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  1. My minions swell; that is to say, my minions become erect. It's going to be a good time, Kids.
  2. Oh my god! Could you replace my website with a giant cock?! Like, for my birthday, maybe? Er. I mean "nice work!"
  3. That's a pretty badass album cover. Richter, you should, like, put it up, since, you know, I'm some kind of guy-in-charge here!
  4. OUT OF XXLS ALREADY?! OH NOOOOOES! Yes, I already have a large, but it's snug, and not because I am kind of a fat man; I like to swim in my hoodies. I was particularly looking forward to a new OCR hoody now that I'm playing gigs with some regularlity. Until such time as I can order an XXL, I shall continue to rep' the red sweater-vest, as I fancy myself something of a highschool chorus director. Seriously though, I want one before I play with Beefy and MC Router at the open source convention in Idaho on October 28th.
  5. Zircon provided one of the best-produced, smoothest and most polished mixes on the album, balanced not only to the effect of making every layer of audio fully and clearly distinguishable, but to the effect, too, of creating an arrangement that is varied, a very listenable and re-listenable length, and comfortabley close to the relatively sparse, in comparison to the bulk of the SF2 character themes, source material without being at all redundant. Months after the album's release, it still holds up to repeat play for many minutes at a time. Also, Zircon needs to come hang out with me again.
  6. I like the album art, guys! I'll put it up on the site as soon as I can get Richter to put it up on the site. Thanks!
  7. I'm buying a second hoodie, so I can have a giant one. The first one I bought actually fits correctly, but in the 80s, ET hoodie kind of way, and I want something more like the Def Jam: Fight for New York urban Star Wars Emporer look. I'll be getting a T-shirt too, so that'll be a large T-shirt and an XL hoodie, though recently my girlfriend has been able to squeeze me into a medium polo shirt. Hmm.
  8. Replacing the music in the DC version with tracks from BOtA is the best idea ever. Use the lyrical versions; we already know what the characters are shouting.
  9. The bonus track should be up on all mirrors shortly. Sorry for the oversight. And by that I mean there is no bonus track.
  10. I am not opposed to this proposition; go nuts. shael.rileyLOLSPAMBOTS@gmail.com Just, you know, axe the bit about spam bots.
  11. 'Tis a tight track, sexually constricting my ear vessels in ecstactic, blood-engorged bliss.
  12. Precisely. My intention was to establish them as two movements of one piece.
  13. What do you think? Post your comments/feedback on this site project here.
  14. Funny story behind that: One of my only criticisms of Vurez's steller first WIP about a year ago was his use of some vocal samples that didn't quite mesh with the rest of his production. Exited about the track, and something of an egoist, I offered to replace the pre-fab vocal samples with my own chantnig and singing. Vurez declined, saying he intended to record the vocals himself, and then promptly recorded vocals that exceed by an immeasurable sum the quality of my snot-nosed, post-alt-rock crooning (which is, coincindentally, featured in a later track on the album). The end product is evertything Dave praises it for being in his write-up; that is to say it's an excellent track and stands out in the album for a number of reasons. Though it did raise some initial concern about keeping the album consisitant in its urban tone, it ultimately won me and other concerned parties over. It ended up being the reason for me going into my write-up and adding into the examples of images that songs from this project were intended to be evokative of "crowded street markets," and I don't mean to say that this track brought to the project's theme any compromise. Rather, it expanded it in a way that included a tone which, while remaining consistant with the project's theme, I'd overlooked previously. A number of tracks did that, and they ended up being some of my favorite tracks on the album.
  15. We're utilizing both torrents and HTTP mirrors. So far we have four mirrors ready to be setup: TheSauce, Rhymetorrents.org, Urbanizm.com, and Supertux.
  16. We need mirrors. And that means we're ready for launch.
  17. Richter will resize the image. Just make sure it looks good at about that size.
  18. Everyone, nice work! All tracks are in and the webpage is being setup. Now pay attention, because this is very important: I need a facial shot from each of you, a cropped photo showing only your face, one you might not be surprised to find on a character select screen, were you to be in one, as though you were a fighting game character, hint hint. Make sure it looks good at about twice the size of an Overclocked ReMix forum avatar. Send your photo, along with your country, state and city of residence to richter@paletteswap.com, and cc it to shael.riley@gmail.com. If you don't get that data to me by Saturday, I reserve the right to erroniously represent you as a stick figure from France.
  19. Oh snap, guys! I did not notice the conspicous absense of Ken from the roster. Sorry for scaring you. Fear not, though; the album will not be released until all the stages have been accounted for. I'm trying to get the album as it stands now from Malcos, for my listen-check. Time zone differences can prove to be something of a barrier.
  20. Don't be presumptous, and don't use the Brittish spelling. I was thinking about putting them back-to-back at the end of the album.
  21. Got someone new on Character Select. He's quite good! I'm excited.
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