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    Music, Composing, Metal, Psychology, Philosophy, Reading, Writing, Coca Cola, Chicken Parmesan, Magic, Video Games, Game Music, Anime/Manga

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    Let's not spoil the mystery.
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Greetings! I am media composer hailing from Columbus, Ohio. I specialize in composition for video games but I also do film scores and jingles. In 2015, I graduated from Capital University with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Technology. :nicework:


I am a multi-instrumentalist with professional experience in Bb clarinet, alto/tenor saxophone,  and acoustic & electric guitar spanning nearly a decade. I have 3 years of education in recording and music production. My vast musical background includes classes in composition, vocal training, music theory, performance and more. I have also served as an intern for media composer Sean Beeson for 200+ hours, during which we made music for numerous games and documentaries (you can learn more about Sean Beeson at seanbeeson.com).

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