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  1. So basically, you have to be a hardass business person or you get fleeced? I've scored some animations for free through school but I don't know how many dues must be paid before getting $$$s becomes a requirement. For me, I could only slave for so many hours before some sort of payment had to be guaranteed. How do you go about networking?
  2. Ok, so let's look at your music here. You have the G F# Fnatural E bassline section as an introduction. It's roughly a G chord, D65 chord, G42, C6 progression that happens 4 times. That's your introduction. Lets label this A Then you have. C, D, G6, Eminor, C, D, C64, G. A nice catchy melody as well. Lets label this B Then we have A again with a melody. Let's label this A' So you have A B A' What can you do? There are a lot of options but let's kind of keep it simple here. What are you going for and what sort of a sound do you want? Any ideas? Do you want the tune to loop
  3. Love this. Everything there is to like about Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana! You definitely have a lot of talent. Is it enjoyable working on indie projects? I've been too busy studying music and taking care of my family to try and getting any work scoring games. I'd like to in the future though.
  4. This is rad. Very epic!! The synth melodies are cool but a bit sparse with what you have going on elsewhere. Perhaps some harmonies or accents in a few key places will add additional intensity. Love this! The beginning is so cool!
  5. I think the guitar tone is perfect for an RPG Battle Theme. I had to write something in this style for a film I scored and I miced up my Peavey Rage 158 and played through that. My high end tube amps just didn't sound 'right' for the genre! If I was to suggest anything (since this is a work in progress), think about adding some rhythm shots near the beginning. Listen to some Motoi Sakuraba and perhaps some Dream Theater. The Bass Bass Snare, Bass Bass Snare drum pattern gets a bit old. Just refine the drum part to add intensity. Think spice, not unnecessary complexity. I think it's gr
  6. This is rad. Very atmospheric. Sounds like Final Fantasy Prelude meets Donkey Kong Country Aquatic Ambience!
  7. Really nice! I really like lydian. The track sounds very upbeat and like spring. Try a world map theme next. Would be interested to hear something orchestral.
  8. Rad. Thanks dude! Here is another project I worked on this year. The idea was to go with something slapstick / VGM inspired. You'll probably like the chase music and the faux Playstation era battle music!! http://vimeo.com/64788018
  9. Drop me a line and we can talk about the research project ;)

  10. Jaxo, send me a PM. I'll just make your parents scan and send me a consent form and we'll be good to go. Oh, here is another film I just finished. For this film, I had to go with a similar 'feel' to 'moonrise kingdom' by Alexandre Desplat. I eventually ended up doing my own thing for the film score, but the challenge with this project was that the score needed to sound like it was composed and then the animation was fit around it. It is an almost continual build of music with one break so I had to spend countless skype and facebook sessions with the animator as we both collaborated to tim
  11. No problem. Hopefully I'll have another film to share in a couple of months
  12. Thanks so much. Those projects were super fun to work on and I'm working on scoring another short animation right now. It's shaping up into a great film so I'm really excited for the final results. This one will have a choir for part of the score!!
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm FINALLY finished studying composition in university right now. I'd like to quickly share a couple of few film scores I did as part of the composition program there. The course is called 'composing for film' and we partner with animators at Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario. The first one is called Scrap Metal and it is set in post apocalyptic New York. http://vimeo.com/23246965 The second is called Night Light and you may have seen it already. http://vimeo.com/41219207 Ragen https://vimeo.com/63661616 Ballin' http://vimeo.com/64788018 I am also working on a research pr
  14. Hi Everyone, my name is Paul Levasseur and I am currently pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Music Composition at the University of Toronto. I am also a gamer and I have contributed to OCReMiX in the past. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01737/ When I was in my early 20s I would spend hours playing videogames and the music became a part of me. I found myself coming up with RPG-esque melodies and I began to try to turn them into music tracks. During my undergrad, I happened to take a music appreciation course which totally changed my life direction, sending me into music school, but it
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