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  1. What!? A person published their musical work online? What!? Constructive criticism isn't allowed and I can only gush him with compliments despite what I actually think? *implodes* From the words of my magnificent music instructor during one of my lessons: "If you want compliments, go call your mom."
  2. I must say, with all brutal honesty, that your singing is absolutely god awful. Your ear just isn't there, you're everywhere, and you're ending up painfully off pitch on almost every note. I simply could not bare to listen to it any further. This is where I believe a firm bit of formal training would benefit you greatly. Learn to sing stepwise, chromatic, and intervalic passages without raising or dipping under the pitch. Practice out of a sight singing book, join a choir, something. You just need to have a better ear.
  3. I have a habit of configing my car's audio setup for a fuller bass...I blew a fuse the first I time listened to this in my car.
  4. Ow....I did not like this one bit. Sorry to everyone else who seems to have loved it. The otherworldly effect can be produced just fine without creating such sudden and unnecessarily edgy dissonance. The "creepy" effect could have been achieved just as well (if not better) without using such annoying phrasing and such. Perhaps a viola would have been a better choice for a main intrument rather than a violin, also. It's just so piercing. I, personally, see no reason why the judges let this one through. This song just annoys me....
  5. Nigger doesn't mean "African America Slave". It denotes someone with origins in Nigeria. Also, the song would not have worked half as well without it. Nigga implies being, a pimp, playa, thug, etc. all in one. That's the message being given here, and it works well with the song.
  6. Bwhaaaaa! This is the coolest thing to come out of OCR recently. It's just hard to look at the nice smiling Asterix while listening to this. Not huge into rap, myself, but I do know what I like. As it stands, this is probably one of those songs on OCR that are most presentable to those who are deep into main stream music and are unwilling to experiment with anything else. Gateway drug....errr...song? And in response to the key changes.......I love 'em. They add a wonderful flare to it. Very funkilicious.
  7. Alright, say my upload rate is 15k. Is that 15k per person downloading off of me or 15k divided amongst them?
  8. I'm seeding one of the torrents now. But it's getting, at most, about 12kb/s. And my d/ls only get up to about 25kb/s. Earlier in the thread people were talking about 500k and such. I have DSL, so why aren't I pumping out larger upload values?
  9. In nine hours I've downloaded 22.18mb and uploaded 269.36mb....is it suppose to be so disportional? I'm on DSL...I'm so not use to these 0-3k speeds. And I tried turning off my firewall. I accessed my router, checked the "Disable Firewall" field, and saved it. Yet, still the light is yellow. God dammit... EDIT: Through toiling, pain, and the terror of not being able to talk with my router for a few minutes, I finally got the firewall off and got port forwarding on for BT. Now the lights are green and the d/ls are slightly faster. Huzzah! (hey, 35 hours beats the hell out of 565 hours )
  10. Alright, it's going painfully slow, and that's apparently because I have a firewall. However, the firewall is through my Netgear wireless router....I have no idea how to turn it of and then turn it back on. Any suggestions?
  11. Alright, on the BT site, it said that it will detect the mp3s you already have and will just not re-download them. However, I have several, 700mb, folders in an overall OCR directory so that I can keep it organized so I can just burn them whenever without having to pick and choose. Will BT read all of the mp3s in these subdirectories if I just set it to the top directory?
  12. I think it would be impossible for me to agree with you anymore. Well, to everyone their own, I guess...I sure as hell will be listening to this in the future.
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