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  1. Love it, you definitely nailed that feel! Might just be me but I feel the piano sample feels low quality compared to the rest of the instruments
  2. A trap/orchestral remix of the Among Us main theme. There was so little material to work with, but I like what I came up with
  3. Definitely sounds like it could fit right in Skyrim. Love the choirs
  4. I really like it, though i wish the high energy section at the end had come in earlier, haha
  5. I'd been thinking of giving this theme a try for a while, so I'll try to get something done for this one
  6. Thank you! Yeah, I see your point about the 0:46 section, the horns definitely need a boost too. Appreciate the feedback
  7. Got a better setup so decided to make use of finally having a decent amount of RAM. Supposed to be a opening/title theme, would like feedback on the orchestration and mixing
  8. Haha yeah I get it. I've just been working on originals for myself just to get better, and I feel I've made a lot of progress over the last year so just trying to get back into remixing
  9. Thanks, long time no see, just getting back into remixing after doing originals for so long lol. I'll probably increase the bass a little, it does sound a little quiet to me now as well. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Just an edm style track I've been working on. Was looking for feedback on the production quality
  11. Made an 8-bit remix of the Autumn mountain battle theme. Recreating the bass took a while, lol.
  12. In if there's still a spot. 1: Fire Man 2: Flash Man 3: Metal Man
  13. Never remixed the ccotm version of this before so this should be nice
  14. Mine is done, just gonna finish up some mixing real quick
  15. Bonus entry! unfinished, but why not
  16. Looks like I'll have to rush my track...
  17. Just letting you know the YouTube link is for a different song
  18. Actually submitted this time!
  19. For real I'll make something this time...
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