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  1. As promised, I've donated an extra $20 to OCR. It's a last minute push, but I think we should still let people know that it is Support OCR Month for these last few days. Isn't it StarZander?
  2. I'll pitch in for a hotel as well. And a resounding YES on purchasing better tickets.
  3. What's this? I'm in the maybe category? No, I'm DEFINITELY going. I just need to know if there will be group seating or not. If there isn't going to be group seating, I'll go ahead and purchase my ticket right now. Still, I'm going to try to see if I can find some people around here who'd also like to attend.
  4. This is a really great idea, but I'm not sig/avatar artist. So, I, too, am requesting an OCR-related image for facebook.
  5. Hell, YES! Finally, an OCR event that is in the same state! I'm a definite. But, back of the concert hall seating? I'd rather spend the extra 10 bucks to get somewhat decent seats. Still, I'll jump in for group seating regardless of the location, if that's the way people want to go. Let me know when you guys decide on group seating or not.
  6. If completely ripping off his entire career and putting it in an Adrian Lyne film qualifies as a secret nod, then I guess it does all begin on Bachman Road.By the way, The Mist is what Silent Hill should have been.
  7. Since the usage of the phrase "across the pond" refers to mostly transatlantic travel, I'm going to assume that you meant this is a clever pun meaning "arrived in the British-born son's hands" in light of the satirical nature of the review. (And not that you forgot that he lives "down under." By the way, I've managed to consume quite a bit of liquid pretenousness today.)
  8. 1) Terranigma 2) Earthbound 3) Actraiser 4) Soul Blazer 5) Secret of Mana
  9. Actually, Shadowe was refering to the idea that if the movies perform poorly at box office and with DVD sales, then production companies would cease to continue to fund Boll. However, according to the article, since the companies financing Boll's films are German, then under German tax laws, the production companies can write-off the films for tax purposes if the films fail to turn a profit as part of a tax shelter for companies that produce films. (The only restriction is that the production companies own the copyrights to the film.) Thus, as long as his films continue to tank, German production companies can continue to use Boll's films as tax write-offs. Therefore, these production companies can receive a $12 million tax write off for House of the Dead in addition to the $5.73 million in box office sales, residual DVD and home video sales and films rights that can be sold off in a pinch. In other words, regardless of whether or not Uwe Boll's films succeed or fail at the box office, he will still be able to receive funding to produce these terrible films under the current German tax shelter. The only real way to prevent Uwe Boll from creating more terrible films is to convince game publishing companies from selling their film rights to those film companies associated with Uwe Boll. However, based on his track record, he seems to target game properties with little to no recognition from the film industry at large, offering a promise of wealth and recognition for simply allowing him to own their name on paper. If more game companies were to realize that his films only profit himself and the film production companies he works for in the long run, it would be more likely that they would cease to allow him access to their intellectual properties. Therefore, the greater the recognition that Uwe Boll is a terrible director and film producer, the better for all audiences everywhere. So, keep signing that petition, everyone! Truthfully, I think Uwe Boll only chooses videogame properties, because he can't gain access to book, comic, or celebrity film rights (mediums with experience and knowledge about good film ideas).
  10. Dammit! Now I HAVE to buy a NDS.
  11. If you guys are looking for a cool, adventure/beat-'em-up, check out Dead Head Fred. It's a really funny M-rated comedy about a guy who loses his head. While there are still very few good adventure gameson the PSP, this is probably one that stands out in my mind. The game can be hard, sometimes unforgivably hard, but the checkpoint system is very forgiving. Plus, the power-up system that you get with the various heads that you can obtain, along with the ability to upgrade them, makes it fun. My only gripes are the lack hints on missions and the lackluster final boss and ending. Besides, it's voiced by John C. McGinley.
  12. I'm using them! Anyway, I have to support OCR because of the contributions that this site has provided me, aside from the great music and forums. It has introduced me to my best friend and to a community of people who have been nothing less than supportive over the years. Plus, the Silent Hill discussion thread would never be where it is without the support of OCR and it's visitors. After considering these contributions, I still feel like I owe more to the site and its community. Expect to see another contribution later this month!
  13. Really great article, but there were no samples in this one. At least the official website had some samples, though, I'm not too impressed. Isn't the battle theme just an arranged version of Sabre Dance? Sabre Dance Anyway, I didn't realize that his company created music for Odin Sphere, FFTA2 and Grim Grimoire. Gotta check out those games sometime.
  14. True, but according to the article, a defense claim can be used when third parties are violently attacked in Maryland. Also, as of the date of the article, police had not yet filed charges against the boy.
  15. GameStop originally offered The Silent Hill Experience (UMD for the PSP) as a pre-order offer for purchasing Silent Hill 0rigins (PS2). Since the game has thus been released, the pre-order offer is no longer available. The offer is not a Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. sponsored bonus, thus, why the link does not direct you to the KonamiStyle webpage. Konami was simply advertising this deal in order to increase purchases of the game, even if through a third-party retailer. There is a bit of a problem with this though, since the U.S. official site for SH0, which linked to GameStop's retail website, did not make it clear that the offer was a pre-order bonus through GameStop and not through Konami itself. Administrators for the site have also since forgotten to remove the promotion and its links. Of course, this isn't the first time administrators for the official Silent Hill websites have posted dead and incorrect links... SH0 for the PS2 does not contain any new material. PERIOD. However, that doesn't mean the game isn't different. Think of this version as like a special DVD version of a film already released on DVD, where nothing fundemental about the film has changed, but they update the appearance and change a number of subtle background textures and objects. The changes themselves are pretty skewed towards the beginning, though, since the last two sections of the game are completely unaltered. The game is definitely easier to play and get into the experience than on the PSP, but there's nothing that makes one version inherently better than the other. However, I found the PS2 version less forgivable with programming bugs than the PSP version, mostly because they had the opportunity to fix them, but didn't. Still, those graphics sure look nice. If you're really interested in seeing the differences between the two games, well, buy it. But, if you'd rather see a glimpse into how they look different, here's some video. WARNING: Videos Contain SH0 Spoilers [PS2 Silent Hill 0rigins] Full Playlist [PSP Silent Hill 0rigins] Full Playlist
  16. From now on, whenever I want to say something is awesome, I'm saying "Blue Magic." This sketch is just Blue Magic. The Blue Magic way that you use the effects and processing are just incredibly Blue Magic. Blue Magic stuff. Okay, seriously, great production on your part. And in only a few hours! The direction is very complex and not what one would call lazy groove. I'd like to see that direction carried throughout the mix. The piece could definitely go between sounding chill and vibe to throwing in different changes and variations that make you sit up and listen. I really, really like that the piece makes you sit up and listen. I'd want to say more about this, but I want to hear where this goes before I do. I can't wait to hear more.
  17. This is exactly the kind of thing I'd like to attend, but to work out travel and accomodations within two weeks on less than $100 doesn't give me much chance of actually doing it. If anyone wants to offer me a ride or a place to stay, I'd buy them food and drink for the weekend.
  18. Damn, I was too late! Well, here's more information about the video. Silent Hill 5 Update: Preview Video of SH5 Featured in GamePro Magazine of Germany: In the 2008 January Issue of GamePro Magazine (Germany), a subsidiary of IDG Entertainment, Silent Hill 5 was featured as the cover story. In addition to the feature story in printed form, a preview video was featured on the bonus DVD. The video, which features footage from the initial demo version of the game, contains a voice-over of the reporter speaking German relaying details about the game and its development. While the report does little to reveal information that the Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) story did not already cover, the preview video shows a larger portion of the demo footage and a small section of new music. Scans of the full article, a downloadable version of the video, and their translations can be found on SilentHill5.net.* A copy of the translations can be found below. The videos can be downloaded in .wmv (Windows Media Video / 27.0 MB) or .avi (requires XviD codec / 25.1 MB) formats. GamePro.de - Heft-Inhalt 01_2008 GamePro.de - DVD-Inhalt 01_2008 SilentHill5.net - Silent Hill V News and Updates - New Silent Hill V Scans from GamePro SilentHill5.net - Silent Hill V News and Updates - New Silent Hill V Gameplay Trailer on GamePro DVD *Footnote: While the story and video were compiled by Furin of SilentHill5.net, they were originally posted by Slayerhouse of the Nightmare Forums. The videos were later posted on SilentHill5.net's forums by Rage. The translation of the magazine scans and the preview's voice-over was created by Nur_ein_tier.
  19. Actually, I've been playing the PS2 version of SH0 and in addition to the graphical update to the character models and some bumping up on the environments, the game itself has been tweeked some to improve upon the experience. The changes that have been made to the game are innumerable, but all subtly applied; so much so, that if you're playing the game for the first time on the PS2, you'll not even know that anything had been changed. You'll notice that the opening sequence of the game has been modified some to have the credits appear more in sync with the overall flow of the walk up the road. The opening FMV is about a few frames longer than the PSP version and has a few color changes. The character model improvements are not simply asthetic, as the models now can move their fingers, sway their hair, display greater emotion in their faces and show their teeth. This adds a greater amount of expression and characterization to the cutscenes. Also, you'll notice that the characters now have different expressions and facial reactions in these scenes than on the PSP, which gives the game a more serious and melancholy tone. This tone definitely makes a difference. While looking at the environments, you'll notice that a lot of the textures have been changed, particularly with paintings, posters and signs. For example, in the Gillespie residence, you'll notice that the pictures on the walls, which depicted various Egyptian and Babylonian buildings and artifacts, have been replaced with various paintings of the Madonna from across art history. Everywhere you look, there are visual improvements that completely enhance the game's appearance. However, the improvements in the game are not simply visual. A few tweeks have also been applied the level design and the gameplay. With regards to the level design, a few changes have been made to the pacing to enhance the experience. There are a few environmental interactions and events that re-establish the psychological fear aspect into the game, though I'll refrain from spoiling them here. While not as creepy as in previous games, like the Brookhaven mirror-room in SH3, the locker scene in SH1 or the hauntings from SH4, they none-the-less add that extra dimension of uncertainty. The pacing has also improved with a subtle redistribution of monsters and addition of some extra health items. Harder enemies have been removed in favor of adding an extra weaker monster. In terms of the gameplay, the fighting hasn't changed much, with the exception of the addition of a few fighting animations and better accuracy with malee weapons and lower accuracy with firearms (Travis will no longer hit every target with pin-point accuracy, even in the dark). Sneak attacks now deal greater damage and can fell an enemy in fewer hits, which are very rewarding. The creatures now have a greater sense of awareness as well and are more responsive to light and sound, giving the AI greater depth, though still not 100%. Creatures on the town map will still spot you from two miles away and you can still walk right up to some creatures in the dark without them noticing you. However, the screen-static filter is much heavier in the PS2 version, almost to the point of not being able to see, especially with creatures that tend to blend in with the background. (However, the game does not allow you to turn off the filter on the first playthrough, which can be frustrating.) Items no longer shine in the dark, which made them easy to see in the PSP version, so use of the flashlight in the PS2 version is now imperative in locating the items, but not in obtaining them. The menu system has improved the "examine item" feature, which resembles more closely to SH1. The text has been improved and isn't as blocky or awkward as the first version. And, memos have improved images to go along with the text, instead of the blurry, generic variety on the PSP version, almost to the point that you could actually read the memos themselves without the textbox. The camera has also been lowered and placed farther back, allowing you to see Travis' whole body while playing, instead of from above the knees and waist. This makes gameplay much easier, but the exploration of the environments more awkward since the game was constructed with the higher camera. Therefore, many posters, paintings and textures are too high up to see. And there's no way to tilt or move the camera or flashlight. However, there are a number of problems that still exist in the PS2 version that plagued the PSP version. First of all, the stamina bug is still present, making the use of energy drinks useless. The flashlight bug is still there too, so obtaining items, reading memos, looking at the map, etc. doesn't require using the flashlight. The monster-respawn glitch is still present on the town map, so one should not try to fight monsters and explore the area at the same time. (Do either one or the other.) The throwing weapon/QTE glitch is still there too, so make sure you have enough distance between you and your target when using throwing items. The enhanced accuracy of the throwing weapons makes them easier to use at a distance. The music bug and sound glitches are still present on the PS2 version, but are also more noticable. Music tracks will only loop once in certain (well, most) rooms, which gives the appearance that they cut off in the middle. The sound glitch occurs when two or more sound effects are played too closely after one another, causing them to not play at all, which makes you very aware that you're playing a videogame and jerks you out of the experience somewhat. There are also NEW bugs and glitches specific to the PS2 version of the game. If you are using a third-party memory card to save your game, the gameplay slows down some and loading times are slightly increased. Also, saving with a third-party memory card will also not allow you to save the game and can sometimes freeze the game itself. I've found no problems in using an official PlayStation 2 Memory Card, but that's still no guarantee. However, I should note that I'm using the original model of the PlayStation 2 (SCPH-5000x), which could be a problem specific to this version and not with the Slim or Silver PlayStation 2. Overall, the PS2 version of Silent Hill 0rigins is a definite improvement and definitely worth getting if you liked the PSP version or have been holding off to see which version is better. (Or if you're a cheap bastard who didn't want to purchase this a PSP specifically for this game.) While I say that the graphics for SH0 on the PS2 are on par with SH2's in-game graphics, they are still nowhere near as good as SH3's or SH4's.
  20. Actually, the problem with the announcement about the PS2 version of Silent Hill 0rigins is my fault. I had known about it since January, but I didn't want to double-post. Well, here's a full report. Silent Hill 0rigins/Zer0 Update: Silent Hill 0rigins Released for the PlayStation 2: On March 4, 2008, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. released Silent Hill 0rigins for the PlayStation 2 home console. The game, which is a modified port of the PlayStation Portable version, features new character models and gameplay controls formatted for the PS2. Konami originally released a press package announcing the PS2 release on January 22, 2008, a few days before the release of the Silent Hill Zer0 Original Soundtracks.* Reports about the PS2 version of Silent Hill 0rigins were originally rumored when Amazon.com began taking pre-orders for the game on January 16, 2008, releasing the cover of the box art. Character models of Travis and Lisa modified for the PS2 were released by Game Press Ltm.. While screenshots featuring the enhanced graphics were released by eNe3. Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. - Press Releases - KONAMI SHIPS SILENT HILL® ORIGINS FOR PlayStation®2 SYSTEM TO RETAIL STORES NATIONWIDE [.pdf file / 33.0 KB] Silent Hill: Origins.com - News - Silent Hill: Origins Officially Coming to Playstation 2 Silent Hill: Origins.com - News - Silent Hill: Origins Playstation 2 screenshots *Footnote: The press package for the release of SH0 for the PS2 was not officially published on the Konami website; instead, it was only announced via videogame online publishings (first by Kotaku). Below is posted the announcement.
  21. Yes, it is a shame. But, I'm glad you're reading it. Silent Hill: Lost Memories, with which I am affliated, has posted all the media related towards the Silent Hill Zer0 Original Soundtrack. Definitely check out the artwork, because it's amazing. Please remember that the soundtrack and its artwork are commercial products and as such that you ONLY download the media if you have purchased or are intending to purchase the soundtrack (i.e. you have purchased the soundtrack online and are simply waiting for it to ship). You don't want to deprive Akira Yamaoka or Masahiro Ito of their income, now do you? Silent Hill: Lost Memories (English Branch) - Music - SH0 Original Soundtracks In case you're wondering, the English translation of the title of the comic is White Hunter. The two characters are called Белый охотник (which means "white hunter") and Ангел (which means "angel"). Masahiro Ito has posted his comments on the comic via his BBS channel on his website. According to him, the red pyramid thing is in fact a white pyramid thing and actually called "white hunter." Thus, Masahiro Ito is trying to establish the character as his own creation independently of the game series and its backstory. The comic thus describes the tale of an angel sent to awaken the White Hunter, whose task is to kill angels. (A rather cycular relationship, if you ask me.) The article "it" is used to refer to the angel, while the article "he" is used to refer to the white hunter. Yep, that's some pretty strange stuff. Also, check out the christmas card Konami sent out for 2007. Socks? That's just crazy. Actuallly, I've got a lot of information about SH5, PS2 version of SH0, Silent Hill The Arcade's international release, Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward comic from IDW, and a few fan-made stuff. I don't have time to post it today, but I will on Saturday. I've got some objections to the way that the art direction is presenting the environments. Something about it isn't exactly right; it lacks... perculiarity. As such, they seem almost interchangable with environments from any adventure-horror game, which already loses its individuality. What I'm most disappointed with is that the game is being developed on the 360 and ported over to the PS3. They're just overlooking all the things that can be done with the PS3. As such, reviewers will almost definitely say the 360 version is better. So, there goes Silent Hill's tradition of pushing the hardware capabilities on it's respective console. This is turning out to be less and less of a SH game the more I see of it. And with the release scheduled for this fall...
  22. I think Metal Gear Awesomer would have been a better title, since I thought this was going to be an awesome video of MGS2, which would have been cool anyway.
  23. "Boring" is not the correct term to use in this piece because I find the arrangement itself to be varied and textured despite the minimal instrumentation. However, what incites XZero to use the word "boring" is the placement of the rephrases and reprises in this mix. Because the saxophone rephrases the main melody at 1'19" through 1'36" and reprises the main section of that melody at 1'36 to 1'42", the momentum of the song wains there and thus loses it focus momentarily. It's not until about 2'00" that the focus seems to be regained. The problem with this section (1'19" - 2'00") of the song does not involve anything regarding techinical issues, but that in terms of the overall arrangement, it is the section that least fits into the context; due mostly from it's change in momentum and concentration via the use of the refrain. In contrast, however, this section is the most technically proficient section of the entire song. So, what it means in terms of fixing problems and tackling issues for this piece is to rerecord this section with better focus on the overall arrangement and greater attention to the momentum that the piece is undertaking. Additionally, the piano seems to hit a few off-key notes at 0'42"/0'43" and at 2'31"/2'32" at least in relation to the saxophone. Personally, I like the concept of a piece that simply involves these two instruments. It provides a refreshing contrast to pieces that take a maximalist approach to these source tunes. So long as this song continues to work on its arrangement in the overall sense and really tightens up the recording, I see no reason why this wouldn't pass the judges panel.
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