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  1. Once again a fresh remix from Crono. Me likes =) I must say that I dig the FF6 remix more than this one. That song worked better with the genre I think. I think this song would have been cooler with a more Scooter-ish sound, and less classic touches. But that's just my opinion.
  2. Well. This is sorta cool. But I was somewhat dissapointed. I mean, Abbot is a big name in the biz. And this certanly isn't as good as the upcoming Passing Breeze remix by shoryken, which is like teh kickassiest song I've heard in a long time.
  3. Can you review a review? No? Well, acting like the anarchistic son-of-a-bitch I am, I'll do it anyway! That was the best review I've read here on the OCR forums. A lovely tribute to this, somewhat overlooked, remix. After reading, I can really understand your feelings towards this particular song, even if I can't say I share them with you. Nostalgia plays a big part in this. To mention Stockholm (home, sweet home), as a centre of slick producions, was nice touch too. About the song: Well. I like this one too. I remember playing Lemmings like a maniac. Eventually I had to accept being beat
  4. Wow.. this one is phat. It doesen't have that much variation. But the overall sound of this one is really cool. It's weird how much I like this song...
  5. It was just an observation. I have been listening to Swanky so much, that I spotted this similarity instantly. And I'm not just talking about the patch used. I expressed myself a bit clumsy (Hey, I'm teh Swede! ) Like I said, I really dig your work.
  6. Yeah.. it IS very cool. Pretzel is definitely one of the best remixers here. I have to agree with Joe above, though. I think you can hear it's DJP's work from the first note. His latest works has been sorta similar (and I love them all). The electric piano is DJP's trademark. But also, take a listen to the drums, and compare them with the drums of Super Mario World SwankyVegas. Heheh, pretty similar, no? Even the basslines are very alike Don't take this for criticism. Like I said, DJP is one of my favourites here. Love Hurts, Pachelbels Ganon, SwankyVegas, and my all time favourite on this s
  7. This is on my top 10 list for sure. It's the atmosphere from the game that is captured so well. I loved the original music, and this remix just adds to it. Great!
  8. I'm one of those who don't like the original Gerudo Valley song. It was sorta annoying. But still, I like the remixes of it on this site. Especially this one and pretzel's. Oh, and by the way. Is it just me or is the bass a bit, well, off-key? Not exactly off-key. More like out of tune. Sorta annoying. It gets more obvious towards the end (at 3:03 when it's only bass and guitar). Of course, it could be me being not too musical. That's probobly it.
  9. /me likes it. Very thick and atmospheric. The guitar is perfectly done IMO. But perhaps it IS just a tad to long and repetitive. But you still have to download it!
  10. Never played Killing Game Show, but this is one of my favourites. Very... great. It also reminds me of a song from the old Amiga shoot 'em up POW - Prisoners of War.
  11. Me likes! I never played any of the KQ games (I'm more of a LucasArts fan), so I don't recognise the music, except for the Hobbit theme. Heh, I laughed when I heard that, and understood the title of the ReMix.
  12. Man, this guy gives me prestationsångest. See! I can't even write in English correctly!
  13. This is insanely good stuff. Like most of Russel's work. Download!
  14. It's a decent remix of a great track. I love the original, and therefore I cannot help but like this one. The choir towards the end is really cool and well done. I would perhaps have liked it just a bit less techno-ish, and a bit more epic.
  15. Hey! the fun thing is, that it ISN'T Wipeout. It is the theme used in the FF7 snowboard sequence. I remember thinking it was a major rip-off the first time I played FF7. Shame on you Nobuo! Cool remix.
  16. How many Chef Kawasaki awards can be given at once, anyway?? I liked this one. But the clipping was really annoying.
  17. This is together with the Crystal Rave remix, my favourite trance remix on the site. And shapeir... I have to disagree. You wouldn't believe how much time I spent wandering around in the Corel prison...
  18. Hey, it's not like anything he says can keep me from downloading his songs... I'm glad I got this one, because it rules. The intro got me thinking of 60's pop, or rather 90's pop trying to sound like 60's pop (you know, as in Fastball and stuff). That's probobly due to the cello. This one's very cool sounding. I love how the theme, whatever it's called, played on the el. piano is integrated with jazzy soloing. The accoustic guitar sounds convincing, but I could have lived without it... BTW, am I the only one who hears a irritating glitch at 02:42? It could be something with my file. I can
  19. One word: FRESH! This is the coolest remix I've heard here in a long, long time. Sounds really professional. But I'm not sure I want to know what he's saying... I'm afraid that would spoil it, somehow.
  20. I really like this one. Very atmospheric! I also noticed that the lead guitar at 3:03 sounds very much like a theme from Star Wars Episode II. Don't remember that part from the original... and this remix was made before the movie came out anyway.... hmmm I wonder if John Williams has been at OCReMix for inspiration?
  21. Really cool mix which brings back memories. If you've played the game, you should really give this a try!
  22. It's pretty cool. Reminds me a bit of Metal Gear the last seconds of the remix. You know, there's a Swedish synth called SidStation, which is based on the SID chip. Pretty cool, I'd like one. Don't know if there're any left, though. They had a limited number of SID chips, so they couldn't mass-produce the thing.
  23. It's remixes like these that makes me feel like a worm. My attempts are nowhere near this good. I guess I should be inspired. Instead I get depressed. Ah well.
  24. Wow... This is amazing stuff. I could never pull this one off live. Incredible piano skillz. Truly beautiful.
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