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  1. So, I am thinking about picking this one up at midnight from the ol' Wal-Mart. It marks the first time I've bothered to buy something at midnight just to get in early on a release. I hope those fine Wal-Mart employees are up to the task and either brought the game out or will bother to go in the backroom and fetch me a copy.
  2. Congratulations! Just remember, it's never too early to start training your daughter to be a megalomania-driven super villain.
  3. You're right. And I've been saying that all along.
  4. Guys, I got some bad news. I just realized that March 9th, otherwise known as Brawl Day, coincides with Daylight Savings Time. Spring forward an hour, lose an hour of the day. This is terrible news. It means one less hour of weekend to play the game.
  5. Airwalker

    Nintendo Wii

    Well, apparently you can connect any old computer keyboard with a USB cord to the USB port in the back of the Wii. I've not tried it, but I hear it already works for the Internet Browser and several other channels.
  6. Airwalker

    Nintendo Wii

    http://wii.ign.com/articles/855/855033p1.html?RSSwhen2008-02-26_104500&RSSid=855033 So, Mario Kart will support text chat through a USB keyboard. It's a step up, I suppose.
  7. EA is essentially the video game industry's version of the Dawson's Creek Trapper Keeper from South Park.
  8. Airwalker

    Nintendo Wii

    Europeans! It would seem you guys are getting Mario Kart and Wii Fit before the US. April 11th and April 25th respectively. It's probably a "sorry" about whatever they plan to do with Brawl. Meanwhile, for the US, May 19 is the day Wii get Fit. (Hahahaha... that wasn't funny. Sorry, I didn't mean to pun.) While Mario Kart still lives in the lofty world of "Q2". I hope somebody has a Wii when I head off to Sweden this May. I want to get some Mario Kart action going on.
  9. In the coming weeks it may be a perfect time to stock up on some "obsolete" HD movies and a player if you don't have one. They are likely to be sold by the box at retailers and on eBay if they really do make an announcement like that. As long as the movies still play, I see no reason to throw it all away.
  10. The demo definitely looks fun. I have heard good things about it, but it's nice to play a demo. I'll have to pick up the game when I have money again.
  11. One of the photos he uploaded seems to be Lucario being molested by Mew.
  12. Just one month to US Brawl! Oh no! Why does this have to be a leap year?
  13. When is the last time you've heard a car alarm blaring and you were actually concerned that car was in the process of being stolen? Too many false positives.
  14. Famitsu just released a ton of screenshots and art for Street Fighter IV. http://www.famitsu.com/game/news/1213478_1124.html
  15. I wonder what the alternative commercial is like. Probably less funny. We'll never know.
  16. I am so pissed. Abigail the Jack Russell Terrier won the Most Valuable Puppy award in the Puppy Bowl tonight.
  17. Football? Forget that. I am watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Yep, 3 hours of puppies running around and acting cute in a set that looks like a tiny stadium. And they play with football doggie toys. An announcer makes football-style comments about the adorable things the puppies are doing, and occasionally a referee steps in and makes a puppy substitution. And then they announce the cutest puppy at the end to win the Most Valuable Puppy award. It's so exciting. I'm rooting for miniature doxen.
  18. I heart Jeff. It makes me even happier knowing he is an assist trophy. See the link below for spoily goodness. <Spoiler> </spoiler>
  19. All this music is making me not care about how my inflated roster dreams were burst. Eulogic, you are my hero.
  20. I picked that up a few days ago as well. I always enjoy a good Advance Wars. (See sig.) And while I miss the old characters, I am enjoying the story line and I am finally accepting the changes. I really couldn't see them tacking on more storyline to the old plot. Still, I feel the last entry, Dual Strike, felt a little more complete overall. Save for the WiFi game, it seems like the old one just had more. More CO's, more unlockables, more variety in the gameplay. And I ain't too happy the CO powers got totally nerfed.
  21. Managing a small forum of my own, I have recently found the best method of removing spammers is to have a little text prompt during registration. Like, a required field where you must answer a simple question like "What is 1+5?" and "Type the word cat". If you have enough of them and they vary widely, but are simple enough not to frustrate noobies, then you can really stop a lot of the new automated spammers that can read those captchas. I've seen spam on my site drop from 2-30 a day to 0. And I've seen spam registration drop from about 8 a day to 0. It's only been 2 weeks, so I'm not sure if somebody will bother to crack my questions.
  22. My parents' house started getting calls like that apparently. Some telemarketers keep calling and asking for some name I've never heard of. Constantly they've told them that person does not live there. But they keep calling back. I assume they think whoever has the debt is hiding from them and they are trying to harass them. Sometime they use a machine that says "We have an important phone call for..." *insert name here* "...if..." *insert name here* "Is available, press 1. If not, press 2." And you press 2, and it hangs up. I assume if you press 1, they'd harass you more.
  23. Why Nintendo, why? Because, don't you know how long it takes to change all of the words like "Color" to "Colour", "Favorite to Favourite", and "Theater" to "Theatre"?
  24. Airwalker

    Nintendo Wii

    You're right. I noticed the screenshot that has Wolf also has Cell Link in it, however, his picture is completely different in the other roster shot. Also, everybody is all jumbled around.
  25. Airwalker

    Nintendo Wii

    However, there is only enough room for 36 in total. That's one less than the number in the other screenshot.
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