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  1. Hey! I've got work that day until 5:30, but since I'm NYC-local, I'd love to meet you kids for/after dinner or something.
  2. Where is Larry Oji up in this piece? He is my target audience. Him and Z, from hipsterplease.com.
  3. Glad you like it. Linear notes are going to be posted over the weekend, along with some other stuff. We plan to update this site regularly and produce a lot of music as a band.
  4. I have a new album, with a new band, available free for download, at a new site. This is my first release since Toybox, so go get it. The band is called The Grammar Club and the album is entitled Bremelanotide. Please support us on viral networking sites like digg! Digg it: http://digg.com/music/It_s_a_good_EP_It_s_a_free_EP Go get the new album at thegrammarclub.com! -Shael
  5. Let's rub our Wiis together: 5167 5984 9793 5071
  6. Geez. That's sad. It's always surreal when someone from OCR dies; we're so young! I'm sorry this happened. My condolences to everyone who knew him and his music. Sadly, I hadn't checked out any of his submissions when he was alive, but now, just now, I have. He was a very talented pianist and arranger.
  7. I'm not buying anything, as I already own Simon's Quest on Wii! Whut whut! Also, happy Black Friday, Larry Oji!
  8. I think 'blogs would bloat the site. The WIP forums do an adequate job of tracking works in progress, and remixers who also release original works typically have a website where you can download them linked from their OC ReMix profile.
  9. I would be portrayed in commercials as trying, unsuccessfully and to comic effect, to acquire the cereal. At the close of each advert, Larry Oji would deliver some kind of catchphrase, explaining whom the cereal is for, and why that is not me.
  10. I'm in favor of Google adds on the forum. They're a totally unobtrusive way to generate resources for OCR. Come on, kids; think of the resources!
  11. I'll be there with my good friend and bandmate Glenn Case, and my hot Asian girlfriend Ivy Hong.
  12. I enjoyed it! Strong composition, characteristic of all the apsects we love in Diggi's music. My only criticism is that the percussion could have been EQ'd a little lower (in pitch, not volume) on the sonic spectrum; it competes, my good Diggi, with other voices when it could be flattering them. This is especially important when we have drum programming as intricate as we have here. That said, I'll note that the synthetic imitation of a guitar being played in reverse was an especially delightful surprise in the coda. Glad to see our European friend back in the saddle.
  13. I'm pretty biased, being smitten and all, but it is a great track. Also, eatmyfunbox is the best handle I've seen on these boards since they went up in 2002.
  14. So, who would like to be in my music video?
  15. Polished and varied, this mix exemplifies the sound I've come to associate with OCReMix over the years. It's as though the site has spawned a genre, but I digress. A mix of ethnic and electronic percussion rounds out the bottum, with a melodic drum set pulling double duty as bass. layers of strings overhead weave a complex structure of gently shifting chords and...I'm making this sound like a savanah aren't I? Anyway, it's a good mix.
  16. Excellent; well balanced and beautiful; a deceptively simple new take on an old standard.
  17. Suddenly, neither WinSCP nor Dreamweaver can connect to FTP site to upload files--they don't see the sites; they say the server is not up. But the server IS up; I know this because I can view my the hosted sites I'm trying to update when I open them in Firefox, for example: www.thewritingghost.com is stored on hosthackett.com, which is up, but cannot be accessed by Dreamwaever. I've connected to Hosthackett and uploaded files via Dreamweaver as recently as yesterday and have made no changes to my settings. Can anyone think of what may be going on? I've uninstalled and re-installed WinSCP, but to no avail.
  18. Yes you would. PBC Productions is shooting a video for a song from an upcoming music project I'm working on with three other artists. If you would like to be in said video, show up and dance around and shit! Where and when do you show up? Here: The corner of Plymouth and Washington street, in the neighborhood of Dumbo, in Brooklyn, New York, at noon, on Sunday August 26th. The shoot will last for no more than an hour. PBC will, as I understand it, have people dancing, prancing, and generally fucking around for the camera, to be used in a sequence consisting of animated Top 8 windows on a MySpace-like website in the video. Do you have questions? Ask them.
  19. I...do not know what you are talking about. What menu within the program contains these fields?
  20. Hey, can anyone give me some help with Dreamweaver? When I preview my site offline, in Firefox, it looks like this: But when I look at it remotely in Firefox, it looks like this: I am displeased. How will I make the big moniez now?
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