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  1. I'm a big fan of the Hitman series and it's soundtracks. Jesper Kyd is one of my favorite game music composers, who pays attention to both arrangement and sound production in all of his official compositions. So, I'm really impressed with the sound production of this track considering the tools that you are using. This definitely sounds professional enough to be featured in an official work. I'm really enjoying the arrangement into a dance/techno track. The vibe is fantastic maintaining the reserved tempo and minimalistic stylings of the original track. The introduction beats are cool, which remind me a lot of the same drum beats used in "Tecks Mecks" from the Killer7 soundtrack by Masafumi Takada (minus the funky bass synth). The lead synth is definitely one of the weaker aspects of the track, being that it starts off in the low range and continually slides lower and lower, muddying the original melody. In fact, when I first heard the arrangement I couldn't recognize the melody as being from Hitman Codename 47. While it works well when doing a side-by-side track comparison with the original, I feel that the lead could definitely start at a higher range. Another possible improvement could also include starting at a higher range and gliding down the scale via a pitch modulation or pitch bend. It would definitely add a little more character and variance to the track, at least during the opening section (0:38 - 0:57) if not in the latter sections. Otherwise, I just think that the lead is lacking in appeal or interest, possibly due to a lack of harmonic elements to accompany the melody. (However, that's not to say that the track doesn't contain any harmonic elements or that those that are present are ineffective or uninteresting. In fact, the ones that are present are fantastically subtle, such as just before the third melody section [1:49 -1:52]. Rockin' Alpha.) There just needs to be more emphasis on the melody to make it more immediately recognizable. One lingering question I have with the WIP concerns the momentum of the piece, not necessarily with the tempo or beat, but with the overall direction of the piece. While the general tone suggests a subtle piece of electronica that builds slowly and with decorum, I cannot help but feel that the piece is leading me in the direction of some sort of musical punctuation/conclusion. I'm concerned that without more variation and development in the later, unfinished sections, a conflict if you will, this piece will feel more like a run-on sentence, if you'll pardon the metaphor. Granted the track isn't finished yet as it only sounds about half complete, I think it's off to a great start. Keep up the good work and I'll be keeping an eye out for more of your works later. Peace, Love and Good Luck! [Edit] For submission purposes, please note that the title of the original work is "Dark Jungle" as listed on the original soundtrack (Catalogue #: LLLCD 1030).
  2. You probably should read the last post on page 203.
  3. No, it's a Willie Nelson cover of a Brenda Lee song. Just like it's been a , a , a and a .
  4. Silent Hill Shattered Memories Update: Shattered Memories Pre-Order Bonus Available from GameStop, EB Games: On September 19. 2009, GameStop and EB Games retailers in North America began offering a bonus promotional soundtrack with pre-orders of Silent Hill Shattered Memories for all currently supported home console systems (Nintendo Wii / PlayStation Portable / PlayStation 2). The bonus soundtrack was originally listed as containing 18 tracks *[1] from the Silent Hill Shattered Memories game score composed by Akira Yamaoka. Box art for the soundtrack was also available on the pre-order webpage (see below). Silent Hill Shattered Memories will release for the Nintendo Wii on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 for $49.99 USD (plus sales tax) in North America. The release date for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2 consoles is tentatively set for Tuesday, January 12, 2010 for $29.99 USD (plus sales tax) in North America.*[2] *[1] Footnote: Early reports state that the pre-order bonus soundtrack actually contains 21 tracks (Personal Note: 3 more that is reported on the pre-order page.) *[2] Footnote: Although Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. set the release date for Autumn 2009, retailers have been floundering dates with progressive delays. Amazon.com having the initial release date set for October 13th, 2009, while GameStop having set its release date for November 3rd, with changes to November 26th for Wii and December 31st for the PSP and PS2. (Personal Note: Although the release date for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2 versions is still not completely certain, it seems unlikely to change now that a 2010 has been precisely given. I think that the initial setting of the date for Dec. 31 was simply to state that a 2010 date release was likely to occur, though the exact date was still to be determined.) GameStop - Silent Hill Shattered Memories (Wii) EB Games - Silent Hill Shattered Memories (Wii) GameStop - Silent Hill Shattered Memories (PSP) EB Games - Silent Hill Shattered Memories (PSP) GameStop - Silent Hill Shattered Memories (PS2) EB Games - Silent Hill Shattered Memories (PS2) Silent Hill Shattered Memories Update: Silent Hill Shattered Memories Bonus Soundtrack Leaked: On November 24, 2009, user Godai from #gamemp3s uploaded*[3] a torrent containing the, as yet, unreleased promotional bonus soundtrack to Silent Hill Shattered Memories. The soundtrack contains 21 tracks from the game composed and performed by Akira Yamaoka. A complete track listing appears below. Four vocal tracks are included among the track list performed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn*[4] with lyrics by Joe Romersa. The tracks are "Always on my Mind,"*[5] "When You're Gone," "Acceptance" and "Hell Frozen Rain." Lyrics for the four vocal tracks are also listed below. Although the soundtrack has been leaked, please remember to support the official release by pre-ordering a copy of Silent Hill Shattered Memories from either GameStop or EB Games. Gamemp3s.net - Silent Hill Shattered Memories Soundtrack [torrent / .mp3 files / 90.5MB] Silent Hill Lost Memories.net (English Branch) - Silent Hill Shattered Memories Soundtrack [.mp3 files / 90.5 MB] *[3] Footnote: The majority of sites which are mirroring the torrent of the promotional bonus soundtrack cite the release date as November 25, 2009. However, this date is incorrect from the originally posted date (mostly because that is the date that Silent Hill Lost Memories mirrored the individual mp3s). (Personal Note: For those that are assuming that this is the receive date for the soundtrack to GameStop and EB Games, one can only cite this as an approximate receive date.) *[4] Footnote: The from the 2009 GamesCom in Cologne featured an alternate singer for the same song in the 2009 E3 which contained the track "Always on my Mind." It is currently unknown whether this alternate singer will be featured in-game or if it was merely a promotional tactic, as the only singer featured on the bonus promotional soundtrack is Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. (Personal Note: I really hope that the game uses different singers in response to the player's actions.)*[5] Footnote: The track "Always on my Mind" is an arranged track of the country-western song originally performed by Brenda Lee (most famous for singing ) and written by Johnny Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson in 1972. The song was popularized by Elvis Presley, hitting gold status in the same year. (Currently, there are over 300 published adaptations of this song.) However, the version on the Shattered Memories soundtrack reflects the "arranged" lyrics sung by Willie Nelson in 1982 (which are the most commonly used lyrics in modern adaptations) and the synthetic elements from the tribute in 1987. (Personal Note: Considering that Akira Yamaoka cites a number of influences from various 1980's musicians [metal, synth-pop, new-age] in the Ushinawareta Kioku [book of Lost Memories], it seems safe to say that the Pet Shop Boys version of "Always on my Mind" was the primary source for the Shattered Memories inclusion.)SHSM Soundtrack Tracklist: Always on my Mind When You're Gone Searching the Past Childish Thoughts Creeping Distress Hostility Snow Driven Hibernation Devil's Laughter Lost Truth Angel's Scream Another Warm Body Forsaken Lullaby Raw Shock Lives Wasted Away Blackest Friday Endless Depths Different Persons Ice Acceptance Hell Frozen Rain
  5. I'm really surprised that people haven't figured out that it's not Yahtzee doing the voice-over in this one. The end credit comments even allude to it.
  6. If you haven't seen the movie "The Fall" yet. I highly recommend getting it on Blu-Ray. It's an absolutely visually-stunning film. http://www.traileraddict.com/trailer/the-fall/trailer
  7. Having recently purchased a Nintendo DS, I've realized how ideal it's set up for interactively learning a foreign language, being that it has a touchscreen, microphone and region-free game compatibility. I suppose that is why there is a proliferation of "My _________ Coach" games for NDS. However, one of the most common concerns/problems I've read about the My Coach games, particularly with My Japanese Coach, is that the software will sometimes provide incorrect translations, spellings, and/or pronunciations. Assuming that there are others aside from myself that are interested in learning a foreign language this way, has anyone else used the My Coach series to learn a foreign language, particularly My Japanese Coach? More importantly, are there other Nintendo DS titles which more correctly, or more efficiently, teach a given language? (I've heard excellent things about "200 man nin no Kanken" and "Kakitori Kun 1 & 2." But are they easy for non-Japanese speakers to pick up and learn from?)
  8. Not Tomorrow 1 has got to be one of my all-time favorite themes from not only the Silent Hill series, but from all video games. It was so fitting and the theme is entrancing. With this work, you seem to have intended to capture that rapturous nature. The piano sample used here is idyllic for that purpose as it is one of the more realistic sounding samples, while still retaining a slight synthetic tone, which blends very well with the string pads that shortly follow. The overall timbre is clear and direct. I particularly liked the level of reverb used directly on the samples; the echo effect created by it gave off the notion that the song was intended to reverberate with the listener, emphasizing the sad and lonely mood. The song quickly establishes the mood as somber and continues to retain that mood throughout the theme variations that follow. However, because the mood is so quickly established, the arrangement suffers heavily as a result, coming across as repetitive and invariant. It seems too greatly focused on the baseline of the song, overpowering and overcompensating for the subtlety of the flute theme/melody and string accompaniment. As such, the most noticeable aspect of the arrangement comes during the section beginning at 1:19, which substitutes the lyrical legato for a stuttering staccato. However, that aspect of the arrangement is not the most lacking portion of this work. It is in fact the arrangement on the whole. Upon completing my third listen to this, I was continually put off by the general lack of variation on the whole. I realized that the overall structure was the problem. You see, the song resembles almost exactly a rondo sonata, being that it is composed of two themes that alternate with variations in each passing. However, unlike a rondo, your work never seems to leave the first iteration of the theme. In fact, you overlay the variation onto the original theme midway through. So, while the structure of the song resembles a rondo: ABACBA (where A = 0:00 - 0:56 Theme B = 0:57 - 1:18 Melody Overlay A' = 1:19 - 2:04 Theme Variation C = A + A' = 2:05 - 2:48 Theme with Theme Variation Overlay B = 2:49 - 3:11 Melody Overlay Reprise A = 3:12 - 3:45 Theme Reprise A" = 3:46 - 4:09 Theme Variant as noted), the initial theme does not ever really stop, pause or even hesitate at any point throughout the work. This conservative structure in the arrangement creates the repetitive nature, which is very likely to warrant dismissal from the judges' panel. Therefore, it is my strongest suggestion to leave the comfort of the baseline as the source of variation in the work in favor of exploring some of the other aspects of the source, such as the melody portion and even the accompanying string/ambience portion, should you wish to retain the rondo sonata structure. I'm warrant to cite Nay Tomorrow which chose to focus on the flute melody as the source of the arrangement and variation, adding a much needed human element, while not over-relying on it. (Remember: Silence is also a sound.) In other words, sometimes it's best not to hear one aspect of something in order to truly listen to it. Additionally, the general EQ of the piece is also lacking, as the work feels too heavily concentrated panned in the center of the stereo field. I understand that the sound is intended to be focused in order to emphasize the mood and tone, but it seems as though the field is forced into such a state, sounding almost concave. The work you've created is a very good tribute to the original, but overall, it lacks the arrangement level needed to be submitted to the main site. Hopefully, these notes will help you refine your ideas and strengthen your work. Peace, Love and Good Luck! Additional Note: Please remember that a rondo sonata form is not grounds to dismiss a submission, but that rondo sonata form is intended to emphasize an individual's solo performance, i.e. live performance. If that is not your intention, then it is suggested that you focus on a different song structure.
  9. Same thing goes with "Dissidia Final Fantasy." Are you counting games that feature Final Fantasy characters as a predominant part of the story? Because you can then start counting the Kingdom Hearts games.
  10. Anyone wanting to see Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This? in UMD format, you can place a pre-order for it here. If pre-order sales reach 1000 (orders), the game goes into production. If not, all orders are cancelled and you aren't charged anything. Also, the game only costs $19.99. This seems like a completely no-lose situation to me.
  11. Saw this thread over at CAG. http://www.cheapassgamer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=240052 For anyone whose either played the demo of Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This? or purchased a digital copy the PlayStation Network game, this is your chance to help get the game a much needed release on a physical format, namely UMD (for PSP).
  12. Here's my review of the PSP version of Silent Hill 0rigins: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showpost.php?p=348445&postcount=1924

    Here's my comparison to the PS2 version of Silent Hill 0rigins: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showpost.php?p=386689&postcount=1940

  13. Silent Hill Homecoming Update: SHH Promotional Soundtrack Released in North America via GameStop Retailers: While it was originally reported that the soundtrack for Silent Hill Homecoming was to be released at the same time as the home console versions of the game on September 30, 2008, as stated by Akira Yamaoka (executive producer and lead composer), the soundtrack failed to appear in stores or from distributors of the game at said time. Information about the soundtrack's release date from Konami Digitial Entertainment, Inc. or from retailers was not available and many people assumed that the news about the soundtrack release date being congruent with the game release was a mistranslation on the reporters' end.*[1] However, later, Gamestop, GameCrazy and EB Games Canada retailers in North America ran an advertisement, distributed via email promotion*[2], stating that a limited supply*[3] of promotional copies of the soundtrack for Silent Hill Homecoming would be distributed with in-store purchases of either console version of Silent Hill Homecoming (XBOX360/PlayStation®3)*[4] during the week of Friday, December 5, 2008 and Thursday, December 11, 2008. The promotional CD features 21 tracks from the game's soundtrack and was packaged in a shrink-wrapped jewel case with a front cover image insert and back image insert. A tracklisting of the soundtrack is listed below. Like previous iterations of other original soundtracks in this series, the promotional soundtrack is composed of arranged and extended versions of the original music pieces from the game.*[5] The tracks were mixed from the original 5.1 surround sound scheme, so it is recommended that you listen to the music via headphones or a sound system with surround sound capabilities.*[6] Because the soundtrack was only released as a promotion from GameStop, physical copies of the soundtrack are not available from retailers, meaning that if you are searching for a copy of the promotional soundtrack you'll have to search peer-to-peer sales or auction sites, i.e. ebay, amazon, etc.*[7] SHH Soundtrack Tracklist: One More Soul To The Call Witchcraft Mr. JOY Cold Blood The Terminal Show Elle Theme 4 Pattern Snow Flower Attitude #70 Regards Total Invasion The Real Love Voodoo Girl Living In Fear Dreams of Leaving Who Knows Slave 2 Death The Thing Dead Monks This Sacred Line Alex Theme *[1] Footnote: Previously reported by Original Sound Version. *[2] Footnote: Only those signed up to receive emails promotions from GameStop and its affliates were informed of the in-store only promotion. *[3] Footnote: According to Original Sound Version, in a later article about the status of the Silent Hill Homecoming Soundtrack, they reported that supply shipments of the promotional CD were received in late November 2008. As such, most websites are reporting the receive date as November 24, 2008, though this is only an approximate date. *[4] Footnote: According to user posts, while the promotion was restricted to purchases of Silent Hill Homecoming, some were able to obtain the game with purchases of Silent Hill 0rigins (PlayStation®Portable/PlayStation®2). Others were able to obtain a copy from their local GameStop retailers with a copy of their pre-order receipts for Silent Hill Homecoming. *[5] Footnote: Many of the tracks from the soundtrack are changed from the original game music files, either slightly or heavily in terms of arrangement and/or EQ. (Personal Note: An example of a significant change made can be seen in the track "The Terminal Show," which plays when Alex first enters the town of Shepard's Glen, which originally contained a breakbeat, synthetic percussion section half-way through the piece in-game, while the promotional soundtrack version contains a jazzy, acoustic drum kit section in its place.) *[6] Footnote: Many fans have complained about issues dealing with a lack of musical elements in the latter portion of the promotional soundtrack, but without the proper listening device(s), you cannot hear a large portion of the music in each song. (Personal Note: For example, the song "Regards" features a heavy synthetic bassline that plays throughout most of the song, but listening to the song over a 2 speaker system, the section was completely absent.) *[7] Personal Note: Because of the the high number of physical copies released by GameStop, finding a copy of the promotional soundtrack is not difficult and because it was essentially free, it is not recommended that you purchase a copy for over $20. Silent Hill: Lost Memories.net (English Branch) - Music - Silent Hill Homecoming Soundtrack It's not a question of whether or not he'll be able to write the script while in prison, but a question of whether or not the project as a whole will suffer because of the lack of a direct collaboration with the producers and film makers on what will essentially be the narrative structure of the entire film.
  14. I know that the article says that the film sequel has Samuel Hadida and Roger Avary attached, but I wonder if production is going to be a problem after Avary is sentenced for Vehicular Manslaughter on September 29. Prison sentences for this are about 2-3 years in most states. The New York Times - Arts - "'Pulp Fiction' Writer Pleads Guilty in Crash" Additionally, Avary has previously stated that he would not do a sequel to Silent Hill if Christophe Gans was not also attached to the project. I wonder if he has changed his mind since 2007. Shock Till You Drop.com - Exclusive: Avary Skips Trip to Silent Hill 2
  15. D is for D Better rules were needed to establish a higher level of difficulty, such as all the words within the title to start with the same letter (i.e. Mega Man, Wario's Woods), titles following the subsequent letters in the series (i.e. Super Tetris, Legend of Mana) or titles following backwards succession (i.e. Tales of Symphonia, Castlevania: Bloodlines). Points could also be awarded for the number of letters in each title, multiplied if a pattern were used (same letter multiplier, sequence multiplier, reverse sequence multiplier). Challenge bonus would be added if a single-word title with 3 or fewer letters is used. The next person would pick up off the last letter used in the previous title. The round would end when the last letter used is Z. Points would be added at the end of the round and a winner determined by most points.
  16. It doesn't count as stolen if the same composer wrote both pieces.
  17. If these songs were to play on the radio, they'd probably classify them as soft rock or soft pop.
  18. I think the article meant that the show's budget was reduced to $75,000 an episode. Which makes sense when considering why the producers couldn't meet the cast salaries.
  19. My grandmother is in critical condition in an out-of-town hospital right now, so I won't be able to attend the concert this month. We're not sure if she'll pull through or not. In either case, I can't really justify making a trip to Cincinnati for a concert right now. Sorry, I can't make it, but have fun anyway, guys.
  20. The music from Everyday Shooter is on last.fm. Also, while this isn't the music from Everyday Shooter, per se, Jonathan Mak did release an album of music made in a similar vein, fiveonefivefour. One of the songs was used in his newest game, Gate 88. There are also a couple of YouTube videos with the game music included. Everyday Shooter - Level 6 - The Angry Pieces (Sorry, poor quality, but the only one available)Everyday Shooter - Level 8 - So Many Ways There are also a few guitar tabs available, so that you can play the music yourself, if you wished. Everyday Shooter Tab - Main Menu Everyday Shooter Tab - Training Level Everyday Shooter Tab - Level 1 - Robot Everyday Shooter Tab - Level 3 - Lush Look Killer Everyday Shooter Tab - Level 4 - Porco in the Sky
  21. Just out of curiosity and for the benefit of others, I'd like to know if there is anything that you're planning on doing during the weekend before the show on Monday night. Is there also an event of some sort going on, or a place of interest that a group of us could go to? How would in-town travel work out? Considering the unusual date of the concert, I'm just wondering if this is going to be a formal meet-up or something more casual. It's looking like I might definitely be going, but I think knowing whether this will be formal or not will effect my level of enthusiasm.
  22. You cannot grasp the true form of Burton's film. Ferret could not stop crying. ifirit got hurt and collapsed. It didn't work on OCRemix Forums.
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