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  1. Incredible song, I wish it got a fresh remix. JD, do you still have the original recordings for this? I need this a bit more balanced and in FLAC..
  2. Actually prefer the original's more solemn tone.. (not a big fan of that scratchy back beat in the Seal remix) just wish it was as clear.. Guess I'll just have to accept what I've got.. FWIW A Deus Ex Harpa is as good as any of the songs I have from the original OSTs. Such an incredible piece, my wish would be to have a five minute updated version of the original in FLAC, I love it so much.
  3. Man.. you nailed it. Best remix on here that I've heard in awhile, love that Zergness at 0.44 - 1.00! YES! GO WORK FOR BLIZZARD! The ending could be better it sounds like how a Amiga MOD would end.. other than that, fabulous work. One more thing, I want the FLAC version. This needs to be on my PC in higher quality than 192kbps.
  4. You got lucky, that's one of the best 80's cyberpunk anime titles out there and one of my faves too.
  5. You know how much I love this man.. It's the definitive Guile remix. I want a higher quality of this so bad.. Would love you to return to this with a nice fresh HQ release.
  6. Can you link a copy of Ailsean's New Terra remix? His site is messed up. Tnx.

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