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  1. I predict: How to save! "Wow, we really loved the feature where you could save in Melee. And we're bringing it back! You can even access your saved files..."
  2. Japanese commercials are out! Commercial 1 Commercial 2 Commercial 3
  3. Airwalker


    Good point. I remember when I first started watching a few anime shows and felt like it was going to be some kind of a passion for me. I can't believe I watched and own a copy of the Love Hina anime. The manga is not bad even today, but wow, I can't stand more than a minute of that cartoon any more. Yet it has such a following...
  4. Airwalker


    Anybody who calls themselves an otaku doesn't even know what the word means in Japan. That aside, roping people who watch anime into a group is so restricting. So, you watch a few cartoons from Japan--it's a little bit nichey, but how's it different compared to watching a TV show from Britain or Canada? Uh, in any case, I've not watched much anime or much TV in general lately. The last good series I've seen has to be The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
  5. You just know that somebody here is going to drop the bomb about say... Knuckles and the Phoenix Wright assist trophy or that nobody could find Captain Falcon without spoilertext. It's bound to happen.
  6. I'm going to get every single unlockable character I can. In one sitting. Of course they'll all be spoiled by then since Japan gets to Smash earlier.
  7. Also, the Japanese site has Cloud listed as a confirmed character. Okay, maybe not, but the Japan site does have a few extra bits. It's the only one Sakurai actually writes personally. (I've seen the guy who translates those Dojo posts in a Brawl demo video a while ago...) It's an easy thing to miss. I can personally tell ya, I never bothered reading the past 1041 pages. =D Cut the kid some slack. It's a dead week, so it may be good to point out those things others may have missed.
  8. Vgmix is back? 2008 is starting to look like a good year. Just need Spore and Brawl to come out. Soon. And I'll be happy as a clam for the rest of the year.
  9. Hmm, that's not bad. Finally a decent voice over for a funny internet video.
  10. Most annoying voice. Evar.
  11. That first game video was on Digg this morning.
  12. A few small giftcards, a new cell phone to replace my almost dead one, and Phoenix Wright 3. They are all still under the tree. It's hard to keep a secret in this household.
  13. Yeah, we could use this alternate costume business elsewhere. Dr. Mario (if not own character) Cel-Shaded Link N64 princess Zelda Cel-Shaded Zelda Female Pokemon Trainer/ Rival Pokemon Trainer Zero Suit Samus in a 2-piece bikini Diddy Kong, cross dressed as Dixie Kong Old Snake Falco form of Fox (If Falco is not his own character) Heck, throw in Peppy and Slippy too etc...
  14. I was sad to hear that. I mean, I don't care much about Borat, but to see Ali G go away, it's just sad. This is the first Sacha skit I've ever seen and which made me an instant fan.
  15. It's always nice to see it in action, even if half of it was stuff we've already seen and 19/20ths of the rest was what we were already expecting, and out of all of it, only a small portion is gameplay footage rather than pre-rendered video.
  16. What? No Sonic Kirby? Oh well. Snake Kirby quenches the Kirby thirst. For now.
  17. Are you insinuating that Duke Nukem needs to breathe to bring oxygen to his muscles and other vital organs when he works out? Remember, we're talking about Duke freakin' Nukem here. His muscles breathe cigars.
  18. </botched joke> You know what I meant.
  19. Don't get to worked up, because "tomorrow" translates into about 3 months, 6 days in Duke Nukem time.
  20. Or you could be one of those optimists and see the inclusion of Mother 3 as a sign that demand will increase and may lead to a US release, a la Fire Emblem. Perhaps we'll have a more faithful translation? Here's to Mother 3 on Mother's Day, 2008! (That's right, I'm calling a date.)
  21. Yeesh, make a stage dynamic and everybody cries foul. God forbid there be anything other than a static flat stage with two ends.
  22. Airwalker

    Nintendo Wii

    For our VC monday pleasure: Cybernator (SNES), Alien Storm (Sega Genesis), and Monster Lair (TurboGrafx16 CD-ROM). I dunno, I heard of Monster Lair--not sure much about it. But Nintendo, come on! Give us some blockbuster RPGs like Super Mario RPG, Earthbound, any Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, ect.
  23. I was just about to post that. Yeah, I hope that if at least it isn't in the released version of brawl, that perhaps a system update later will allow the use of voice in Brawl and perhaps other games.
  24. This better mean there will be a Smash Brothers level in Mario Kart Wii. You drive along and then, oh no, gotta dodge the random characters fighting in the middle of your road. (Probably will just be shy guys fighting.) Even honking your horn doesn't get their attention. And sometimes they attack you.
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