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Status Updates posted by WiFiSunset

  1. Hey :), and welcome to OCR!

    It is not to late to pick a track :D.

    The Opening and Closing Songs also follow the Check-In dates. All of the songs are due on the Final Check-In Date.

  2. Hey Superior, Thanks for posting in my Visitors Messages, it helped me see the information when I was busy and a lot was going on at once.

    I know I sent you a PM about the track was coming along, but I wanted to thank you here :).

  3. I had just signed off, but then I saw your new sig and I just had to sign back on to say this xD.

    That is an awesome sig!!

    I'm not sure if it's the banana with the notes on it, or the jungle setting with the monkey......but it made me smile :).

  4. Sent you a PM.

    Also, the issue has been fixed.

    So send away :).

  5. No :).

    Like all albums the music will be sent in through PM's, E-mails, or other forms of private communications.

    I'll make sure that I specify this in the first post of the Albums Thread, along with the update this Saturday.

    I am glad that you already have something for the album!

    Can't wait to hear it :-D,


  6. Happy B-day Esperado :).

  7. I love that song from Metroid Prime! :) Thanks for the comment :D!

  8. Happy b-day Gario! :).

  9. Thanks! :) I was able to download the cello and violin soundfont, but the Sonatina one wouldn't download.

    The violin soundfont was very useful given the small amount of time that I had to mix my song, thanks for your assistance.

    Also; Your Mr. L in the Chrome Gadget Zone sig is amazing!

  10. You've been making some amazing songs in the B4C2 Competition, keep it up! :)

  11. Aquatic base is one of my favorites as well :), but then again I like nearly all Sonic music xD. Thanks for the complement! I actually can’t wait to hear your mixes as well, because I really liked Blizzard, and Snowman Sonata :).

  12. Sent you my mix Flex :D.

  13. I know that I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday :). Your sigs are fun to watch :D.

  14. Edit: Thanks for you help in the RMWtS Compo.! :)

  15. Hey Palpable. Was the way that I used the Nintendo Zone Jingle in the WIP that I sent you alright? Considering that the dominant source was the Save Hut/Arena Lobby

  16. Hey :), I use Reaper (trial), and was wondering how to export files as a .WAV, instead of a .rpp consolidated file. If you could help me with this then that would be great.

    Edit: Never mind :), my question was answered.

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