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  1. I have some issues with the transitions and structure here (DC13 hit on my main problems, so I won't bother reiterating what he said), but I don't think it's bad enough to warrent a rejection right off the bat. In fact, the structure aside, I found it to be very enjoyable. The samples are excellent, the orchestrations are passable, and the whole thing left me feeling good about it. Not a masterful orchestration yet, but I think it's OCR quality. YES
  2. Nice ideas, but it's got some problems. It's maybe a tad repetative, and a lot of the samples are pretty weak - especially the saw wave synths. I personally think the drums could use a little more presence in the mix to drive it, but that's more an artistic decision than anything else. Lastly, the ending did it in for me. Don't just drop off like you did! It's rather unsatisfying to the listener. So it's got potential, but I think some aspects could use fixing before I accept it. NO
  3. As others have said, it starts off nice but really doesn't go anywhere. I would really like to see this with a little more work put into developing the ideas, because there are some great ones. As it is, though, I found myself tuning this out about halfway through because it kept doing pretty much the same thing over and over, and that's never good. NO
  4. Wow... it's a shame to see a remix this well done brought down by a single sample, but that's what happens here. Namely, that guitar sample (or was it a sax... hard to tell with GM!) Every time I think I'm liking the song, that sample comes in and I... stop liking it. Edit - listened again, and now I think the rest of the song rocks enough to forgive those parts, and I really think my rejection was overly anal. So... YES
  5. Not bad... a little long-winded in the middle, but the beginning and ending got me going enough to like it. Besides, even the slower sections work in the context of the genre, even if I don't necessarily enjoy them. So overall, I'm giving it a YES
  6. Nice start. However, I think everything needs to be mixed a little better - make the lead guitar a little louder for example. Also, those drums need a lot more punch... not to mention a lot more variation. The ending really doesn't add anything to the song, and left me confused about why you did that besides to directly reference the original (which isn't necissary, btw). I'm gonna say NO, with a resubmit encouraged
  7. I'm really split on this one. There's some good ideas, and I really got into it at some parts. However, the guitar sample is just way too thin, and doesn't stand out enough as it should against the heavy drums and bass. It could use a little more backup besides the blips in the background. And last, but not least, it needs an actual ending, not something that sounds like it cut off. NO, though this is one song where I really wouldn't mind a resubmit.
  8. You're right, the guitar playing is decent. It doesn't make up for the rest of the mix though. Not nearly enough goes on. The sound effects are just present enough to get on my nerves, but not present enough to have any potential for adding anything to song. Hmmm... the "2-in-1" caught me completely off guard. I thought the song had ended. At least the second part is a little more passable, but it's too short and the transition was shit. NO I think this should have just gotten the form rejection, but I'll judge whatever you throw at me, Pretzel!
  9. Very nice arrangement, but yeah, the recording sounds really muffled. I'm not gonna ask you to go back and re-record cause that would be a pain in the ass. I will, however, ask that you go back and re-master to get some highs back in there. I was able to do a fairly passable job by just playing around with Winamp's EQ, so I know it's doable! So I'm gonna vote NO here and ask for a resubmit.
  10. Hmmm... Do I hear 'plucked'? Or maybe not... Anyway, this one has really interesting drums which are by far the best part of the remix, though that's not to say that it's not bad! I enjoyed most of it very much, and though some of the atonal parts Disco mentioned bugged me, they fit in with the remix. Only problem is it overstayed it's welcome by maybe half a minute, and the ending's a little abrupt, but I think this is OCR material overall. Yes
  11. Underdeveloped=bad. Abrupt ending=bad. I also agree with Disco... It needs some sort of beat to carry it. Maybe not industrial if you want to be purely orchestral, but maybe a snare? I dunno, it just kinda drags along without one. NO
  12. Secret of Mana 'Stomp the Summer Sky' One of those remixes that's hard to appreciate on first listen, if only because of the... interesting harmonization at parts. Still, the production values are high on this one. Almost sounds professional, but it's not quite there. Anyway, you may not appreciate it (though I certainly did), but you should give it a try anyway because it's certainly done well.
  13. Space Harrier 'Spaced' Enjoyable if you like oldsk00l stuff, though it honestly ain't my favorite genre. For me there's some parts that sound really good (around 2:30), though most of the remix sounds a little muddy - doesn't sound like there's much panning work here, though, so that might explain it. Not the best remix, coulda been better with some more attention to panning, but a worthy attempt nonetheless!
  14. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 'Crystalline Caverns' If you know McVaffe, then you know what you're getting here - well-programmed drums, crisp samples, great piano work, and though it's maybe a tad on the repetitive side (*gasp! He criticized McV! Can he DO that!?*), it's so good that you don't mind the repetition! If you don't know McVaffe, then I recommend you listen to his stuff IMMEDIATELY, and this remix would be a great place to start!
  15. Well done arrangement, though the recording quality bugs me. Get some of those highs back in there! NO, though only because of the recording.... the arrangement is already top notch!
  16. This is beautiful, but ultimately pretty simplistic. It's a tough call, but overall I've gotta say NO just because it doesn't realy expand on a theme that's been expanded on a lot before. Develop the ideas a little more so there's more going on, and make sure you're not just making us listen to something we've already heard.
  17. Ummm..... how about NO? Try being a little less repetative. Scratch that, a LOT less repetative.
  18. Just a small nitpick, you don't have to say "go to my artist page and look for remix x", you can link directly to the detail page to the track like so: /artist_song/ On to the music... didn't really grab me. Samples are drab, and it's pretty repetative. In fact, the drum filtering is the only thing that really made this interesting at all. NO
  19. I couldn't stand to listen to this all. The guitar samples just killed it for me... by about the 30 second mark. Listening to it back to back with Amstrocity's version was the most damning aspect. But, even if by chance these ARE the same people, it still deserves a HELL NO
  20. No, it's not the greatest technical mix. But I laughed my ass off at the cellphone, and every so often I think OCR needs a remix that isn't meant to blow you away by it's technical merit or arranging skill, but to make you smile while you listen to it. YES On the other hand, is it really necessary to encode this at 256? I'd like a lower bitrate version for bandwidth reasons, but as it's not over the 6mb limit that's no grounds for voting no.
  21. Listen, it's not good if a remix leaves me wondering what the point is. All I see here is something that sounds like it might be good if it was developed into a song that's 3 or 4 minutes longer. There are certain things I will always vote no for, and gross underdevelopment is one of them. NO
  22. Do yourself a favor and get better samples. *Anything* that doesn't sound like it came straight from a second-rate soundcard's MIDI output! But in my book, if someone's got crap samples but a kick-ass arrangement then I can forgive the sample quality. This remix definitely qualifies. But next time do try to give us some advantage to downloading a big MP3 rather than a 10k midi, K? YES
  23. I thought we've gone through this before... but at any rate, that's beside the point here because it's not a current remix. Back in the early days of OCR, such remixes were acceptable. Anyway... sounds like the original with samples changed around. Maybe not exactly, but pretty close. Maybe if it did something beyond what the original did..... Edit: oops, forgot to vote.... NO
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