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  1. The only negative thing I have to say is about the length. I want to hear more! Another verse would be great. Failing that, I hope the five of you get to work together again sometime, and hopefully soon.
  2. Walan sent me all of the WIPs that he's gotten so far yesterday. All of the songs I heard, even in their unfinished states, were awesome. You guys are doing a great job, keep it up!
  3. Sexual favors? I didn't sign on for this! But anyway, the first thing I'd like to ask for from the remixers is progress reports. You know, how's your remix sounding, what are you having trouble with, all that good stuff. And if anyone needs help with any certain part of their song, remixers don't hesistate to give them a hand! We want to make Around the World as good as it can possibly be! For those remixers who haven't submitted a WIP yet (Nex, The Ace, AkumajoBelmont, and... myself) we'd like to hear anything you've got so far, just so we know you're working on it. You can submit a WIP to either Walan or me now, and if you can't host it anywhere you can Email it to me (that doesn't mean I'm offering free hosting, that just means my Inbox has a lot of room left in it). And if you know any remixer friends who might be looking for something to do, we've still got 4 unclaimed tracks! Team India, Team Japan, Team Shadow and Versus Play are all up for grabs.
  4. I've always loved Sonic and Knuckles, and I pretty much couldn't ask for Lava Reef to be covered better than this. Good job to everyone involved!
  5. So I've been informed that Nex already had dibs on Team China so I'm gonna move over to Team All Stars instead. Which is cool, because I actually like that song better.
  6. All I've got is my old Samick acoustic. No electric to speak of... how boring.
  7. This is one of the first songs that I ever downloaded from OCR, and it really opened my eyes. When I first got here it was by a link to Game Over's "Little Mac's Confession". I then naturally moved onto remixes of game music that I remembered from my childhood, namely Sonic and Streets of Rage. The second song I got was "Lightning Star" by JAXX which is of course an amazing song, but it was the third song I downloaded that really made me realize that OCR was my new online home. As you've probably already guessed, that song was "Slow Motion Groove" by Avien. This song had a huge effect on me because while the other two songs are amazing they're the type of music I already listened to constantly. "Slow Motion Groove" forced me to take a more open minded approach to music in general to the point where I can now honestly say that I enjoy every genre of music to some extent. Without "Slow Motion Groove" I probably wouldn't have stayed on OCR. Without Avien, there'd be no reelmojo and there'd be no PRC. That statement may not be significant to some, but to me it's huge. This is easily the one song from OCR that has had the most impact on my life. It's a shame that I never got to tell Avien that myself.
  8. Is it possible for us to submit two entries to the contest or should we just stick with one? We've got two ideas, so we're glad you extended the deadline.
  9. As for Nicole Adams being the only female remixer who listens to VGDJ, I know I've seen Rexy post in this thread. She's the coolest girl on OCR! ...although the fact that she's the only girl to ever participate in PRC might make me a bit biased.
  10. ...if that happens my name won't be on the submission. Keep it up Voltaire and she's gonna get a restraining order on you... You must stay at least 50 feet away from the internet.
  11. Voltaire and I have some ideas too, but we probably won't submit ours until the last minute. That way we can take all the time we have to make it exactly how we want it to be.
  12. No TV and no VGDJ make mojo... something something.
  13. Do you guys realize the VGDJ voicemail thing still has Rayza and Aurora on it? ...Not that I called or anything. Also, I voted.
  14. pixietricks mentioned the show to Voltaire Adams who in turn brought it up when he was over at my house last night which all results in me finally listening to the show for the first time last night. Good stuff! I'd be lying if I didn't say my favorite part of the show was the Compo Report. If you hadn't talked about me though my favorite part would have been "Holy fuck! It is three!" So anyway I'll definitely be a regular listener from now on.
  15. *stabs joke in the face with overly sharpened spiky hair* ...oh you said stop killing it.
  16. When I did the math I didn't account for the tracks that obviously shouldn't be counted (two tracks titled "Unknown," "Fanfare Alternate," etc...). Still 30 to 50 songs is quite a bit of work so my "bitch slapping people who complain that you're taking too long" offer still stands.
  17. That made more sense than rofflebrothel ever will.
  18. I'd just like to point out to anyone who hasn't noticed that there are 90 tracks in the FFVII PSF file, meaning this project could have roughly 65 songs on it. If you guys take more than 6 months I'll help you bitch slap the people who complain that it's taking too long.
  19. *obligated supportive comment* Really though, I am happy that this is happening. Oddly enough last night when I first saw this thread I had just finished watching Advent Children again so I was already in the FF7 mood.
  20. Wow... that's like a milion and a half times better than what I could have done. Thanks!
  21. While I'm not new to the site by any stretch of the term, I do suck hardcore at Photoshop so I'm wondering if someone would like to do a simple one for me. Basically I want what's in my current sig to look good. I based the idea off of a shirt Edge wears (WWE wrestler if you didn't know). Here's his for reference: Basically I'd want it like the front of the shirt but with a seven pointed star and the "R" in the center lowercase (otherwise the whole "lowercase 'r' superstar" thing wouldn't make sense). Thanks!
  22. I'm pretty sure my guitar is not gonna like it... but I'm also pretty sure it's gonna do it anyway. Thanks Wire!
  23. Sweet! I always love hearing newer reworked versions of old PRC mixes (in this case Trenthian's first version of Bombing Shade of Blue was from PRC26, the first year anniversary celebration). Click that link for more Shademan love. Great stuff as usual, Trenthian. I can't decide whether or not I love you for making such great music or hate you for making music that's so much better than what I can do.
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