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  1. I'll get around to playing people once I'm done unlocking everything lol. Not even halfway through beating Classic as all characters yet. Can you actually USE customizable characters in things or is it just there for lulz? So far I haven't been able to use my "Kneel Before Samus" version in Classic or in Trophy Run. (Friend code: 1392-5304-2378 )
  2. Stuff pops into my head while I do mundane tasks. Seriously. Usually it's a melody or a "feel" first. Then tempo/beat. Then harmonies and other additions. But that first step always seems to be for me..."taking a shower/doing laundry/spaced out playing Minecraft -> idea". I have no idea why.
  3. Gurren Lagann has its own brand of weird logic it goes with (the universe is powered by awesome)...but it doesn't hold a candle to the "logic" that Panty & Stocking employs. By which I mean it has no logic.
  4. I live in North. Freaking. Dakota. (Grand Forks whoo) There isn't a good music scene here, let alone anyone with good enough taste to listen to or produce on OCR lol.
  5. Rurouni Kenshin's good as long as you pretend that season 3 didn't exist (MAGIC EXISTS NOW GUISE)...because the third part of the manga was adapted as Samurai-X, so the anime writers had to devise new material. And the last OVA of Samurai-X is terrible and even the creator of the manga hates it. The manga is awesome, one of the most well-paced shonen mangas I've ever read. It's no wonder One Piece turned out so well - the mangaka for that series was a friend/understudy of the author of Rurouni Kenshin's! I'd avoid Bleach and Naruto like the plague. Terrible pacing. Hell, I found Naruto's pacin
  6. So I have two Nintendo DSs. One is an original model that I got nine years ago. It's been used so much in so many different places that the barcode is literally worn off of it (a feat that not even my beat-up old GBA can boast). The other is a Lite that I got six years ago, mainly so I could trade with myself in Pokemon (this was back when financial aid refunds were A Thing). Unfortunately, both of them now have L and R triggers that don't work anymore. This combined with my GBA being really, really dead (it's so old that its transparent pink casing is now ORANGE) means that I can't really pla
  7. The site looks fine (Chromium on Lubuntu, Chrome in Windows) and has always looked fine. ...what has always mystified me about this site is how somehow its design hasn't changed one bit since I first found you guys in 2007.
  8. RIP Robin Williams. His death really hits me hard personally, not just because I watched Flubber a lot when I was a kid, but I've been struggling with suicidal depression for the last month. It's like...wow, another general lost in the war. And the worst part is, everyone's gonna go back to acting like depression/suicidal thoughts aren't a big deal once the buzz dies down.
  9. Kind of don't blame her, plot-wise, Minish Cap is kind of tedious and boring ("do [x] annoying thing to get to [y] dungeon, repeat four times"). The sidequests really make the game IMO. It was almost like Capcom was incredibly rushed making that one, which makes me reaaaaally sad because Oracle of Ages/Seasons are to this day still my favorite Zeldas.
  10. Well, MPH tends to get ignored a lot, so I didn't bring it up (kind like how everything Sonic-related in Brawl blatantly ignored everything after Adventure 2). Seeing Trace as a playable character would be sick though. MPH had some pretty cool character designs, even if the game itself was mediocre. Dark Samus has a ton of awesome different powers, like that breaking/recombining thing she can do, floating, ground area ttacks, throw in a bunch of other arbitrary Phazon stuff and she could be interesting. She already floats...hell, she could practically be a clone of Mewtwo. Make her Final Smash
  11. (siiiiiigh) I've only had my 3DS for less than a year... I mean, I'll actually probably spring for this solely for the performance upgrades, but dammit, I'm going to lose my awesome Dragon-type Friend Safari when I trade it in!
  12. Well yeah, I know that. It's just that, since then, we've had characters introduced in the series that could've made good playables, even if you act like Prime Hunters didn't exist. Rundas, Ghor, and Gandrayda would all be cool characters. Hell, Dark Samus would be too, or Fusion Suit Samus, or even freaking U-Mos (giant alien bug? yes please). Metroid doesn't have a lack of cool characters. Starfox is a goddamn rail shooter and they managed to get multiple characters from that game in there. Metroid is action-oriented and yet we just get Samus? What is up with that?
  13. Sooooooo no Metroid characters outside of Samus then, still? How sad. It's like they don't even want to acknowledge Prime 3 (RUNDAS RUNDAS RUNDAS RUNDAS) or something.
  14. My career goals are vague, but in the end, here's what I want out of my life: + The ability to work anywhere, any time. From home if I so desire, at 4 AM if I so desire. Completely alone, preferably. + Basic financial stability, but most importantly, the ability to support my family so they have financial stability too if things don't work out for them. + The time to support my hobbies, whether they're music, video games, coding personal projects, putting together Gundam models, whatever. + The ability to dress how I want and look how I want. I want tattoos. Blue hair. A kickass goth wardrobe
  15. Yeah, wubs have been around before dubstep. They were in "jungle" drum & bass first, if I recall correctly...
  16. It was not a rebuttal, it was an explanation. :3 Re: that scene, I liked it a lot because it explains why he's such a dick. It's a little cliched (let's face it, this entire film was a bundle of well-done space opera cliches), but I have SUCH a soft spot for assholes who turn out to be really, really broken in some fashion.
  17. It just didn't interest me and I didn't read the books either. I only watch a handful of movies every year...why go see one I have no interest in with the excuse of "everyone is seeing it"?
  18. Haven't seen Hunger Games, but Man of Steel manages to make a straight camera shot on someone talking shaky. This is within the first ten minutes.
  19. Man of Steel has camerawork so shaky throughout the whole thing that you'll have to spend two hours refocusing your vision, if you're not vomiting from motion sickness first. Oh and the characters were flat and pointless and everything was exposition. And grimdark, devoid of any kind of life and joy. Guardians of the Galaxy, meanwhile, reminded me that yeah, sci-fi can be fun, hilarious, and ridiculous. I really liked it, I was smiling like a loon through most of the movie. I needed some of that insane "our spaceships are designed that way because awesome", alien-heavy, ridiculous sci-fi latel
  20. Funny you should ask that, because right now I'm contemplating abandoning my run of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2. I can handle the slogs of Personas 3 (yes, including The Answer) and 4, but for some reason I'm finding myself more and more annoyed with each damn battle in this game - and I love the first one. I think they just throw too many annoying battles at you this time around, not enough story, and it feels like the levelling + demon pacing is off. Which I know is a crap complaint in regards to a MegaTen game, but... Another game I gave up on was the Julius Mode of Castlevania: D
  21. Game Boy as in original Game Boy or Game Boy as in the handhelds in general?
  22. The team you're fighting depending on the game suggests another HeartGold/SoulSilver treatment, where the games keep their original story but implement parts of the third game's story into it. But that seems really hard to pull off, given that Emerald's story revolved around fighting both teams...
  23. I don't own the game, but I have to say that the Luigi Death Glare is one of my favorite memes in a long while.
  24. The instant I saw the boomerang Sticks was holding, I groaned. WHY. It just...screams marketing. It's so damn cliche...how many short-lived platforming characters had boomerangs in the early 2000s? That's what I'm mainly worried about. A lot of this, while I was really optimistic before (because it's Sonic), is now screaming "developed and conceptualized by a board of executives". IMO, the main thing that can save this is if the game magically isn't a programming trainwreck.
  25. He said that his chemo is in pill form, and that he'll also be getting surgery.
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