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  1. I would have rather heard news of Rudra no Hihou or Bahamut Lagoon remakes since we never got those in the US, but Chrono still makes me happy.
  2. No matter how casual a follower of this site you are, when a new Reuben Kee song was posted you stood up and took notice. His music has entertained and touched thousands of people around the entire world. His talent and personality combined were an inspiration. Our little community will never be the same without him. Reuben will never be forgotten. My prayers are with you.
  3. I was asked a while back to do the soundtrack for an RPG that was to be based on a small web forum that some of my friends run. Long story short, like most online game projects it got way too ambitious and collapsed under its own weight. A lot of that was my fault, but what are you gonna do? Anyway, enclosed here we've got 19 songs from what would have been the soundtrack to The Baron Online RPG. There's also a playlist file and a text file that explains a bit about each track. Some of these are my earliest attempts at writing midis, meaning a few of these songs probably would have been cut had the game got any further into development. I was going for an overall feel more similar to classic RPGs than the sweeping orchestral stuff we're used to in today's RPGs. Anyway... Go here, click download, enjoy musics.
  4. I just realized that next year will be the 9th anniversary of 9/9/99. Coincidental numerical significance like that won't come back around for another 90 years. I'm calling off work and beating Shenmue start to finish in one day. ...well that's the plan anyway. This year all I'm doing is wearing a Sega shirt to work.
  5. It's 9/9/07, and Sega Day is upon us! Eight years ago today Sega stole the traditional September 9th release date right out from under Sony's nose (PS1 came out on 9/9/95 and a big game came out on 9/9 each year after that). On 9/9/99, the Dreamcast was unleashed on America, a system that would give us some of our most beloved videogame memories, and would become the bookend to Sega's console hardware legacy. Who can forget the first time they ran away from that killer whale in Sonic Adventure, gazing in awe at the most amazing visuals they'd ever seen. Without the Dreamcast we may have never seen such amazing games across all genres like Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Soul Calibur, Skies of Arcadia, and Shenmue. Without Sonic Team's Samba de Amigo taking rhythm games to the next level, would we be playing games like Guitar Hero today? Are people who actually think of this day as "Sega Day" fanboys? Yes. But fuck that, this is our day. I'm gonna go play Sega Swirl. Happy Sega Day!
  6. I just picked BD up today and from the hour or so I've played so far I can say that A. It's beautiful B. It looks like the skills system is going to be pretty deep C. The music is amazing. Actually I've had the soundtrack for about a week so I already knew the music was great. Between Blue Dragon and the previews I've seen for Mistwalker's other games I can already see I'm going to be much happier with the 360's RPG selection than I was with the original XBox's.
  7. Possibly the only band to ever be formed from the old Funny HaHa contest that LAOS used to run. We've currently got 4 songs up, two covers and two originals. The band may have four members on the page, but it actually consists of me and any of my friends who feel like being in it. Other OCR members you'll hear on there so far include Voltaire Adams and Trenthian. ...not looking for any CC really. We know exactly what we're doing, and we know that some people won't like it... most people... maybe all people. www.myspace.com/kentuckyfriedninjas There will be merchandise as soon as I reinstall Photoshop and design it. You have been warned.
  8. It may be hard to track down online now, but one of the later IMCs had that song as the source. It was either 20 ot 21, I'm not sure. I remember finding the song and talking to Timberwolf about using it. We talked for like a half hour until I said "Wow, I just realized I've had this song looping the entire time we've been talking and it hasn't been annoying at all." His response: "Me too." So yeah, definitely one of my favorite FF songs.
  9. It seems that every rap song I've ever posted on OCR has gotten at least one response saying something along the lines of "I don't like rap, but I like this." I think that's cool. Afterall, if I can get people to listen to my stuff, maybe I can convince them that it's not all bad. Anyway, both songs are now up on MySpace, which means that "Wondering" is available for the first time. Yays. More to come... eventually. Also, hey it's nodspaw! I remember when I always used to have to edit all of my posts when I said your name because I would always type "nodspawn" instead. Anyway, if you liked So Eloquent the next few songs that are close to being finished have singing in them too. Thanks for listening!
  10. Yeah, my favorite part of the Iron Man DVD was that it had the opening scene of Dr. Strange on it. I guess the Hall of Iron Man Armor was interesting too though. It's really hard to believe that the same people who made that made Dr. Strange....and are going to go on to make Avengers Reborn. Does that preview scream "Disney Channel" to anyone else?
  11. So Dr. Strange came out yesterday and I have to say it's far and away the best of the four Marvel animated features. I knew next to nothing about Dr. Strange going into this so if they messed up any part of the storyline too much I wouldn't have noticed, but I really enjoyed it. If you're not sure about these movies after Invincible Iron Man, I can't blame you. I'm happy with my purchase though. Anyone else seen it yet?
  12. Eh, Square's a different story. Sometimes their business practices make me think that they just don't like making money. Then again if Sega listened more we'd probably all be playing Streets of Rage 4 right now... or 10 years ago.
  13. So as of right now this isn't official or anything but... Link. Shenmue I and II Plus? Shenmue III!? Rumors, sure but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. And as much as I'd like to play Fighters Megamix 2 I just don't see it happening considering Fighting Vipers 2 is so old now. Although they could add in Last Bronx characters too. At least we know Nights is real.
  14. I always find it interesting to find references to video games or video game music when I'm listing to non-VG music. Recently I was looking up random bands on MySpace and found a band called Monty Are I who have a song called "Kasslebownd REMIX" (remixed by DJ Reykjavik) that starts off with the end level theme from Mario 1. http://www.myspace.com/montyarei Also if you scroll down on their songs list, the original version of "Castle Bound" starts out with a pretty cool chip tune. Anyone else know of any VG music references in non-VG music?
  15. I was kinda disappointed with The Invincible Ironman too, although it was still well worth the $5 I paid for it used. Ultimate Avengers 2 was kinda disappointing too compared to the first one. Hopefully they can redeem themselves with Dr. Strange, which looks really good. Also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Marvel_Comics_movies Scroll down a bit and you'll get to "Forthcoming"... a list of announced Marvel movies. While I'm sure that's all extremely subject to change, there is some interesting stuff on that list. Magneto? Venom?
  16. I've gotten into comics big time recently, so having this follow Silver Surfer is pretty sweet for me. And happy birthday, Rexy!
  17. As stated a few posts above yours, Robert Downey Jr. If I had been asked who I would most like to play Tony Stark it probably would have been him, so that's awesome. Gwyneth Paltrow plays Pepper, which is pretty cool too.I'm just wondering how different this is going to be from the Iron Man animated movie that was released recently.
  18. The game looks pretty awesome, and I can't imagine that song not being used in the game somehow... which is why I suppose if I ask for an MP3 it probably isn't gonna happen. Right?
  19. So I'm back online again, and I've been working on music a lot while I was gone. Long ago I said I wanted to do a rap EP and that's finally close at hand. The concept is basically this: I'm tired of rap music. Seriously, I grew up loving it but anymore I can't stand to watch BET. If everyone is rapping about the same things (being the best rapper, being a ganga or playa, etc.) then how much of it can actually be the truth? So that's what I'm bringing to my music. The truth. "So Eloquent" will be the opening song on the EP and is basically an introduction of myself and the ideas I'm bringing along with me. "Wondering" jumps headlong into the idea of honest lyrics. It's about my ex-girlfriend. The other concept for this EP is that all of the beats are, in effect, stolen. Hence the title: Kleptomania. Song info so far: "So Eloquent" Instrumental: Fort Minor - "Get Me Gone" produced by Mike Shinoda. "Wondering" Instumental: Utada Hikaru - "Wonder 'Bout" produced by Timbaland. Link: http://www.myspace.com/reelmojo EDIT: Soundclick can eat me. Both tracks are now up on MySpace.
  20. Also, with this being a music site and all I've got to say that Hans Zimmer's soundtrack is incredible. Hopefully it inspires a few Anime Remixes. And Ralph's comment during Bart's skate boarding scene was the funniest line for me.
  21. Funniest movie I've seen in a long long time. I seriously don't think I've ever laughed that hard in a theatre. I'm definitely going to go see it again soon.
  22. So I figured since I got my internet back I'd check to see how PRC is doing. Not only is it all the way up to 99 (holy crap!) but I'm having a really hard time voting because I can't pick a favorite. Good job all around everyone. (One minute later) Okay, so I voted. But it was hard. I can't wait to see what you're cooking up for PRC100, Rexy!
  23. I rented Wind Waker a while back and really liked the game, but the celtic music impressed me even more so I imported the OST and still don't own the game to this day. As far as games I've never played go though, the Star Ocean series and Chrono Cross come to mind. Hopefully I'll be able to play all those games soon but until then the music more than holds me over.
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