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  1. No problem and you didn't cause confusion. I've just had a MUCH busier couple of weeks than I was expecting. I have a lot more time next week, so I'll be ready!
  2. Hi! Sorry about the absence, but I was away and didn't realise the deadline was quite this soon. Apologies for that. I can have something done by Thursday if that's acceptable? If not, I understand. Up to you guys
  3. Absolutely fair point, well-made! Ok, here we go: Heroes 1. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Terra, Main Theme - Hero 2. Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits - Bebedora, Main Theme - Hero 3. Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning, Blinded By Light - Hero Villains 1. Final Fantasy Dimensions - Elgo, Inside the Swirl of Chaos - Villain 2. Final Fantasy VI - Ultros, Opera Battle - Villain 3. Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2) - Sirus, Dark Ruler Emperor Griffon - Villain
  4. Thanks for telling me this is back on! I think I would rather be in the Heroes bracket this time simply because I was Villains last time, but I don't mind too much either way. Here I am again, bringing a load of obscure music to the table, but I love it all: EDIT: Well, looks like I was a bit hasty with this list, so I've removed the vids. New list further down. Heroes 1. I-Ninja - Ninja, Main Theme - Hero 2. Tomb Raider III - Lara Croft, Main Theme - Hero 3. Viewtiful Joe - Captain Blue, Blue the Justice - Hero Villains 1. Viewtiful Joe 2 - Frozen Beast Frost Tiger, Blizzard Hazard - Villain 2. Final Fantasy VI - Ultros, Opera Battle - Villain 3. Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2) - Sirus, Dark Ruler Emperor Griffon - Villain
  5. I've got some extra time on Wednesday if you'd be able to extend it to at least Thursday.
  6. Um, I think you may need to adjust the YEAR of the deadline HoboKa
  7. Hi people! I've been streaming video games 3 times a week (when possible). Currently mostly Geometry Dash and Super Meat Boy, both of which have epic music: http://www.twitch.tv/xenonetix I've also managed to stream a little bit of music production about twice, but mostly, it's the gaming. Closing in on 500 followers at the time of posting
  8. Sorry I missed this, but Trism's is hilarious
  9. I'd be willing to contribute to sheet music transcription. I'm a freelance sheet music arranger and engraver, but I would probably be willing to do some for free if they would definitely be associated with the remixes that are posted
  10. I think I've listened to this over 100 times now! Xenon was the game to inspire my username, and I absolutely love everything about this remix, including the variations so well integrated throughout.
  11. Just because it's a cool remix of this (that's not MnP in the slightest), I felt I should link this rare remix of Soulless Village - https://youtu.be/-opDtHinhB4 I was so happy to be one of the lucky few to get a physical copy of the SquareDance album
  12. Thanks Trism - That means a lot - Congrats Kat though on a great arrangement, and I'm sure even with that score, I think Kat still wins
  13. I decided to go for a playable piano version. I can provide sheet music if requested, and I hope you enjoy it
  14. The original is already so epic. This is exactly the sort of piece I can usually do something with, but the samples in the original are already so beautiful that I don't think I could do a remix justice.
  15. Wow, wasn't expecting that with such strong competiton - Thanks muchly guys
  16. A source I felt I could do something decent with - Submitted!
  17. I've got some ideas for this in mind, but not sure I can execute them effectively. Would love to hear some remixes of it!
  18. Well, I was attempting to mix Shadar's Theme with Hollow Bastion, which probably could have worked out quite well, but no matter how hard I tried, making a good sounding version of a section of Shadar's Theme in 5/4 never quite worked as I'd've liked it to, so I've had to abandon that Fallen Mix. Sorry.
  19. I may do a Fallen Mix or a Summon Mix for the next round, depending whether I get through or not
  20. Thanks! I love both of those pieces, and I used to listen to A Fifth of Beethoven so much. Maybe that's where the influence came from. Really love what you've done with your piece though - It's great having the groovy take on these themes. It's also cool that I can sing "Another one bites the dust!" to the start of it.
  21. Well, submitted yet another bizarre mix. Don't know why I've gone down the bizarre route considering it's not usually my style!
  22. I've had very little time this week, but I've set aside all of tomorrow to finish it and send it to you. - Tricky pieces to mix together though.
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