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  1. Hi, friends. I don't know how many people here have heard of MC Frontalot or the nerdcore hip-hop scene, but I like to think of the nerdcore hip-hop and video game music arrangement communities as being just a small step removed, both through people like Mythril Nazgul and myself, who've been longstanding members of both, and through core cultural similarities. Earlier today, my friend MC Frontalot, who is currently touring with MC Lars and YT Cracker, was in a car accident. His trailer flipped, leaving the three artists and their band mates badly shaken, though fortunately uninjured. Their keyboardist, though, was so frightened by the event that he quit the tour, leaving the group without an essential element of their live show. I've always thought of Overclocked remix, and the larger video game music arrangement community by extension, as one of the Internet's foremost caches of untapped musical talent; and if someone needs an untapped cache of secret musical talent right now, it's MC Frontalot and his touring support acts. The group needs a keyboardist who can meet them in Denver tomorrow night, ideally someone who could follow their tour back to New York City over the course of the next five weeks, filling in on all tour dates. MC Frontalot, MC Lars, and YT Cracker are all legitimately profesional, full-time musicians, with regular spots on G4 TV, songs on Itunes, and T-shirts at Hot Topic. Even so, they aren't rich; they aren't backed by a label, and they may not have the contact network to find a replacement keyboardist near Denver on short notice, in order to continue their tour. So, is there anyone who can meet MC Frontalot in Denver and play keys for him? Please send me an email or private message.
  2. I'm playing my first show with the new live band tomorrow night: Sunday, November 2nd at 8:00, at Sullivan Hall 214 Sullivan St New York, NY 10012 With MC Lars, Schaeffer the Darklord, and MC Frontalot, and YT Cracker. $14 at the door. 18 and over. I'm still playing on the 20th (and the 14th), but that show won't be my first in two years anymore; this one will instead.
  3. I've been taking a non-credit course in music supervision at NYU for the pat three weeks. It's great! I'm learning valuable stuff. Thanks for your suggestions, everyone.
  4. Aw, man! It's after Summer already and I just saw this thread. Is there a second session of OCR Fit Club underway? If so, could someone please update the first post?
  5. My first show in almost two years! Wow. Time flies when you work regular jobs. (Which I, thankfully, don't anymore.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Show Date: Thursday, November 20 09:00 PM Venue: The Delancey Address: 168 Delancey St., (near Clinton St.), New York, NY Description: Shael Riley with full electro rock band performing songs from The Grammar Club's past and future albums, as well as songs from his catalog of solo stuff. 21 and over. $7 at the door. Also performing: Schaffer the Darklord. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hate charging people, particularly my friends, to come see me, but you're severely limited in your choice of venues if you're trying to put on a free show in this city, and you probably won't have a sound guy. So, in essence, don't worry; I and my band won't be getting any of your money, just the sound guy and booking agent. Unless we draw a big crowd. In that case, I'll make a cool $20. Come anyway. If I make that cool $20, I'll be able to afford going out with you afterwards.
  6. So, my band needs free practice space in NYC to get ready for our November debut. Please help me get this difficult-to-get thing that I want.
  7. Well, I am happy about it. Why should I call Sirlin out? I'm a huge fan of his work, even if he won't write me a letter of recommendation for grad school. I don't know what I'd call him out on either. I'm not sure what you're talking about.
  8. So, I loaded up the newest game on Kongregate to feature a winnable card for their virtual card game Kongai, and, as it turns out, I did all the music for this game without even knowing it. Its creators used, exclusively, my music to score their entire game, sans permission--sort of. They took music I posted on NewGrounds a few years ago. When I posted it to NewGrounds, I agreed to their terms of service, which permit any NewGrounds developer to use it in their games. So, if this game originates from NewGrounds--and it may; I haven't yet checked--then I did give formal permission to its designers to use the music I uploaded to that site. Indeed, all of the material I posted to NewGrounds was designed for use in games, and I'm very happy that some of it has since been used by game designers--this isn't the first time. I wish, though, they'd drop me a line when they finish their games. It's a bit of shock to discover yourself in a game's credits. Update: The game is very cool in that it teaches you to think in the way, I imagine, programmers must.
  9. I love it. An interpretation that just screams "life," and a welcome departure from our standard electronic fare. Exemplary of how to best utilize sparse instrumentation, this track demonstrates how you do it right with just a piano and a drum kit. Play it again, Sam.
  10. Checked it out>. They have a one-semester profesional certificate program that looks to be just what I need in terms of what I want to learn. Now, if I could just finance the $4,000 tuition....
  11. OK. I'll check it out and post my findings in this thread. Thank you.
  12. It isn't exactly what I'm looking for, but that is good to know. Thank you for the tip.
  13. Hey. Sorry about that; all the venues in NYC are bars. I would play all all-ages shows if I could. I'm playing an all-ages show in Utica, New York, in October.
  14. Hello. I want to go to grad school for sound design, in New York City. Please help me avoid doing legitimate research by suggesting programs that you happen to know of; also, don't be an ass and suggest that I not go.
  15. The Grammar Club has done a cover of Jonathan Coulton's Code Monkey. Said cover may be downloaded at our newly renovated website: thegrammarclub.com, or from our page on The Sixty One. Also, we are now selling Grammar Club T-shirts. Make us fat.
  16. I want to start playing live again, but I don't want to do it over my pre-recorded instrumentals like I used to. Rather, I'd like to put a band together to play my songs. I will sing and play rhythm--or just generally secondary--guitar. I have a bassist and a drummer. I'm looking for a keyboardist and a lead--or just generally primary--guitarist. If you're a drummer who has practice space I will totally give my drummer the axe and use you instead. You should be able to read music to the degree that you can learn songs from midis, and preferably familiar with some of my music.
  17. 500 Wii points is worth exactly $5 US and €5 Euro. As the relative value of each currency changes, the amount of wii points each can buy is unaffected. Why is this? Is there a point at which a discrepancy in the relative values of the two currencies would create a discrepancy in each's value in Wii points? If so, at what point is this discrepancy reached?
  18. I'm not intimately familiar with MvC2's system. What kind of exploits are there? I'll tell you that the exploits in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, such as T. Hawk's stray hit box on his crouching strong and Balrog's throw loop, certainly are.
  19. Are players in the wrong for griefing, using exploits, or acting otherwise "unscrupulously" in World of Warcraft? Are players ever at fault for doing anything that the game allows them to do? Isn't testing the boundaries of what you can and cannot do within the scope of a game part of said game's fun? If you're able play in a way that undercuts the value of a game, isn't that not the fault of the players, but the game's designers? Last I checked, there was no social contract between player and game designer stipulating that a game is to be played the way the designer intended. What do you think?
  20. I'm kind of just jumping in here, but I would like both of those things.
  21. Yes. The gayest shirt really exists, though my girlfriend hated so much that I donated it to charity. I would like to sell real "gay shirts," designed after the one described in the song, on our website at some point in the future.
  22. The Grammar Club has a flier! Please blow your whole print quota on them, and place them in visible areas all over your local bar, library, dorm room, hip-hop shop, comic book retailer, Hot Topic and Taco Bell. The link below points to the Fliers page on The Grammar Club's website, where the first flier is up for download. I hope to have more fliers coming in in the near future, so, if you're an artist, please help me out with that by making one and posting it to this thread, and emailing it to me. http://thegrammarclub.com/?page_id=36
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