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  1. We should always look forward. What captivates me most about new video games is the social, cooperative element that, in generations past, only existed as a kernel of what its grown into. Rock Band? Left 4 Dead? Amazing. And it all started with two-player Contra.
  2. Didn't know there was a loser's bracket! Should have read the first post more carefully, eh? I'm ready for you, Dyne2057.
  3. If you hate chiptunes, how does the article address your having participated in a buzzworthy chiptune album? Doesn't add up.
  4. Really? Was he banned at EVO? Is there a write-up about that anywhere?
  5. Hey. Can I sneak into this? Just had some great matches with DJ P and he directed me here.
  6. When did OCR get this social networking feature? What happened to analog television? Where am I?

  7. We haven't had one since 2002. Come on, guys.
  8. I'm playing this coming Friday (Aug 7th) at The Tank with Schaffer the Darklord.
  9. Hey! Thanks for doing this intricately detailed write-up on me, Doug! I didn't want to do a big, self-promoting post that was all like "buy my new album" so I'm glad you did one for me. Thanks for the kind words, guys. Glad you're liking it.
  10. This is a real stand-out remix. It doesn't color by numbers, and despite its female vocalist, it's got balls.
  11. Oh my goodness! Look how far our little in-joke has come. Zircon, you've made me happy.
  12. Wow! Color me impressed. I was sold on the concept, but the execution is better than I had imagined. I love it.
  13. Why don't you just split the game into two separate games? You could even have the two games re-unite on occasion for a special session.
  14. Hello, Overclocked forum people. How are you? I'm fine. I'm going on a mini-tour. It would be great to see you at any and all of these venues in Ohio, Indianapolis, and Florida, especially since I typically only play in New York. Where, precisely, am I playing? Well, here: 03/13/2009 09:00 PM - A&G OHIO Con Holiday Inn - Eastgate Cincinatti, Ohio Cost: You gotta have a con badge. Ages: All! Notes: Playing with Super 8-bit Brothers at A&G Ohio Con. I hope they have that soda with the marble on top. 03/18/2009 08:00 PM - Espresso Yourself Music Cafe 50 W. Olentangy Street Powell, Ohio 43065 Cost: Free! Ages: All! Notes: Playing music from Toybox, Bremelanotide, and the upcoming Hold Person. No cover charge. Bring yourself and your people; enjoy free admittance. The coffee looks good. 03/21/2009 08:00 PM - Casselberry Lanes AMF Bowling Alley 115 Wilshire Blvd. Orlando, Florida 32730 Cost: Free! Ages: All! Notes: Apparently I am playing at a bowling alley? Special guest Bizarro Stylus. 03/25/2009 09:00 PM - Baba Budan’s Cincinnati, Ohio Cost: Free! Ages: Most! (21 and older) Notes: with special guest Dual Core, at a venue with a funny name. Free show! 18 and over with ID. 03/27/2009 08:00 PM - ToxCity Indianapolis, Indiana Cost: Free! Ages: All! Notes: Special guests Dual Core AND MC Plus +. Also, some kind of LAN party is going to happen. That sounds pretty OK! I hope they have Quake 3. I am only good at Quake 3 (and its open source counterpart Open Arena). -S
  15. The vanguard of algorithmic chord generation! I can't stop lolling. I want Do The Sparkman Twist to be my alarm clock.
  16. A benefit concert, to send a nice lady who's going to do some theater for underprivileged children to Rwanda (where the children are). I (and my band) open, and then come Lead the Resistence, Crisis Team, and Reality Addiction. Details: Location: 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd, between 133 and 134th, New York City Time: 8:00 pm. Price: $8 at the door. 21 and over? You betcha.
  17. From my MySpace: 01/14/2009 10:00 PM - Fat Baby 112 Rivington St New York City, New York 10002 US Cost:$7 Description: Shael Riley plays The Grammar Club’s and his solo songs with his awesome backing band, which consists of Zen Ablatross (Gameboy), Hella-tite MC Fukkaslut (bass), and Dreidal Bull (lead gitz). Doors at 9:00; show at 10:00. 21 and over. $7 at the door. Please come! This will our last show for at least a month, possibly longer, and we'll be hanging out to party afterwards. Want to know what to expect? Here are some videos of us playing last weekend, at MAGfest:
  18. I'd like to say a big congratulations to David Llyod; the Pretzel and Green initiative concludes in marriage. Congrats to Jill and Andrew too. Stop by and say hello next time you're in NYC!
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