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  1. Wow, that's an amazing find! I always thought the Icecap theme sounded like Jackson's Smooth Criminal myself (the bassline is very, very close)... ...now, the question is, what are the Carnival Night and Launch Base themes based off of? They got taken out and replaced in the PC port, too!
  2. Because I prefer not to pirate and deal with dodgy fan translations? Because I like giant robots, Eldritch Abominations, and awesome animation? And I want to progress in the damn Rebuild series, even if 3.33 apparently sucks, because I really like the first two movies and what they did with stuff established in the original show and how they redid/messed with it. I'd read the manga more if my only option wasn't the ancient localization of it from back when they flipped manga and published it left-to-right
  3. A friend sent me an AMV that reminded me how freaking much I want Evangelion 3.33 to finally make it to the US. Seriously, how long does it take to dub/sub a movie? Really. Atlus localized Persona 4 in five months, that game's like 90 hours long.
  4. Bingo. Goyer/Nolan!Batman's already kind of dull when all of the characters are emoting and have semi-decent lines. Now imagine Man of Steel's dead acting and cheesy dialogue with Batman. Ughhhhhh Oh, and don't forget the shakycam!
  5. I could've sworn the guy was at least OU if not Uber at one point solely due to bulk and Sand Stream, but that could be me either getting gens or 'Mon readups mixed up
  6. Gahahahaha, from a guy that uses a Tyranitar?! I dunno, if you're in a big city, there's bound to be people playing Pokemon. There's a bunch of people at my college alone that play it, and even in a town of 30k people, the GameStop's always packed on the days of downloadable Pokemon...
  7. It's likely a teaser for a new game, as it shows up right at the end of a retrospective vid about all of the games in the series up to X/Y.
  8. Meh, I disagree...third and fifth gens were really good. Now fourth gen on the other hand...saved solely by the phys/spec split and new evolutions. Sinnoh was boring as hell.
  9. Alongside the issues of locking out specific genres out of VGM remixes (which, IMO, is just plain stupid), railing against dubstep is like railing against power metal or electro house. It's a genre, and there are different styles within the genre. Dubstep in particular is a genre of electronic music, and genres of electronic music are categorized based on tempo and beat pattern. With this in mind, dubstep doesn't even need to be "bassy" to qualify as dubstep, the bassiness was just a style that got popular when Skrillex did (and no one bothered to actually consider what actually made him popul
  10. I'd kill for FLAC, looping versions of the JP Sonic CD soundtrack. Would. Kill. Seems hard to get, though.
  11. What I'm really stoked about is the fact that you can view EVs in-game now. Which means that I don't need to carry around pen & paper while EV training...that kinda defeated the purpose of a game being portable.
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