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    Nintendo Wii

    The Nintendo Channel is awesome. I am playing Cooking Mama 2 right now and I am trying to purposely make a bad pie. This will certainly be one of my favorite channels from now on as long as they constantly add demos. They would be silly not too, as I am already pondering buying Cooking Mama. It's a great marketing device.
  2. Airwalker

    Nintendo Wii

    Only if you want to play one of the greatest RPG's ever made. Yes! It is rather light-hearted like a Nintendo game should be. I've beaten it twice.
  3. I am having no problems with Winamp. The media library function is not bad. Plus, I was really surprised when I plugged in my iPod and Winamp took it and started using it no problem. (My copy of iTunes meanwhile, kept telling me it was registered with another computer and wouldn't let me register it to this one.)
  4. Yeah, it's too bad about the midi soundtrack. If only there were a group of people that composed fan-made nostalgia-laced music from video games.
  5. This is actually the type of Sonic game I'd fall for. SEGA should take note. They absolutely must make a nostalgia-based game instead of throwing in new characters, new features, and clashing game mechanics. Maybe not an exact copy of the game, though that would be sweet, but maybe something along the lines of what New Super Mario Bros did for Mario.
  6. I think Nintendo just likes to make them even numbers. Exchange rates probably won't affect the value of Wii Points, though it's possible that they may make the points more expensive in America if, say, the US Dollar totally tanks. Just be glad you don't live in Chile. It's costs twice as much as in America or Japan. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wii_Points)
  7. That looks just like me. That settles it. I see no further reason to prolong this case. I hereby declare Txai...
  8. I demand a Godot Game. I'll call it... Gofot's Coffee Brewer 2000.
  9. You never know, we might finally get a new, decent Sonic game for a console. My fingers have been permanently crossed for about the past decade.
  10. I got really excited until I read the part about it only being a poll. I mean, I know they have about 3-4 more years to milk this virtual console thing out slowly, but I wish they'd add more highly demanded series.
  11. I have the ability to buy a full copy of Vista Ultimate for only $15 from my school. But I've chosen not to do so, because Vista doesn't excite me. It just seems more bloated but with shiny new graphics, but the funny thing is, I was able to get my XP machine to copy the graphics of Vista, so that's not much of a selling point to me. I just don't see the value in buying it. But, I am happy they are throwing everything out and starting fresh with the next version. They may be on the right track. They just better ship it out before I graduate and lose my student discount.
  12. So, am I the only one taking screenshots of my battles and posting them on Facebook and tagging the friends I played with? My goal is to get as many different people as I can to play Brawl and get tagged with me.
  13. Yep, I am very skeptical given the long, slow decline Sonic's career has seen. But somehow, even if it is bad I can see myself just lapping it right up and buying it. I must be the problem.
  14. Yeah, I was playing around with this new b-sticking concept and it is rather simple. But I am a little bit skeptical about calling it truly intentional. If you hold the jump on the analog stick and do a side-special b-stick with Lucas, you will fly back like the video. However, if you let the analog stick go after jumping then do the b-stick, it won't send you flying anywhere. You should have gotten the same reaction either way in my opinion. But, what am I to say? In any case, good find.
  15. I bet Nintendo has been kicking itself in the pants ever since it realized it could have easily put the price point at $300 or $350.
  16. Now, I think the question we're all asking is, who did you vote for? Hmmmmm?
  17. I blame Nintendo first and foremost for not keeping up with production. But part of the problem is people seeing Wiis and thinking "Goldmine" and buying them. Then some people go and mark it up on eBay so honest gamers don't get it but rather, some parents who spoil little Jimmy or some dude that has to have everything and puts it in a box after playing Wii Sports for a few days. But we still love you.
  18. Yeah, I hate that application. It's fun when you get voted the best of something, but it's so dang depressing when you look at the ones you're ranked near dead last at.
  19. Yeah. I am not looking forward to adding all of these 12-digit numbers. Friend codes are a pain. Oh well, Maybe after I unlock all of the characters first...
  20. Aww, that sucks. I have heard rumors that the "cleaning" program is really a discreet way of disposing of faulty equipment. Mostly it's a large batch of Wiis manufactured around launch. http://www.destructoid.com/super-smash-bros-brawl-errors-more-than-meets-the-eye-74637.phtml The good news is that you'll be getting a brand new Wii. Just back up your games first.
  21. Wow, I am surprised. Everybody is too busy to say "Oh my god. I haz it!" So, I am going back to Brawl. Oh, I guess I should share some relevant news before I leave. I picked it up from Wal-Mart, and wow, was there a party. There were 60 or so people waiting around for midnight. There were only 48 copies, and so they flew off the shelf. One guy went crazy after getting it. He ran around the electronics section. "Oh my god... it feels so good" and then he high-fived all of us and ran out.
  22. Hah, well, I am getting all of my homework done for the week today. It's not a fun Saturday. And after this coming week is spring break, so my Wii is coming with me. But in general, remember... moderation. Really, just do something like "If get this many pages read/written today, I will play an hour of Brawl." As long as you actually do the work before you play a bit of the game as the reward for the work, you'll get some progress.
  23. Hmm, I was thinking about that but do you think there will be a Brawl shortage like there was a Wii Shortage? What are you going to to in Wal-Mart for 3 hours?
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