fock?!!

  10. Haha, thanks Rexy. I know, I'm very slow :P That's honestly made my day :)

  11. Yeah bud! Just found out. I am so chuffed. Thank you :D

  12. lawl, that made me laugh. This talk about dissertations brings back..............memories.......not particularly fond ones either. Clicks word count - oo, 7900 words.......30mins later - clicks word count - 7883 words........What the F?!!?"34?

  13. Haha, well I would say that you're willing to play it, and even buy it, because your dissertation possibly fried your brain :P True though, the graphics aren't terrible.

    Great stuff, celebration time for you this Friday :D And definitely, I'll check me work rota and get back to you

  14. Check out this amazing game. It's shame it isn't multiplayer!!!

    How's things goin btw?

  15. I am oh so proud but still failing to match your awesomness of 11,799..........:puppyeyes:

  16. 11,700, debt repaid lawlz

  17. y u so auwsumah thun meh? u so grate. plz t33ch meh ur waiz n mad b33ts.

  18. Hey bud, how's things? Not spoken in aaaaaaaaaaages. Hope all is well :D


  19. Seems as though VV is still getting discovered and given some love: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=462469

    Gaf is a great place to get noticed. Thought you'd be interested :)

  20. Yeah, never liked the old name much anyway haha I thought it best to make the change sooner rather than later. New name, new musics :D

  21. Indeed it was, I'm starting to feel old :P

  22. Happy birthday bud. Hope you're havin' a good one =)

  23. Ok, you're right. Portal is amazing!! I'm gonna have to get the sequel. Damn you, I'm a little bit hooked.

  24. Cheers for your comment on my mix, it made me smile :D

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