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  1. In general the whole collection is good, but the third part, advent, had many tracks I didn't even want to listen to the end. Didn't like many of the tracks in that part. ed: I guess part of the reason for this is that I don't think I've ever heard a good Chocobo remix, and these chocobo songs make no exception. And the Gold Saucer songs isn't a good target for remixing either.
  2. Just started listening to the tracks. But what does "dirge" actually mean?
  3. Way too freaky. Didn't like this one. I guess people more easily comment the remixes they like, rather than those they don't like. I don't know about that one, but it's more easy to go with the flow, and if there aren't any negative comments, it's more demanding to make a new negative post. So, the comments that happen to come first count the most. For example... You didn't like ANYTHING before 2:10 but still the remix was "not bad"? Is it just me, or might your comment have been influenced by the previous posts?
  4. Not goat at its/his/her best, but still goes to prove that goat rocks - even without the -se-postfix.
  5. From my last comment here, my affection towards this song has only grown. I've copied it to my 3300 and listened to it when travelling on public transport and watching the summery scenery. There is something special about this song that makes me feel the phantasy in the Zelda series so close, as if I were in the mythical world of Hyrule myself. It's an eerie feeling that makes me think about a perfect Zelda game with vast forests and neverending possibilities... Uh... That sounded kinda no-life. Any way, great piece. We want more!
  6. Actually this could be a good song for "a rude awakening". That is, putting some kind of timer software on the computer that would start playing this song whenever you should be waking up. Hmh, where could I get such software?
  7. Um, does ANYONE actually read these comments just to find out which songs to download? I download the songs, and then maybe see if others think the same way I do. And yes, this is a nice track, but won't become any of my favorites.
  8. Suomipoika r0kr0k! Well, actually the megaman 2 wily 1 -remix I like the most is perhaps the mosh pit remix, and Wily's wedding, being more like this one, is also a bit better than this, but this isn't bad either.
  9. The first 40 seconds aren't that impressive but after that... geez, I just can't help putting on a wide smile! The combination of nice sounds and the nostalgy from a yet unremixed tune... oh, baby.
  10. Um, anyone remember the final boss in Shadow Warrior? Wasn't that a total bitch?
  11. D00D. EZ FIGHT. RUN AROUND IN A CIRCLE UNTIL THE SPIDER MASTERMIND HITS THE CYBER DEMON! THEN THEY WILL DUKE IT OUT. then it takes about 3 rockets to kill off the victor 3 rockets? WTF! FAR MORE... CyberDemon is far more superior to Spider Mastermind, so to finish him off, lots of rockets are needed... And especially when there are lots of enemies around, Spider Mastermind's lifespan decreases faster since minigun is an efficient way to make other baddies angry. That's level 20 btw. But that isn't even a difficult level in the end. The most difficult ones, when playing the levels the one & only way (Ultra violence starting off with only the pistol and without saving) are probably levels 23 and 29. Or that's how I remember it. anyway, theCore, if you think Cybbies are difficult (which they aren't, they are just so goddamn long-lasting), try my level, in which you get to telefrag some Cybbies: http://www.sunpoint.net/~jogilius/Pentagon.zip Telefragging cybbies was indeed the original idea when I started building that level, but the level grew more complex, and is in UV very difficult, but very much possible. I think I've played it through twice on uv without cheating. Doom Mega-mayhem...
  12. I guess it's an ID software thingie, since the same goes for goonaibuliiivinbulitilahexamileuu aka Icon thrower alias John Romero's Head... Well, I guess it's not that hard to figure out to shoot the brain thingie, but it's not that easy to hit it, so you can start wondering if you are trying to do the correct thing. Anyway, that would be as hard as a cacodemon if you could aim upwards.
  13. Cobra triangle was hard and especially those time limit bosses can be bitchy. There were some 23 levels or something? And 2 or 3 bosses in the end? The fire dragon that didn't take that much hits and the shark at least. Any way, it's a game from RARE, so it's a good game, so I beat it. Battletoads (from RARE) wasn't that easy either but it stayed interesting to the end and everytime you tried you got a little bit further. One of the best NES games...
  14. Actually any one taking part in this conversation is a nerd! o_O
  15. yea what he said Well, okay, I don't disagree with this, but I have to make a tiny correction. Marion is the maid, Noiram is the bitch.
  16. Muah... piece of cake. Not 100% success if playing on Ultra Violence + (that is ultra violence with faster enemies and enemy fire). But, when you don't know how to beat it (that is to hit the exact spot), it's... well, I think the boss would be better with a larger area to hit but having to use more rockets... John Romero's head sure is scary.
  17. When I was younger, I played Gauntlet 2 for about 4 hours once... I got to level 254 or something, and that's when I decided that it was unbeatable, especially after levels began to repeat themselves. What if there were 255 levels (11111111 in binary)? (255 was the maximum in rupees in Zelda 1)
  18. Chh... not even close to toughest. In fact, as mediocre as it gets. My vote for most unfair last boss goes to Shadow Warrior. Haven't tried it that much since it had a feature of superduper-unfairness that made you try it from the beginning of that entire world if you lost the match. And in addition, when you had beat the first part from it that already seemed nearly impossible, there was the second twice as impossible part left to beat. (or this is how I remember it)
  19. Metal remixes kick arse. I especially like the ones that combine more soft (or original nes/c64/whatever sounds ) parts with the metal sound like Machinae Supremacy in the outstanding version of Gianna sisters.
  20. I don't hear anything from the bloodfalls level (level 25 by the way) but at least in the end this sounds like the Pit -level. Anyway, didn't really like this mix. Too unrecognizable. And I know my doom, you know. Actually I still haven't bumped into a really good doom mix.
  21. A mix of one of the best if not THE best track in the mega man series (which itself has a shit load of great melodies), so how could you go wrong. Great mix, however beaten by Bubble man fucking sweet mix at least.
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