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  1. What is the exact release date? I just can't wait more..
  2. Awesome preview! Can't wait to listen to the full album
  3. I wonder, why PC-only & Bonus Stages music was not remixed? Awesome album. though! My favorite tracks are "Divided From Grace", "Caution: Echidnas May Eat Your Brain", "Walk on Water", "Knuckleduster", "Three Ring Nightfall", "Elevator Music", "Robotnik Radio", "Dead Batteries", "Live at the Sandopolis", "The Secluded Stronghold", "Breathtaking Vision", "Scrambled Eggman", "Before the Storm", "So Long and Thanks for All the...", "Schumacher Bar", "Red Sphere, Blue Sphere", "Eternal Excavation", "Heat Blur", "Momentary Standstill", "Helium Stairways", "Stranger to Closure [Wip]", "Lava Passion [WiP]", Ice Cap 4 Life [WiP] and "Heads Up for Tails"
  4. Original: I was surprised that there's still no remix of this song, so I requested it. Style... I don't prefer any style, so you can choose it by yourself. Thank you!
  5. Pretty nice take on the original. Love when electronica blends with piano. Great job, man!