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  1. Just wanted to let you know that this thread is amazing and we all appreciate the tips you give! Although it seems like its just you in here I can personally say these tips are great!
  2. I like your choice of sources and your playing is pretty decent but you really need to work on timing! You fell offbeat quite a bit in some parts and that definitely takes away from the whole thing
  3. Pewter City ............. ROCKS (Brock should be like Rage Against The Machinecus he reminds me of de la Rocha)
  4. Too short I enjoyed when you strayed from the source and then brought it back together at the end, but i must ask... where is the punk?????
  5. Meh, mostly ended up being a straight cover, but I think I could squeeze some originality out of it if I dedicated enough time.
  6. Ah, memories. The first half of this seems kinda boring, without any kind of build up to keep someone interested. The second half has a lot more going in, which makes me enjoy it more. The synth tone is really reminiscent of an old soundcard bass, and fits in great. Guitar playing is solid, licks fit in nice. I want to go back and play this game again.
  7. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1665268/ocremix%20links/Island%20of%20melee%20demo%20wip.mp3 Hey everyone! I recently put together this Monkey Island track for a demo I gave out to people at MAGFest, and I was looking for some mixing/arrangement advice on it! It's leaps and bounds ahead of some of my previous work, but I really want to get it top notch. Thanks in advance for feedback!
  8. This is the one thing that is keeping me in an upbeat mood
  9. I really need to hang out with more people from the community next year. I met a few people at the concerts but didn't really spend extended amounts of time with anyone. (next) NEW YEARS RESOLUTION
  10. Or to see how many different songs you can fit into one minute.
  11. I'd like to try and help out some on this. Just jammed to Andy's theme for about 20 minutes while reminiscing about playing Black Hole Rising and Dual Strike.
  12. Mo mi ma mi mo we, mo we mo mi ma ma meeeeee, mo me wa mo wee moooooooo Had a similar idea to this a few days ago, there are probably almost a hundred KK songs now if they are using different ones for each game. I'd be down to make a few of them come to life, lots of different styles.
  13. It doesn't seem like you would be streaming the audio, just sending the data for the project file back and forth over the network. When you play it, you would process it locally.
  14. I would never be able to get up and talk to a bunch of people like that. Play music, sure, but give a lecture? I'll pass. Enjoyed it though, really can help to open people's eyes to this new movement.
  15. I like to just learn the main melody and chords on guitar, then just mess it up. Play half of the main hook then just go crazy with whatever I want. Usually ends up like crap, but eventually, you get some good stuff.
  16. Thanks man, appreciate it. Loved this song for a long time and wanted to give it a different kind of energy. Any other criticism from anyone? C'mon, rip it to shreds! I WANT THE PAIN
  17. Remix: https://soundcloud.com/katamari-jr/not-even-death-can-save-you Original: Got this out just in time for Halloween, and I'm pretty excited about it. I feel it's the best I've put out yet, both in terms of mix and arrangement. Feedback is always appreciated, as I'm still aware it has a long ways to go.
  18. Yeah, it's single coil stock pickups, so I'm probably just going to buy a new guitar since I'd rather not mess with this guitar too much. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZFrHdHoB44 These songs have a lot of what im doing, chuggy parts coupled with a lot of lead guitar. I mostly just feel that my sound is still stuck in the "garage" area, where its recorded alright but the sound is just missing a little bit to get it to that point of high quality.
  19. dry : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1665268/kirby%20lead%20dry.mp3 wet: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1665268/kirby%20lead%20wet.mp3 thanks in advance!
  20. A guy near me is selling a decent Jackson guitar for relatively cheap... Although looking it up now I don't even see the craigslist ad anymore. Crap. I'll probably go by the local music shop and check out those brands as soon as I have the funds for it. I've been doing a lot more research into free amp sims and cab sims (which I didnt even know about) and since spending more time with the range of plugins I've got, I've been able to find some way better sounding combinations. It just goes to show that you get what you put in and that you can't really throw all of this stuff in and just expect it all to work perfectly for you and make you sound like Yngwie. I really should. I could probably sell this guitar and get enough money to buy a couple new ones, but I won't do that.
  21. I feel as though maybe I should find a different guitar to write heavy metal on other than a 1964 Fender Jazzmaster. All of my music I record feels very flat and boring, even with EQing. I cant seem to get my instrument to hit the range of frequencies I hear in others' work. I use the same amp sims and interfaces many others use, but my recordings all sound the same. Should I invest in a new guitar? A guy on craigslist near me is selling a Jackson DXMGT, I may pick that up from him.
  22. Definitely excited to see all these people together in one place.
  23. I hope my PC cooperates with me in time for me to finish mixing my track.
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