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  1. I never ever thought I'd become a Zangief player, but with these new changes I think I just might be. Also, I suck with Guile and I want to hear his ending theme badly. Again, guys the music is awesome.
  2. Oh God this game is amazing. When DeeJay's stage first loaded up and Jose's remix started playing I had a huge smile on my face. Everyone involved in this should be proud. I feel like I'm wasting time posting when I could be playing.
  3. Just a quick one I made for one of my favorite remixes. I'll probably do some more later. Panzer Dragoon Orta - More Than a Weapon (SGX and MC)
  4. I know what to do with FLAC (click "play" and/or click "burn" because everything I use supports it) and until I read this thread I had no idea you could pick and choose files from a torrent.I'd fully support a FLAC/mp3 torrent, although I'd personally only keep the mp3s to save hard drive space.
  5. I voted for higher bitrate mp3s, although 192 will be fine. Considering this is a commercial game I would gladly buy this soundtrack on CD were it to be made available. Is there some sort of licensing problem with doing that, or do you guys just feel like keeping it free of charge?
  6. That's exactly how I'd picture Roll acting in a Megaman movie. I really want the full movie now.
  7. They ditched the 80's guitar rock? No Jun Senoue? No Crush 40?
  8. 2:45 made me say "Jesus!" ...out loud. Seriously amazing stuff. This remix reminds me that I don't own enough of your CDs yet (only Chroma).
  9. reelmojo


    Looks like fun. The beauty of XBLA is that there's always a demo so of course I'll give it a try.
  10. You seem to have captured that distinct Megaman sound quite well. I'm looking forward to hearing more.
  11. I didn't see a thread anywhere for this so if it's already posted somewhere, my apologies. http://ctosvlive.tk/ A few of them are performed by Dshu... if there are any other OCR regulars on there though I wouldn't know as everyone on the album used their real names.
  12. As one of the organizers of IMC20 I have to say it's really cool to hear this now. The night Timberwolf and I picked this song was the night it became my favorite VG song. I like the direction you're taking this.
  13. Why create a tribute album and name it something that's going to alienate your target audience?
  14. A big part of me wants to pre-order Pier Solar right now. Thanks for the heads up, Coop.
  15. I am utterly amazed at how many people are terrified by Zelda 64.
  16. Resident Evil 2 in the sewers. One of the giant spiders used it's "run straight at you with my front legs in the air" attack while it was on a wall... it missed Claire and came straight at the camera. I had to stop playing. I didn't even save. Yeah, they were overall creepier in REmake, but that one moment is definitely the most scared a game has ever made me. Also, a friend of mine has the aforementioned aquaphobia and for some reason really wanted to play Ecco on Dreamcast back when it was new. When he swam down into a giant hole and found an oversized (putting it lightly) octopus he threw the controller across the room at me, covered his eyes and said "you're playing!" One of the funniest things I've ever seen.
  17. In about an hour from the time I'm posting this the date will be September 9th, 2008... nine years removed from the US launch of the Sega Dreamcast. So hook up your Dreamcasts (if they're not still hooked up already) and celebrate by playing some Sonic Adventure or something. Me, I'm going to relive one of my favorite gaming memories in Shenmue. So what are some of your favorite Dreamcast memories? Happy birthday, Dreamcast! (Oh yeah, it's also the 13th anniversary of the Playstation and the 9th birthday of some guy named Squall. Feeling old yet? I am.)
  18. I just got the Beta mostly just to hear the OCR music in game. I played about 5 matches and didn't win one... I'm reminded as to how much I suck at Street Fighter. As far as the ending themes go, can anyone say whether or not Blood on the Asphault (Richter Mix) will still be used as Guile's ending theme? That's one of the few OCR tracks that I add into non-OCR playlists consistently. I recently played it for my girlfriend and she really liked it too. If not the Richter Mix then perhaps there will be a new mix that includes Shael's vocals?
  19. I'm pretty sure Google Video doesn't have a maximum time limit. I remember watching a full movie on there called Kid M a long time ago. I couldn't tell you if they've changed their rules now though. So unless you didn't want to release this online that's an option. Otherwise, in case you're making a list of people who aren't being assholes and are actually interested in seeing what you've accomplished, add my name to that list and let me know when and how I can see this. ...or I'll just come back and check this thread later. Either way.
  20. As evidenced by my saying "there's a trailer now."Hooray for reading!
  21. http://www.chronotrigger.jp/ I looked back one page and no one had posted this yet so if I didn't look far enough feel free to flame me 'til your heart's content. Anyway, there's a trailer now. Same old art, same old game, same old music. No hint of new DS features. I didn't know, however, that some of the characters had different names in Japan. I wonder if we'll get the Japanese names in the new translation. That'll needlessly confuse people.
  22. The first two Star Ocean games are getting remakes for the PSP. Actually, they're both already out in Japan. Sadly, it looks like they probably won't come to the US though.
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