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  1. SAC meaning Super Audio Cart, of course.

    The loops are great, the samples themselves sound awesome (FL seems to have problems with a lot of them, but oh well)
    The ONLY nitpick I have is the drums, I've had to use Crisisgeneralmidi's power drums for mostly everything
    ...And the fact that you have to use an external pitch bender.....Very annoying, but what can you do about it? 
    SNESverb is awesome (the delay is justttt right)

    Also SAC PC is supposed to have presets....right? They don't show up for me in the drop down menu for some reason....

    So. Some questions I have for SAC 2
    1: Are you adding any new systems?
    2: Are you adding more gates/arps/sequences? 
    3: Are you adding more SFX/Drums?
    4: What's the price range, and are those that already own SAC/SAC PC going to receive a discount?

    Bonus sample of SAC (uses crisisgeneralmidi power drums)
    Corneria SAC epic version demo.mp3

  2. 11 hours ago, Theory of N said:

    We're definitely not dying. The issue is that when all site staff are unpaid volunteers, circumstances sometimes arise that put OCR work at a lower priority in our personal lives (This is also why progress seems slow at times, as Meteo pointed out). That happened with me and I've been practically absent the last couple years. I've recently returned though and I'll be updating this thread regularly. Keep an eye out the next couple days for an update!

    Thank you. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, The Nikanoru said:

    Hello, all! Another anti-necrotic post - I remain not dead and we are moving ahead, if a bit more slow and ponderous than everyone would like.

    Just a short announcement: I took some time today to post some updates to the page header - two months later than I meant to, but there you are:

    • Updated thread track list to current. Still waiting on a few folks to confirm things with me, but it's fairly accurate to now
    • I have now limited open claims to three tracks. We are still accepting remixers, but at this point in the project, they should be finished or near finished if you would like to submit.
    • New FINAL project deadline! 

    Oh, and one other thing for today:

    • Narratives are on hold until I can finalize the track list. I admit I haven't done much on this in the last two months, but I'll be working on this over the next couple of weeks and hopefully will have a better answer on what is happening here for the next update.

    That's all for now. I just wanted to get something posted while I had some time, but there is more to come .. did you notice the TBAs on certain positions? Stay tuned! :)


  4. 9 minutes ago, The Joker said:

    I'd say Riku fits the hero designation!

     And Any Belmont counts in my opinion!

    Hi Joker! I posted a source list/times of each source above, updating it as I complete each section, might actually get a demo done tonight. 
    of course it won't be the final final product but it's gonna be basically what eventually I have in mind.
    Only problem is instrument levels and plugins....
    But I guess those can be fixed later. 

  5. I believe I have my source list picked out; timing of each source shall vary once I complete the first demo
    I have started on the piece, it is currently (in FL time) 3:26:75 in length (minutes, seconds, multi seconds)

    Source list (Shall be updated with times as I complete each section) - All times shall be in FL time
    All sources, unless otherwise marked, are in their original key

    0:00 - 0:07:38 - original, lead into 
    0:07:38 - 1:10:15 - Twilight Princess title theme (if you want to hear this, check out my skyrim/zelda mix thread over in Post your remixes- timing of notes have been corrected for this piece)
    1:10:15 - 1:24:92 - lead into Ballad of the Goddess
    1:24:92 - 1:47:07 - Ballad of the Goddess (cameo...?) (Skyward Sword)
    1:47:07 - 2:27:67 - Dark World (in the key of D) (Part A) (A Link to the Past)
    2:27:67- 3:04:61 - lead into The Great Sea/Hyrule Field (The Wind Waker) (Ocarina of Time)
    3:04:61 - 3:26:75 - The Great Sea (intro/part A of first half) (Wind Waker) 
    3:26:75 - 4:09:03 - Hyrule Field (ending) (Ocarina of Time)
    Directly dives into 
    4:09:03 - 4:22:78 - Hyrule Field A (Twilight Princess)
    4:22:78 - 4:43:37 - Overworld (Zelda main theme) (in the key of B ) 
    4:43:37  - 5:00:52 - Dark World (Part B ) (A Link to the Past)
    (more might be added later)

  6. 1 hour ago, DarkeSword said:

    Am I missing something? I'm fairly certain FLStudio supports SF2 in the Fruity Soundfont Player. Did support change recently? I still have a lot of projects that use SF2s that still work.

    It only works for the 32 bit version, not 64 bit. 
    32 bit has problems with memory, 64 doesn't. 
    Example: if I use more than 10 channels with SAC, FL 32 crashes, while 64 bit works just fine. 

  7. 5 hours ago, Nase said:

    this thing is accurate, lots of work to get into, doesn't use soundfonts but the .spc file itself. that means you definitely get the data the composers used, not whatever the hobby musician did with samples ripped from the rom.

    Directwave for FL supports sf2s 
    works for both 32 and 64 bit versions 

    Also I'm using that software that you mentioned, Nase, I can correct all of the DKC soundfonts....Yessssss

    which one do I download....?