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  1. Well, I actually ended up liking this arrangement. Sort of. As soon as I heard those guitars, though, I knew this was in for trouble. Yes, sure enough, the instruments are pretty flat and lifeless. Tip for the future: use a different lead sound than rhythm sound, otherwise they just blend together (like they do here). Then the transition into the later part: I always like "2 in 1" songs, but if you're going to do one with such a contrast between the parts, then you need a much more effective transition. It's a good start, but in the end I've gotta say NO
  2. Damn, it's only 10 seconds into the song and I already want to get up and move! All the sounds here are high quality. In terms of song structure I probably would have brought in the melody a lettle earlier, since I got bored with the background synths by themselves. But that minor gripe aside, this is excellent as a first submission. YES
  3. Nice drum work, nice variation. Maybe could have been a little longer, but I think what you've got here is good enough to post. YES
  4. Hi Orkybash, I emailed you 3 weeks ago about two possible lost submissions. You wanted to haneld one at a time, so I decided to wait 2 weeks to check up on the other. The first that you handled already went through the judging process. The other which was submitted 2 months ago, is still up in the air as far as I know. So I emailed djp and the person who updated the judging list last time...Last week, I haven't heard back, so I'm not sure if something was done and I didn't get an email or if it didn't go through.... Below is a copy of the email I sent last week. Thanks for any help. ------------------------------------------ Hi, I saw the latest list on the judging board and noticed that one of mine may have either been lost or slipped through the cracks. I submitted the mix ' Schala Memories Lost in Time ' almost 2 months ago on the week of Aug. 14. I noticed other mixes from that same time period (from vgmix) have been judged already, and I haven't heard anything on this, so I'm assuming it got lost. Thanks. File URL: Info: This mix is done in a new age/orchestral style - more the former and less the later. This is my second submission here and fourth overall arrangement. I wanted to make this have a light, airy atmospheric feel, so the bottom end is mostly made up of only light cello and light synth pads on the low end.. ( More info on the link.) Other Info: Handle: GrayLightning Email: thegraylightning@yahoo.com ----------------------------------------- Well, at least it's not a techno version of the theme! Actually, this is very good if you're in the mood for slow, ambient, new-agish stuff. Even if you're not, it's still put together well, aside from maybe an ending that's a tad abrupt. YES
  5. Ick. That choir sample... makes me want to puke. There's a wrong note in the violin that bugs me every time you hit it. Specifically, it's that "da daaaaa... da da-da-da-da-daaaaaa" You've got something going here. If you can really up the quality of the samples, I'd vote yes. For now, though, the sound quality isn't there. No
  6. OK, here's what I say about it: It ain't my cup of tea. At all. But It's high quality nonetheless.
  7. Luigi's Mansion 'That Balcony Thing' I gotta admit... I have never played this game. I don't even own a GameCube. But what I'm hearing here makes me want to play it. Bad. This is well produced and thought out in all aspects - well, almost all aspects. That grainy lead really doesn't sit well with me for some reason, but it fits with the freaky tone of the mix. Methinks this one should have been held back for a special Halloween post or something. I'm definitely gonna be playing it then, and hopping none of those trick-or-treaters have played Luigi's Mansion...
  8. This remix takes a while to develop, but it's sounding pretty good so far.... but about 30 seconds later it's really sounding like the same thing over and over. It's too bad, this started out as a really nice chiptune, and if it were more varied (or perhaps shorter?) I think it would be worth posting. And BTW, I thought that ending was great... maybe didn't fit with the mix, but it was great.... Edit... Oops, forgot a NO
  9. Yay! Thank you for linking to an HTML page instead of the file its self! Makes life a lot easier on us judges when we don't have to deal with remote linking problems. As for the mix, those brass sections just make me want to puke. Especially when there's no instruments to back it up. Just because the sample's better than the N64 could do doesn't make it good! You'd be surprised what a little reverb could do to improve things here, though the best fix would be to go out and find a better sample. But that's not my only complanint - the mixing's very repetitive, and very dry and uninteresting (my latin american history book holds my attention better!) NO
  10. Hmm... I'm wondering why you encoded this at 112... the extra space to use at least 128 is well worth it! Anyway, this song sounds OK, but it's pretty messy, like the instruments don't really fit together. I think the problem is that drone in the bass... it drowns out a lot of the other stuff that should be clearer. Then when those super loud drums come in.... ick, if that drone didn't overpower everything they did! Fix the mixing and I'd be happy to post it. But for now, NO
  11. Not much goes on here. In fact, it's basically just a repetition of the same 3-second ditty, with an actual melody sometimes put on top of it. This might work if the drums were programmed well and all the sounds were really high quality, but as it is I can't find one good reason to post this. NO
  12. First off, don't title your remixes like that. You may think it's neat - believe me, it's one of the most stupid-sounding and uncreative thing you could ever do. Sadly, the rest of this mix doesn't show much more creativity or skill. It's got the same repetative drums, the same lead, and the same background instrument all the way through - and it does little to distinguish it from the original song. NO
  13. *checks song* You guys are right! This is over the limit, and for no good reason (you DON'T need a bitrate that high... if other remixers can settle for 192, so can you!) Changed vote above
  14. Mega Man 2 'With the Quickness' When I saw this, I almost jumped out of my seat! AE has returned after far too long a hiatus from OCR. But when I heard this, I did jump - this is be far the best song I've heard out of AE, and that's saying a lot! I can't praise this thing enough, so I'll just say "This is a must-download!" and leave it that.
  15. http://www.surfing.net/ultima/bard/ultima6.html . This particular remix is an arrangement of "bootup", I believe.
  16. Heh, not quite... we're gonna forget about it until Saunders reminds us. I think the damage has been done with this remix, and we might as well vote on it. So I will. This remix is very impressive. I'm very fond of this grand, sweeping style of orchestration that is pulled off so well here. One problem I had was the remix sounded kinda muted to my ears, but I think I can let a little EQ problems slide with so good an arrangement. Another problem is the ending - I think this could have developed into something much longer (that sweeping orchestration style usually doesn't want to be confined to 3 minutes!) Edit - changed my vote after it was pointed out that the filesize was above the limit. Now, I know we just posted a song that was above the filesize limit, but that one broke it because of length (and, as I recall, it was encoded at 128 kbps). There is no reason why this needs to be so big - 192 usually suffices, and if it doesn't then a reasonable VBR rate will. Both will sound fine and be under the limit. Edit 2 - OK, there's a lower bitrate version now. Changing vote yet again. YES
  17. Well, it doesn't add much to the an often-remixed theme, but I don't like to use that as a basis for judging. As for the music its self, I think this sounds pretty good - sounds are quality enough, they're used well, and there's no glaring mastering errors that I can pick out. The arrangement kinda gets repetitive, but maybe that's just because this is the latest in a long line of zeal remixes! It does do a good job breaking things up, though. I'm gonna have to say Yes here. Yeah, it's Chrono Corridor, but it's quality, and that's what matters.
  18. Hey, i know it's a popular song to mix, but i did it anyway. The remix is of the Zeal Corridor theme and i like to called it "The Mellow Corridor Oc ReMix" i'd like it credited to "The Graceful Failure". This song is pretty mellow and sticks to the main tune of the original. However the bassline is a bit loud, but i chose it that way. At one part i changed the bass line around and the main rhythm, not lead. I think the song is pretty mellow but other peoples opinions may differ. I made the song with Fruityloops v 3.5. and last but not least, the song....i hope your familiar with vgmix.com, cuz that's where it is. I hop you don't mind editing the tags because the song is already up and there's a couple spelling errors, thanks a lot: i hope the song works out, if not, i won't be let down the least bit. (well i will, but it won't hurt me...it'll just be, ya know...) this arrangement's two months old, hence it's being posted here
  19. Chrono Trigger 'The Trial in Concert' I am honored to start off the review thread for this remix. Simply put, it is AMAZING. The only disadvantage to it showing up on Overclocked is that it's been around on other sites for a while, and the bitrate had to drop in order to get it under the filesize limit here. But if you download one CT remix from this entire site, let this one be it!
  20. Monkey Island 2 'Monkey Brain Soup for the Soul' This is excellent. I've always liked Monkey Island music, and this captures the essence of the game perfectly. It's barely over the 6 meg limit, but the judges agreed that it was excusable for a remix this good (so I don't want to hear "OMG IT"S A SUBMISSION VIOLATION!!!!11", kay?) Download if you have any respect for music, monkeys, or both!
  21. Final Fantasy VIII 'Man with Another Trance Machine' Much improved over the original version! I love the breakdown midway through the song - I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff when it's done well. My only gripe - albeit a major one - is the way a lot of the synths are detuned. Very distracting IMHO, but I know Beatdrop knows what he's doing so I can chalk this up to artistic decision rather than lack of skill.
  22. Sound quality is a little better, and I think it's at the point where it would be passbale if it were a great arrangement. But the around 1:40 it breaks into some horribly dissonant section - the notes just don't work together at all. Not that I'm against dissonance, mind you, I think it can sound very good when used well. Unfortunately, this is not used well. And that's not the only time - there are other parts where the notes just don't seem to work together. Also, just a side note, you should probably be using a normal snare hit instead of hand claps. NO
  23. That booster submission was incorrect. That E-mail was more than 4 weeks old. The weird thing was it was mixed in with a lot of NEW mixes. Since then, I have contacted pretzel as well as the IRC chat informing people of the incorrect submission from long ago. After striving long at the WIP board, BoosterSeat is NOTHING lie it was in that submission. To reviewers and members, please disregard the boosterseat thread in judges decisions. Pretzel and Judges, the E-mail I sent (9-28-2002, "New Submission (BitMaP) )reads: --------------------- I know it's a zip file, but it's not just an extention change. Extract the mp3 from the zip file. Angelfire won't allow me to upload mp3 anymore. icon_smile.gif This is nothing like you've herd from me before. My newbie days are over. So, I've revamped this with all my might. Well, I've gotten nothing bad said about it yet in WIP board either. Everybody really enjoys this. I now give it to OCR. Your humble remixer, BitMaP ---------------------- You may check now the address of the correct and FINAL file^. Please forgive me for this error. Edit - he gave me a link to a page on his server, there shouldn't be any download problems now.
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